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Fostering from mainstream underwear massages is not your global choice. You can also love them on FacebookInstagramPinterest and Much. Leaving up virtually every guy limited briefs.

Is there something about leaving Gaay to the imagination that is just crazy hot? I also wanted to get their take on current and future trends in male underwear.

Lanty I turned my focus to regular gay guys who just happen to like wearing underwear themselves. Does it give them confidence? Gay panty blogs them feel sexy? Pnaty is just a sense of comfort that they enjoy? I reached out blgos a number of guys to try and get a wide variety of different opinions and blpgs on this issue. Little Gay Blog bloggs Underwear has gone from a boring necessity to a sexy statement of style lanty confidence. Why do you think underwear is so popular these days, especially with gay men? By wearing aussieBum guys around the world are choosing to express something about themselves.

They identify with our mission statement — confident, bold and unafraid. You only have to look at the hashtag aussieBum on Instagram to see how fanatical many of our tribe are! Guys are looking for more ways to stand out and express their individuality. For more, check out the aussieBum website. Dude Undies Photo credit: Dude Undies — Boxer briefs are classic and of course selling more than others. However it is noticeable that the interest in boxer briefs and briefs with mixed fabric or those with colourful prints are getting higher attention.

In your opinion, what is it about underwear that makes men feel so strong, confident and sexy? Underwear is a personal and intimate piece of clothing. If this is not true, then the multi-billion dollar underwear and intimate apparel industry would have never existed. Men loves to be comfortable down there and if that comfort is matched with designs that flatters their anatomy plus pleasing to they eye. Then surely, it affects the mental mood wellbeing as well. For more, check out the Dude Undies website. Briefsmania Briefsmania is a really interesting site.

You can make Allen on Instagram here. Is there something about sharing something to the sub that is ideally gladly hot. No touched man ever nightclubs long white military, ever.

Little Gay Blog — What is it about guys in underwear that you enjoy so much? All I remember back then was constantly flipping through the home catalogue pages until I came to the mens underwear section and then just staring at the guys in their briefs and thinking WOW! Growing up virtually every guy wore briefs. As most of the lads wore basic Y-fronts or A type briefs, the major difference were the colours. Seeing a guy in his briefs is like seeing a christmas present all wrapped up in nice paper and guessing whats inside, waiting with anticipation before you tear in to it and to be honest I kinda get more turned on by seeing a guy in his briefs rather than naked….

Instead they wear boxer briefs until they get home then change to a pair of briefs for comfort. Then every guy on the planet wanted to be like him and changed to wearing the dreaded boxer briefs. Even though I hated them and god how they were and still are so uncomfortable to wear, I gave them a try just to fit in!

I lasted probably a week before switching back. Completely no support and they felt like I was wearing carpet wrapped around my waist. I just cannot understand why you would want to try and fit a pair of leggings down another pair of leggings and be pany all day! Originally the website started off as just a blog on blogspot. I was inspired by another paanty doing roughly the same thing. After a year or so, I move from a blog and created my own website. I think we originally went from 50 odd members to a couple of hundred within a few weeks, Gaj mainly UK based. Now we have members from Gay panty blogs over world all saying the same thing: We pwnty have straight and bi guys too, who feel the same way when if comes to wearing briefs and seeing guys in briefs.

How cool is that?! We are so alike in so many ways. What a great idea. Gather all people far and wide of different type and go mad on one thing we all love. For more, you can check out the Briefsmania website. You can also follow Briefsmania on Twitter here. Men and Underwear Menandunderwear. Little Gay Blog — What inspired you to start menandunderwear. It was more about sharing my passion for underwear with other guys. I found it weird that everyone wears underwear but almost no one talks about it. There was a lack of information on the internet about what is new in the industry, where to get new pairs, what new collections look like, or even information about the numerous labels there are.

The response was great! It looks like there are a lot of guys with which we share the same passion! Moreover, over the last 5 years we made a lot more men aware of what they wear under their jeans. I have seen it evolve quite significantly over the last 10 years or so but believe me, there is still a long long way to go. There is still a huge difference between the effort labels put on manufacturing underwear for women and underwear for men. Apart from me, there are many other guys that write about underwear on the internet. To feel confident in bed you need to not only have completed your CrossFit routines for the week, and counted your calories, and looked at yourself times in the mirror before leaving the house.

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Furthermore, you need to wear underwear that makes you feel sexy. Now, where should you start? Patny from mainstream underwear brands is not your blkgs choice. They design with a general public in mind, from your skinny neighbor to your grandfather. The underwear cuts and fabrics that big brands manufacture are not designed pantj Gay panty blogs you look good and to enhance your body. Low-rise underwear always makes your middle section look better. Instead, low risers can visually make your torso look longer and make you look more proportionate. Do not wear long boxers.

I know, some of us just get used to a particular style of underwear and fall in love with it. You should, however, reconsider whether long boxers are a good choice. At this mens underwear blog, we actually dislike long boxers. No sexy man ever wears long white boxers, ever. This cut is a sex-appeal killer because it hides your legs and takes attention off your pouch area. Stick to polyester and nylon underwear.

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