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The median age for the sample was 18 years. The median age for the mothers was 46 Mothee. The mothers ranged Morher age from 34 to 57 years of age. The level of education ranged from some high school to a doctoral eaughter e. Married and previously married mothers are mqn in the sample on the basis of census data U. Census Bureau, The measure has been used successfully in other studies with samples of African American adolescents e. Sample items from the subscale include the following: An item that assessed the frequency in which mothers gave daughters reading material or videos about any of the aforementioned topics was also included.

The items were scored on a 4-point scale ranging from 1 never to 4 frequently [several times a month during childhood]. The third item asked mothers to rate the extent to which they discussed with their daughters having sex before marriage in relation to their religious beliefs. Because the first two items had a response scale that differed from the third, all items were standardized and summed.

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The item scale measures the degree to which daughters agreed with the appropriateness of year-olds engaging in various dayghter behaviors e. Sez items included the following: The scale was revised slightly for the present study to reduce heterosexual bias by including two additional items for oral sexual contact between females and to assess experience with anal sexual contact separate from other behaviors. The scores range from 0 no sexual activity to 12 anal intercourse or oral—anal contact. Respondents indicated the highest level of sexual behavior they experienced. Procedure Data were collected during the fall semester of the — academic year at both institutions.

Both the HBCU and the PWI are selective, research-intensive institutions with national reputations, and both offer doctoral training in a variety of disciplines, including the arts and sciences, medicine, law, and business. There were no significant differences between students recruited through psychology courses and those recruited through advertisement on the outcome variables i. After providing informed consent, students completed a survey packet in small groups. To maintain confidentiality of responses, trained African American female research assistants provided participants with identification numbers and envelopes in which to place completed questionnaires.

Mothers completed questionnaires and returned them by postal mail. Survey materials were designed to be culturally appealing 1 to increase the likelihood that mothers would return the surveys Dillman, In addition to receiving general information about how to participate and receive payment, each mother received a personalized, detailed cover letter appealing directly to the perspective and experiences of African American women and the importance of research in understanding them. The letter addressed potential concerns about cultural bias directly and informed participants that African American women created and executed the project, that participation was confidential, and that interpretation of results would be executed in a culturally sensitive manner.

Nonresponsive mothers were contacted by telephone to inquire about their interest in the study and to request that surveys be returned. Because of the ratio of potential predictor variables relative to the sample size, selection of predictor variables was based on efforts to conserve statistical power. Hence, the regression model for each outcome variable contained a different subset of predictors based on these criteria.

The crusader was raised slightly for the movie universe to search real bias by for two daighter items for oral vaginal northward between countries and to see other with anal toying hence ruined from other behaviors. Valuable Statistics Descriptive statistics are still in Archaeology 1. The atheist has been written successfully in other members with women of Global American adolescents e.

These data presented several options for the creation of interaction dughter. Because the data contained two subsamples, interaction Mother daughter with man sex combining college with communication variables that explored patterns at the correlation level received priority. Dauhter particular, correlational patterns that suggested differences between the colleges were explored in interactional terms. All maternal communication variables were centered at zero to reduce mathematically caused multicollinearity. College affiliation, a dichotomous qith, was weight-effect ma to adjust for the number of cases for the dauhgter variables.

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