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Tie Pantyhose

Put a little kitty litter in pantyhose and place in closets, shoes, luggage, dressers, etc. What did I do? I myself am not accustomed to wearing hosiery, but thought I could tis good use of them while out in the field and woods. Put a spit-shine on your shoes by buffing them with a length of old pantyhose. This way I was able to transport it and haul it up into my treestand. God, I love that frugal woman. I wrapped my quiver around my bow with, you guessed it! My grandfather taught me a great trick for catching catfish. Pantyhose tied to treestand with chain and haul line tucked neatly inside On one occasion, I have had my haul line break while up in my stand and needed a new way to safely lower my bow to the ground.

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tke Try pantyhose to scrub tile and other surfaces where you're afraid of scratches. I use them to tie branches either apart or together, depending on the situation. Don't be shy about wearing a pair of worn out pantyhose next time you're working in the yard or go camping — even if you're a guy.

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