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Balloons Anal

The smaller one doesn't seem to work at retention after you are well experienced in its use Amal inflatable dildo wasn't able to keep up with my "pumped up" enthusiasm and "blew its load" before I did. I didn't get hurt from the "blow out", but it was one helluva artificial fart! I was "inventing" one day i. I inserted the "Balloon-Pic" up my butt, then started the pump with a tank full of warm water. I could feel the warm water inflating the balloon so on second thought, maybe I was "in-venting"? Oh well, it was worth a try!

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I tie 2 balloohs over the end of it and fasten them very tightly with baalloons bands. These are tied only 3" back from the end of the tube so you can roll out the condoms and, after putting plenty of lube on them pull the base of the condoms back over the tip of the tube. This gives you 4 layers of protection against anything popping and makes for a very strong balloon. I use an inflator and have pumped up to 60 pumps inside my bum and

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