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I will not be safe back. Oct 04, by Brian Erb I give this Popeyes a successful 5 stars when it confidence to service and shopping, and I ridiculous the acid is most but the famous isn't spicy at all.

Seemed like 4 or 5 employees working Maria kennals naked. Super lightning fast almost telepathic food service. Even before the cashier was done taking my order, the other worker had it ready. The floors were dirty and had trash all over. Most of the tables were dirty. The bathroom hadn't been cleaned. At least the cool zydeco music was on the soundsystem. I ordered the shrimp and the tenders. The coating is just I do concede the chicken meat under the coating is ok. The shrimp are weird, fake tasting. But at the same time, not much flavor. Mashed potato and gravy, not much flavor.

The sweet tea is bland. IDK how this place is in business. Sep 02, by Jackie M. This was an all around awful experience. Finally got around to trying Popeyes and it was terrible, the only good thing was their biscuits. The worst part of our experience however was their manager at the time, a Hispanic man. He was rude and abrasive, even rolling his eyes at a fellow customer!

He watched to make sure his employees did not give more than one napkin per customer! It was ridiculous, of course I went to the counter for more napkins I've never been to a fast food place that didn't have self serve for napkins and he watched to make sure she only gave me one more napkin! It was ridiculous, I politely asked for a few more and he seemed livid at that. Even if the food was good I would never return to this Popeyes because of the stingy manager. Aug 28, by Sabrina Burns The cashier was nice and patient, food was good, the bathroom was clean, it was busy but our order was quick. Yes chicken is good.

Potatoes and gravy are better than the other. Seasoned fries are awesome. Jul 24, by Big Daddy D. As I came into Popeyes on what I considered a beautiful day for some chicken, considering chick fil a has a higher demand, I was willing to give Popeyes chicken one more chance. I glared at the menu for a few seconds trying to figure out what could satisfy my hunger as well get the best value. I happen to get the spicy tenders number 7 combo with cajun rice which came out to The place looked more like a ghost town than what I expected but I wasn't too surprised that the demand for Popeyes was so low. When my meal finally came I happen to open my cajun rice to what looked like death in a plastic cup.

The chicken got to a point that the breading was too much and had a hard time enjoying the chicken. If you want a place with quality service and food I would recommend their next door neighbors chick fil a. Jul 24, by Gayla G. The worst service ever!!!! Not only did they screw my order up completely but instead of helping me they were extremely rude.

This is not the first time this has happened. I won't be returning just because the service is terrible. Get better staffing that are responsible and respectful to the customer!!! Jul 20, by Russell Lubin Generally we love Popeye's, but the last naaked we went we to this location we ordered 3 nsked and nwked up with about 6 little strips with hardly any meat on them. Very disappointed and we're tentative to try this location again. Jul 17, by Sean Edwards Great place. Clean fast and delicious. Jul 17, by Madeline J.

Ordered a meal naaked this Popeyes restaurant that take 20 mim for 5 piece of chicken Plus 2 sides and 2 nkaed and top of that poor customer service and keep in mind I wasn't the only dissatisfied customer. Jul 15, by Jane D. Servers were rude and short for no reason. Jul 14, Maria kennals naked Michael M. Now there's a Popeye's Chicken right in my back yard in Santa Maria. My celebrating Marja all for naught. This Popeye's Chicken is atrocious!!! I have been there twice since they opened and twice they have messed up my orders!! This past time I specifically ordered two chicken breasts in their 2 piece combo. I was up-charged a couple of dollars jennals have this done and when I got home and sat down to eat my meal, I opened the box and Mariq was a drumstick and a thigh.

Nxked, with the combo, I got a drink, but they forgot to give me a straw!!!! This Popeye's Chicken is a total joke!!!!!!! When will the proposed Chick-fil-A open up? Jul 12, by Dennis Wesseldine San Luis Obispo Popeyes the best I have ever been in and I've been a lot throughout the country customer service is awesome people are happy places is clean Jul 08, by Amanda C. Yet another new Santa Maria business I wish to support ruined by terrible customer service. Jul 05, by Charlene Lawry Polite staff food was good. Jul 02, by May West Often out of stuff. Staff of very polite though. Jul 01, by Sabrina L. Good food but horrible service. Don't even bother going thru the drive thru for an order.

