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Like toned festival fireworks, ya. I'm Al Bhed, and that.

Rikku and Wakka go on another pilgrimage to teach Spira a new religion. All is going well until Rikku starts getting strange dreams. It centers mostly around Rikku. Tidus comes back and Yuna is dead. Final Fantasy X - Rated: K - English - Poetry - Chapters: Wakka is assigned to be diplomat to the Al Bhed! Will it be a disaster? Or will Rikku come to the rescue? Around PG for now, may go up in later chapters. Just before they go to defeat Sin, Wakka realizes the Al Bhed are people, too. How long has it been? Anyway, this little novelinprogress is a continuation of FFX with enough fluff to stuff a turkey.

Does he have feelings too or is this just another crush? Rikku swore to protect Yuna. And Rikku is not a liar. So, she is a friend. Kimahri think Rikku should be Rikku. Save some for Kimahri! You have angered Kimahri!

Adult Rikku

Yuna never run away. On Yuna apologizing for not knowing another way to defeat Sin. The Ronso were singing too. Kimahri's ears never wrong. Kimahri felt friendship from somewhere inside Sin. There is no need for fear. Kimahri will go with you. This time I win, I will win! Before the fight with his brother Biran. Fryd ev ed ec risyh? Rikku adult if it is human? Al Bhed for "Sorry", before she knocks Tidus out cold Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh After Wakka's failed attempt to cheer Rikku up after Home is destroyed Did you Um, you guys hit me. Do you remember anything before that? Yeah, there is no Zanarkand anymore. Sin destroyed it a thousand years ago.

Shouting at the lighting in the Thunder Plains You know, don't you? Summoners journey to get the Final Aeon. Yuna told you, didn't she? With the Final Aeon, she can beat Sin. Even if she defeats Rikku adult, it will kill Yunie too, you know! Just a feeling, but I think my dad kinda likes you. After she is the last one in the party to fall in a battle in the Thunder Plains, usually if she is atruck with a lightning elemental spell. I am honored to receive the title of maester. In life, my father Jyscal worked to foster friendship between man and Guado. I vow to carry on his legacy, and to fulfill my duties as maester to the best of my abilities.

We Guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane. To Auron, who is an unsent. Well, if you're offering your lives, I will have to take them. Your hope ends here! Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal. Another likely reference to Platonic Pre-existence. I have saved him. He was a man who craved power. And great power he had, but he feared losing it. Trembling at unseen enemies, he spent his days scheming petty schemes. Chased by his fears, never knowing rest. Now he has no worries. He has been granted sleep eternal.

Death is a sweet slumber. All the pain of life is gently swept away Do you not agree? On Maester Wen Kinoc, whom he has killed. But there is no salvation for the damned! Rest in peace in eternal darkness. Let darkness take you! Before casting Ultima in the last battle. I will give you your death. You seem to want it so. After Kimahri stabs him as an unsent with his spear, to little effect. You would oppose me as well? Spoken if Yuna summons Anima against Seymour in the last battle. Anima's fayth is Seymour's mother, who wants the party to stop him.

Even after I am gone, Spira's sorrow will prevail Seymour's last words Feel my pain! By all means, try! You should thank me! Your death means your father's life! After Tidus says that their group can stop him. Jecht[ edit ] You, with a woman? You can't even catch a ball! Oh, what's the matter? That's the only thing you're good for!

Destroying the best that proves that Will murdered his father. Al Bhed is Al Bhed.

I can't hear the Rikk so well anymore You were always Riku a stiff. But that's what I like about you. To Auron in flashback Yuna, you know what to do! The aeons - call them! Jecht's last words Others[ edit ] Fayth of Valefor Sin is cursed. It curses its form, it prays for dissolution. Sin sees dreams of its own destruction. Sin is looking at us. We live in a fading echo of time left us by the destroyer. Free him from Yu Yevon. When party revisits her chamber.

Fayth of Shiva Should the adulg end, you too will disappear But do not weep, nor rise in anger. Even we were once human, that is why we must dream. A Rioku sea for you to swim. Fayth of Yojimbo You are a fading dream, but one that has been touched by reality. Run on into the daylight. And walk into reality. You ask for a phoenix, yet you offer chicken feed! If the party doesn't offer a substantial amount for Yojimbo's services. Maester Yo Mika Men die. Only the power of death truly commands axult Spira. Resisting its power is futile. Rikku adult Wen Kinoc Meh Being a Maester has its privileges.

I can just sit here and watch. Yunalesca They chose to die, because they had hope. To Auron about Braska and Jecht Hope is comforting. It allows us to accept fate, no matter how tragic it might be. Yevon's Teachings and the final summoning give the people of Spira hope. Without hope, they would drown in their own sorrow. Who will be your fayth? Who will be the one to renew Spira's hope? You would throw away hope? I will free you before you can drown in your own sorrow. It is better to die in hope than to live in despair. Let me be your liberator. Immediately before attacking the party. Bobba, the Blitzball announcer Well, well, well!

If it isn't the Besaid Aurochs! They're a living, breathing, statistical impossibility! I've never seen a team this bad! The Besaid Aurochs have not won a game in 23 years. Keep your head down, say "sir" a lot, and you'll do fine. Chappu also said to me That being with your girl is good But keeping Sin far away from her is better. After Wakka reveals that Chappu had considered proposing to Lulu before joining the Crusaders. Gatta Young Crusaders gather 'round!

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