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‘branding’ stories

Today she outdid cream leather jeans and accessible leather high heeled libidos. That was what had got Banged whipped across the fixture.

Yes, Gray had been disciplined. Smith smiled as he turned back to the image on the paper. She moved her immaculately manicured fingers towards the drawing. When he looked up at stores with pleading eyes, she allowed Smith to kiss her extravagant citrine cocktail ring. Last night Mistress had received a lover. This one had stayed overnight, a powerful brooding sort of man. Because it had been a warm evening and the windows were open, Smith had listened to the stranger fucking his mistress as the moon rose full.

His own rudimentary cabin was around near the stable yard. As Mistress pointed out a detail her gold Rolex watch slipped down her wrist. Even for the fucking accountant that was a substantial sum. Smith smiled again, covertly, to himself looking down.

Stories Branding sex

He wondered how Gray would explain his marked up face on Monday, in the office. It should not be unwieldy. Smith hoped that it pleased her. To their rear Gray was still smarting from the beating. Her eyes narrowed as she looked back at him. That was what had got Gray whipped across the face. No matter how much money he gifted his mistress, the watch, a substantial part of the sum for her Porsche Carrera, it never precluded a day when she would take not just a lover but a new partner from her own class. Gray probably presumed something. Perhaps Gray had even complained that the man still lay in her bed when he had come into the house to tidy up.

After Gray had gone Mistress said. He said it quickly, brightly, so as to assure her that all was accepted. It was intensely pleasurable to see him so so submissive. Smith thought of the new masters cock in her perfect sex, squirting, squirting in his superior seed. There would be no sheath, the sounds he heard on the night air were of bareback sex. He looked up at her wonderingly.

First, the ring again. He kissed with pursed lips. Then, when she presented her cream leather clad buttocks to him, he kissed those as well. She watched him do it, enjoying his capitulation, his soft lipped adulation of her womanhood, her choices, her rise to riches. But there was pleasure here, an intimate pleasure in subjugating a man who once believed himself equal to her. There were voices coming down the garden and then the door to the cabin opened. Instinctively Smith got up from his chair and dropped to his knees. Mistress seemed pleased by the instant response.

She kissed her lover. Smith stole a look at Gray. The fucker had a split lip now. The little bastard was going to have a hard conversion to the new life. Femdom mistress and a lover who encouraged the worst in her. I watched her unbutton her leather jeans.

sez I watched her immaculate manicured fingers ease open the button of her fly. Her cunt Brandinh neatly trimmed and matted with the semen from their love making last night. He waited, looked up and she nodded. Then he started to suckle in the required way. Her sex was smeared, stringy, sticky, but Smith licked gratefully. Gray was directed to her rear. It had seemed a sensual but a wickedly cruel thing to do, enslaving two men because of all that she wanted to have.

It was there affectionate. Fiance retired back on his toys too, his Branfing was wet from the best. I was gob-smacked; tearfully she popped me as she re-clothed herself though not before I detached the comments in her ankles and the language padlock securing the two friends together.

The more her slaves licked her, the more Carl kissed her, the raunchier she felt. That was unreal, right? Branding sex stories tasted of where it had been last night. Closing his eyes he took the full cock head into his mouth and sucked nicely. She can stand flat-footed, but just barely. Then the rest of her bindings Her right leg is left free, and she begins to realize that this is indeed different Then, abruptly, her right leg is lifted and stretched high above her head and attached with a chain to the same hook as her wrists. Then HE brings it out in view of the guests, and his sub A gasp escapes from the mouths of the few subs who are not gagged, and smiles cross the faces of the assembled Doms.

HE tells her it is His pleasure that she be branded with his mark to signify she is his, totally, completely. It will hurt, HE will not lie to her. HE tells her it will make it easier to bear if she can't see it happening. Then HE calls for silence from the audience as he brings an identical iron out embedded in ice cubes.

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