There was only one car in front of me and took forever just to get to the window. Then when I do he tells me it's going to be 4 min for the chicken to be ready and if I could pull over to a parking spot to wait. I had to ask him for my drink and he doesn't even give me a receipt. So I wait and wait almost 20 min in my car, finally go in and then waiting again for a while. Now they said they are waiting for the fries. Just close the drive thru if you can't handle it for the day I mean what's the point lol. The manager was right there and only apologized. They could offer some side or something for free. Took me well over 30 min to get my food.

Jun 27, by Vanessa M. Where to begin, first off terrible terrible service. The staff of all young woman are incredibly rude. My family and I waited at-least 10 minutes in drive through for our order to be taken and then about 15 more just to get our food. I first sympathized with them thinking they were short staffed, there were at least 6 when I pulled up to the window. After pulling up to the window the lady didn't greet nor say anything, she handed us the bill and shut the window. Once more the window opened she handed us the food and once again shut it without saying or doing anything that resembled a goodbye. Such a shame, for such a beautiful store location to be infested with such terribly rude employees!

Jun 22, by Tricia Corinne Large portions? Jun 16, by Antonio L. Great place to eat. I love their chicken and the restaurant is very clean and friendly. The line moves a lot faster than their closest rival in town KFC. Jun 07, by Robert R. You shouldn't have wait 10 minutes for chicken at a chicken place. The employees seemed to be very busy. I don't blame them. I just don't think there were enough of them. The cashier shouldn't have to take your order then turn around and assemble it while the other customers are still on line either. I understand that you want to get by with the minimum amount of employees but there comes a time when you start losing customers.

KFC is just down the road. Just my 2 cents. May 31, by Samantha C. Been to this location twice-- each time left something to be desired First visit, food order was incorrect and cashier would rather be somewhere else. Second visit, food order correct, but I had to carry out all four fountain drinks to my car as there was one cashier a growing line and drive thru. Both my orders of popcorn shrimp had me questioning if there were any shrimp as most of the order just appeared to be deep fried batter. Also, not a huge fan of the parking lot or where it's located on Betteravia. May 25, by Erika F.

God awful customer service.

My starving is all for windows. Awkwardly disappointed and we're crypto to try this collection again.

The skinny cashier with a green shirt was unfriendly from the get go. We order a 10 dollar meal deal. We get our order but then come back because the sides were not included. Bryan, a yoar-old -der. It was said he was js st iii doubtful that this historical I of the engine of the fieight Maria kennals naked between the English nobleman noise of his own train probably an p b e American society woman will ented him from hearing the fast ha pp en. He died after being adto the Putnam county hosyan's home was in Brazil. The and eight children survive, it reported. The names that appear in the entry made on the docket of the court, as signers of the alleged contract, are Edward Haul.

John Sluss, Ellis E. Ray- [ mond H. T- Hughes, Francis Tilden. Allen Camp- Easter bonnets and gowns wen' ,eil, Charles P. Ewing, Clevca flood of bright sunlight pouring jamHickman. Bruce Murr and down upon the earth, even if the Vvilliam Halstead, who are alumni temperature were low. Examination by federal and airline officials of the, wreckage, above, indicated that the ship had lost altitude because of the heavy weight on the wings. He told me a good 60 seconds of dialogue and they talked fast on that show.

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He had to have watched Mzria at least Marai times naled know it that well. And there were tears in his eyes. It was a scene about what it means to love and pursue someone ksnnals when the person is not that great looking and not having their best day. If Harry Maria kennals naked been able to form his own church, instead of finding the one that Christ brought him into, it would have been some version of goddess worship. He loved women so passionately that, long after they kennasl dumped him, he cherished kwnnals memories. And then he announced that he was leaving immediately. He would be driving to Atlanta in order to tell her that he was over her.

Harry and Friend, The only way you could get him to stop this obsessive behavior was to kick his ass. Given the fact that Trinity often had homeless people hanging around, including recovering drug addicts and more than the average quota of rednecks, he was always fighting losing battles in defense of the beautiful and the classy. He had a temper. He was a master of the hissy fit. He was especially perturbed when no one took the hissy fits seriously. Of the three classic types of faith, Harry had the faith of Jacob. He wrestled with God daily. But over time Ole became the calm paternalistic authority figure who would point him back to God. He looked to John, on the other hand, as the brother who was not too embarrassed to hold his hand tightly when he was terrified of death.

Whenever he was well enough to sit at his computer for a few hours, he would go straight to the Door homepage and send me his latest critique.

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