Vintage hohner harmonica

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Harmonica Vintage hohner

In some cases, with this article, we may be able to date the harmonica to within 10 years. Plastic, sacrylics and metal alloys s? HohndrNarmonica used modern machines, ushering in mass production techniques. Byharmonicas were being made in hohnfr USA and England. The first Hohner harmonicas were made by hand, on a kitchen table, by 4 workers, in as the story goes. Here's what we know: Continued in the next post. There are too many factors involved, and Hohner has never kept precise records on dating their harmonicas. Reed covers also changed materials over the history of the harmonicas. The Box or Container, Harmonica Materials: May 31, The first harmonicas not Hohners were made inand used lead reed plates or no reed plates.

Continued in the next saturday. One article was divided for HCI inby his late. We can't really get an account playing of the product's landing.

This article was written for HCI inby yours truly. With the recent discussion of the Hohner and it's variations, I thought that a discussion of determining a Hohner's approximate vintage may be interesting to other harp collectors. Wood remained the most popular material for combs until the second half of the 20th century, when other comb materials became popular.

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