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Well, do you really know everything about online privacy? Kids these days know a lot more about online security and safety. Everything around them revolves around the internet. They might probably know a lot more than you about privacy and security.

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Our generation was far better. Okay, this age-old statement is totally wrong. First of all, we can never really compare two generations. The teens of the 80s had other interests while teens of today have something else. They are obviously different but no generation of teens are better than the other.

Teens never read anything. Misundertsood the number of books they read might be less. But that is because books are not anymore the only source of knowledge. There is nothing internet cannot teach you. Teenagers are the same everywhere. In the end, she bothered me as hell and she narrates the major part of the book, so I had to stick to her. Maybe If I had Misundefstood this book when I was Misunderstood teen bit younger, I would Misunderstood teen liked it more, Misundersttood I think that my gossip girls time is a little behind now. It was an interesting reading nevertheless, but I expected more from Enya and the plot, that also had so much potential and it turned out to be a bit obvious.

Anyway, I liked it, so three stars: The narrative was a point that bothered me a lot in several moments. The way Valentino voiced her characters voices made all of them to appear superficial and loud. In narrative matters, the characters that seemed more human and real to me were James and Mary Kay. Again, the problem was me: Anya is working on a sequel! I liked that Valentino changed views during the book, so we could get a fuller picture and left little to imagination in terms of loose ends. I usually am not a fan of first person narratives, but it worked just fine for Misunderstood: The plot for the book left me on my toes. What is better than a perfect high school queen with juicy secrets from her past?

Enya is worried about the messages, but she is partying, going to school, having yoga classes: Trying to find out why intelligent and responsible young people still did stupid things. Jenson did what any neuroscientist would do: What she found might clear up some myths, or misinformation about teenagers. Her findings might also provide help for parents, teachers … and anyone hoping to understand the complex mind of a teenager.

Jensen brokers that this is why people get things like languages so far. Capability billets James to get classic to Enya.

Teenagers start to look like adults. You might think that their brains are Misunerstood becoming more like adult brains. Not true, says Dr. And it takes into the mids for it to complete. Jensen says if one compares the brain to a puzzle, the teenage brain has many puzzle pieces still not in place. She says the teen brain has a different structure and chemistry from an adult brain. It's about 80 percent -- you know, I say that loosely -- of the adult brain's structure and function. Jensen recently wrote a book on teenagers and their brains.

The book is called The Teenage Brain: In it, she explains the strengths and weaknesses of the brain during this time of development. She says the connections, or wiring, of the teen brain is better for learning new things than the adult brain. Jensen explains how the brain works.

She says Mlsunderstood are able to learn through synapses -- areas where brain cells talk to each other. The chemicals responsible for synapses are found in high levels in children. Then they drop a little in teenagers and drop even lower in adults.

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