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Continue Reading Below Advertisement We're willing to bet there's more than a 20 percent firl this woman meant to say "Muslim" but accidentally said "Arab" because same thing, right? Continue Reading Below Advertisement The Muslims actually came pretty damn close to sharing all this brilliance with the truly ass-backward kingdoms of Christian Europe, since the Islamic caliphates blanketed every country they conquered with schools, libraries, public works and the most comprehensive system of social welfare on the planet. Continue Reading Below Advertisement But actually And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get sexy, sexy jokes sent straight to your news feed.

If they only knew how to communicate their views like we do Their governments are based on ancient religious texts! It would have saved us all a lot of dong-staring, too. The percentage of Muslims embracing the scientific explanation for the origin of life was about the same as Americans as a whole 48 percent. For an astute analysis of all the arguments you're about to read in the comment section, check out 10 Things Christians and Atheists Can And Must Agree On.

We've natal the first two already, but how can you have against the third. It would have said us all a lot of organization-staring, too.

And historically, they have a hell of a track record. Equating "Muslim" fucke "Arab" makes just as much sense. Plus, they built all sorts of nifty buildings. In short, Muhammad wanted his armies to fight like freaking hippies.

Which probably explains why the Muslim army conquering Europe "exhibited a degree of toleration which puts many Christian nations to shame," in the words of one expert. For example, if you think being Arab guarantees you being Muslim these days, well, we are sorry to disappoint. In fact, 45 percent of American Muslims in one poll said they see evolution as "the best explanation for the origin of human life on Earth," which isn't so shabby, considering only 24 percent of evangelical Christians believed the same. Then sign up for our writers workshop! Especially since Muhammad personally issued "a distinct code of conduct among Islamic warriors" that included: And no kicking with cleats on, Jeremy.

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girk We've covered the first two already, but how can you argue against the third? As much as 10 percent of the world's Arab population is Christian that's more than 14 million people. That'd be like associating "Kansas" with "hate-filled douchebags".

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