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Writing Erotica 1 – Phallus Terminology

Knowing if you have ignited positive for HIV or not. A name for the great. Happiness indicated by drinking too much deliberation.

You can cock your head to the side! You can even go to a farm and gloesary the cock crow at dawn! Cock is a lovely wonderful word for your penis, and I highly recommend it. It has the Ann Stamp of approval! Still sounds a bit like a juvenile insult though. Neither Good nor Bad: Length — I am ambivalent about this word. This one is vague enough to be pleasant really, not too literal or frivolous. Member — This reminds me of cultish organizations.

Oh wait, thats a different kind of member. Its a bland word but not to be ignored, particularly in fiction that lacks the ever so exciting element of dirty talk. Prick — Straightforward, literal. Although that can be debatable Worst of the regularly seen: Rod — I cannot tell you how awkward I find this word to be in erotic literature. Are you fucking someone with your dick or a fishing pole. The images are quite scarring, so make up your mind. Chlamydia requires medical treatment.

Glossary Erotica

For example, someone who was sexed male at birth and whose gender identity is masculine ; who also feels male. Often used in relation to transgender. Ertica choices are "negative," "clear" or " STI -free. A person is NOT consenting if they do not actively agree, have been forced or pressured in some way or are in a state where they are incapable of full consent such as when asleep, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or below the age of consent. Contraceptive sponge A method of birth control that consists of a spongy device filled with spermicide that provides a barrier at the entrance of the cervix.

Also, joy sock, love glove, bone bag, raincoak, pecker pack. Wear them to protect yourself from diseases and to help prevent pregnancy.

Dressing the penis in a paper costume. There are lots of print-and-cut costumes online. Having sex standing up. If the sex is good, your knees are going to shake and it might be time Erotica glossary take it horizontal before you fall over. A liquid, often made from a silicone or water base, that prevents friction during different sex acts. Lube can be natural or produced by the body, like vaginal secretions or saliva. Lube can make things like handjobs and finger play that much better, and is recommended during acts like anal or vaginal penetration. Ask the staff at the sex shop. A child conceived and born out of wedlock. A festish of breasts.

When partners both realize they are about to have sex with each other. They can be friends, strangers, or in a sexual relationship already. Serving and eating sushi off the body of a naked woman. A really cozy-sounding term for female masturbation. Apparently, this was a recent trend.

Turgid Convenience — Sounds like a stunning water rafting aficionado. The veterinary itself, or something that brings a penis, over erect.

This is a highly unadvisable practice due to the fact that eyes are not built to cope with the germs inside your mouth. Now you can call it something that sounds real fancy-like. Using the vaginal muscles to stimulate the penis during vaginal intercourse. The penis itself, or something that resembles a penis, usually erect. Phallic objects can be really obviously penisy, or they can just be tall and pointy. Balls not always included. Air leaving the vagina, giving off a sound like a fart. It just means that air has been trapped inside and is coming out again. No smells, no big deal. A very short sexual encounter, often spontaneous, usually with no foreplay.

The use of robots in arousal and sexual acts.

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