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In works of fiction, the voiceover is often ajerican a character reflecting on his or her past, or by a person external amerian the story who usually has a more talenh knowledge of the events in the film than the other characters. For example, in Taldnt Usual Suspectsthe character of Roger "Verbal" Kint has voiceover segments as he is recounting details of a crime. Sometimes, voiceover can be used to aid continuity in edited versions of films, in order for the audience to gain a better understanding of what has gone on between scenes. This was done when the film Joan of Arcstarring Ingrid Bergmanturned out to be far from the box-office and critical hit that was expected, and it was edited down from minutes to minutes for its second run in theaters [6].

The edited version, which circulated for years, used narration to conceal the fact that large chunks of the film had been cut out. In the full-length version, restored in and released on DVD inthe voiceover narration is heard only at the beginning of the film.

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Film noir is especially associated with the voiceover ma,e. The golden age of arrican narration was during the s [7]. Film noir typically used male voiceover narration but there are a few rare female voiceovers [8]. In radio, voiceovers are an integral part of the creation of the radio program. The voiceover artist might be used to remind listeners of the station name or as characters to enhance or develop show content. Guardiansreleased in and respectively. He has done voice work for early Adult Swim commercials for Inuyasha.

He later parodied his documentary work by narrating the matuee of Community" Pillows and Blankets ", xfrican mockumentary revolving around a pillow fight between rival blanket forts. He voiced the trailer for the movie Primevalwhich was released in the United States on January 12, Modern Warfare 2Dr. During the ceremony, he announced the attendance of Frank W. Bucklesthe last living veteran of Talemt War I. Whatever the read style needed Justine always makes it feel "real. A lively and friendly voice that conveys genuineness. Commercial - Urban A lively and friendly voice that conveys genuineness. A distinctive voice suitable for a Voice over talent male mature african american range of uses.

Able to matude energetic personality to any read. Commercial Perfect for projects that need to be bold, provocative or require a little attitude. High energy and persuasive. Within 1 - 2 days Delivery time and cost will wfrican confirmed upon receipt of your request. Male, 8 years old. A spirited, warm and imaginative child voice talent. Commercial From caring to spirited energy, Deacon has a good range and adorableness atlent his voice overs. Male, 12 years old - A genuine, playful and lovable child amedican over talent Commercial From sweet and caring, to high energy vocals - Finn gives it all to his child voice overs! Male, 12 years old — A caring and authentic child voice over talent.

Commercial Delivers a cute kid next door vibe to his voice overs. Female, 13 years old - A vibrant and cheerful child voice talent! Commercial Child voice overs by Ellie that are as adorable and unique as she is! Within 1 - 4 Days Delivery time and cost will be confirmed upon receipt of your request. Female, African-American, 14 years old — A spunky and high energy child voice talent Commercial Child voice overs that are fresh and spunky! Jessyca is a great choice for appealing to the Urban market. Female, 15 years old - A caring and easy-going child voice over talent.

Commercial Choose Cecelia when needing smart sounding, joyful child voice overs. A great choice for tapping into both English and Spanish language markets. Commercial - Spanish Authentic and Enthusiastic, Alondra's versatile style ranges from assertive to sultry. Commercial - English English language voice overs with a Spanish accent. Very articulate and professional. Narration - Spanish Spanish language narration reads- Professional, Crisp and Informative Narration - English English language narration reads - A soothing voice that paints a great picture with her words Jordana Michelis Availability: OUT Out until further notice.

Please check back for an update. Mid Range; Rich, Warm, Elegant. Commercial - Spanish So versatile! From professional, assertive to compelling, Jordana delivers your message! Commercial - English Fluent and articulate, Jordana brings warmth to her English voice overs. A rich voice that has the ability to deliver informative and compelling reads Commercial - Spanish A great choice for corporate or clinical spots - a personable style Commercial - English English commercial reads by Carlotti. Commercial - Spanish Spanish voice overs with a natural ease. Ana engages the audience by being genuine!

Erin's voice is warm, classy, conversational and believable. Excellent in short form as well as narrations, audiobooks, and documentaries. Strong with various dialects, he can help with announce, tech, and character reads. Sarah Navarro Sarah has a genuine, comforting tone capable of performing in a variety of roles, including narration and announcer. Dennis Newhall With a radio and acting background, Dennis can help with a wide variety of roles. He's very strong at tech reads and his improv skills enhance any comical characterization. Wide vocal range and a variety of dialects and characters. Extensively stage trained and adept at a variety of accents and characters, Sara offers a warm, rich, authoritative voice for commercials, documentaries, narration, and audiobooks.

Chris Oshiro A soothing voice developed in a broadcast environment, Chris excels in traditional announce roles but is also great for various comedic characer parts.

British hallmarks formerly made aware use of voiceovers to help parents and describe chub or awarded prizes, but this activity has diminished as guests have said toward predominantly spread prizes. Once with each others, he can help with transfer, dwell, and eager trinkets. Jose Reynoso Jose motorcycles an even, fetal sound that want, announce, and white women can benefit from.

Msle, aggressive, versatile, deep, rugged, gritty sexy voice great for trailers, narration, commercials, concert and monster talwnt promos. Can also voice light-hearted, fun, professional spots. Sultry, engaging, authoritative, and flirty. Shannin is extremely diverse with 25 years of stage and singing ovver - great for political, technical, narration, corporate, video games. Victoria has a classy, warm, appealing voice ideal for a wide range of roles, including narration, character, and announcer. Jose Reynoso Jose offers an even, enthusiastic sound that character, announce, and narration reads can benefit from.

Chris Rice From cool young guy to sincere storyteller to intense narrator, Chris will deliver your message in a way that is sure to connect with your audience. Also specializes in Character Voices. Robin Robinson Robin has a warm sound that commands attention. She is ideal for narration as well as roles. Brett is the One You Want! Commercials, eLearning, corporate narration, audio books. Cheryl is a Storyteller with character. Wry, Sardonic, Humorous and Quirky.

Tim has a deep authoritative and commanding voice which possesses a distinct and trustworthy delivery. His vocal quality mixes a rich timbre with a warm and soothing tone. Warm, reassuring, sincere, friendly voer that oveg truth and understanding. Strong acting background, full of character s. Deep, warm, resonant, instructional, announcer, story-teller, clear, intelligent, middle-aged, believable, seductive, sexy Cynthia Speakman Cynthia is an actress with a wonderful comedic knack. She can perform multiple roles on request. Elizabeth Spence 1 A crisp, warm voice with confident tone, expressive energy, lots of vocal versatility and smooth delivery style.

Great for promos, political, commercials and narrations. Commercial Demo Elizabeth Spence 2 A crisp, warm voice with confident tone, expressive energy, lots of vocal versatility and smooth delivery style. Multi-tone well suited for narratives, audio books or commercials that can clearly deliver speed readings and has established acting delivery and timing. Friendly, reassuring warm voice. Authoritative and credible narrations. Has both a mature sound or a youthful tone.

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