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She felt that, and one day she had a conversation with me telling me that she wanted me to be more involved in girps relationship. So I tried to be, and it went apparently fine. A few weeks later she invited me to her place on a sunday night and told me she was making me tartiflettea very nice dish which I love. I arrive at her place, and the tartiflette is disgusting. After the meal we sit down on the couch, begin to talk and we come closer and closer. With a smile, I said yes and began leaning in to her.

I was completely flabbergasted, I left after 5 minutes and went home by walking. Dated brufally girl for about a year, so I decided we should start talking about expectations and plans. Not marriage, but just making sure we have long-term potential. For the whole time we were together she kept getting calls from her ex-bf. Dude was a real piece of shit.

She said he was on really good terms with her dad so he was just stopping by to say hi to him. I told her that this made me really uncomfortable and that I wanted him out of the picture, which she threw in my face telling me I was being paranoid and that she was done with him. Yeah, we all know how this ends. The icing on the cake was when I found a coat her dad had let me borrow a couple of weeks later and called her to see if he wanted it back. She had blocked my number. I treated her like a princess and I got blocked. The story has a happy ending though.

Both of us are excelling at our dream jobs and looking into where to buy our first house. I invited my then GF over for dinner. I was going to cook for her. By the end of the week though I was like yea no shit. One time I walked in on my ex with another dude. And I had specifically asked her not to talk to this dude. Because they will seek out that person like they are the only water source in a nuclear wasteland. So I was seeing a girl in college. This is just cruel. That shit hurts when you're a teen. I'd been toying with the idea of pursuing a relationship with a cute, girl-next-door kind of girl just after high school. We had known each other through high school, but only really connected as friends about a year after we'd graduated over summer vacation when I'd come back to my parent's house for the summer.

I felt like she was into me too, and we went on a couple of us-only dates so I was fairly certain I had a shot. One night after hanging out with a bunch of other people, most everyone had gone home and we were hanging out for a little bit after. We'd walked to a nearby gas station to get something to drink and had made it all the way back to her driveway. It was like 3 in the fucking morning, so I wanted to go home and sleep, but I had one more thing to do before I left.

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It was a clear night, cool but not cold, and there was no moon so you could see more of the sky than usual because we were in a residential area the streetlights still blocked out most of the fuckeddso it was pretty much as romantic as it was gonna get. We were hugging goodbye and the hug lasted a little longer than normal, brutaally when yirls pulled away betting looked up at me and fuvked. I tried to seize the moment in gigls stupidest fucking way possible: She just hugged me again and buried her face in my chest.

I wrapped my arms back around her and just kind of I heard what sounded like muffled sniffs coming from her and I hugged her tighter, "It's ok, don't cry. She kept her face buried in my chest for a few more seconds, then pulled away. Her face was red as a beet and she unwrapped herself from me and clasped her hands behind her back. I asked her, "What'd you say? I didn't hear you. I told her I would and as she went through her front door, I got in my car and just kind of sat there for a minute. She hadn't been crying, I realized. Chroncraft has great taste in both love and friendship.

When I was 15 there was a girl I had a crush on who worked at Dairy Queen near my house. I would go in and buy Blizzards every week just to see her but never made any attempt to ask her out because I was shy. She knew I had a crush on her, most likely because I couldn't stop blushing when I would go in. I was always considered cute by the girls at school but never really had any courage to make moves. My best friend at the time was taller, lankier and a complete chodebag.

Back in new, which was larger ago than I guerrilla to admit, I was phrenology through Sweden with a new. Tried a good to a girl in highschool.

He had some of the worst acne I had ever seen but always seemed to have luck with the ladies, probably because he was confident. Fast forward a year, him and I are drinking at a party. Suddenly the door opens and a girl walks in. It's the girl from Dairy Queen. We all get to talking and drinks are being had, flirting is going on. I ask her if she wants to come to the bedroom to "hang out". My friend overhears this and chimes in: I can't even begin to describe how low my heart sunk that day. Ladies and gentlemen alike: It's obvious to Urgullibl you speak English. Back in college, which was longer ago than I care to admit, I was backpacking through Sweden with a friend.

He was quite enthralled with Swedish women and constantly trying to hit on them. One day, he asked one: MattBarnthouse got the ole' one-person Irish good bye. I don't know if this qualifies as complete rejection It was my first date in around 18 months. As somebody that struggles with social anxiety Even going on the date was a huge step. Just kinda hurts that the person doesn't even think you're valuable enough to say "I'm not enjoying this date, I'm going home. It's the lack of respect that hurts. Another lost-in-translation moment, this one's really bad. But, this time it honestly seems like a mistake. That said, yeah, it's still really, really bad.

I am an American, was living in Japan, but was not in the military.

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