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An Australian cohort study of healthy breastfeeding mothers and their infants showed a growth of Candida albicans in the milk of 2. In a study from USA, breast milk samples were examined from 16 women with symptoms that are commonly said to be attributable to Candida albicans infection and from 18 women who did not complain of these symptoms [ 3 ]. A single colony of Candida albicans was identified in one of the 68 breast milk samples tested in the study 2. Differences in results from the studies may to some extent be caused by differences in measures used to limit contamination such as the use of routine breast cleansing procedures prior to culture collection.

In a recent study from Spain, researchers collected and examined breast milk from two groups of breastfeeding women [ 6 ]. The first group of 60 women included 30 with deep breast pain or nipple pain and 30 without pain. These women had sampled their breast milk by using their own personal breast pumps or by hand expression. The second group of women all complained of deep breast pain and some also complained of nipple pain. These women sampled their milk by hand expression alone. The authors found Candida spp. In the first group of 60 women 8. Some researchers have suggested that bacterial infection might in part be responsible for the symptoms that have been attributed to Candida albicans [ 236 ] although others have shown that even breast milk from healthy women contains a myriad of bacteria, many of which may be considered as potential pathogens [ 89 ].

The complex process of breastfeeding Breastfeeding is a complex process and its success is dependent on many internal and external factors. According to Dennis, breastfeeding self-efficacy is composed of two parts: Those who, for example, experience stress, anxiety, lack of social support and fatigue may also experience heightened sensitivity to breast pain during lactation [ 14 ]. Women with low breastfeeding self-confidence may need extra attention when experiencing breast pain during lactation [ 15 ]. Recent research has suggested that lifestyle and environmental factors affect the immunological composition of breast milk [ 16 ].

This in turn suggests that the milk microbiome also differs according to geographical and socioeconomic settings, which could possibly be one reason for disparate findings in studies on Candida albicans in different populations.

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The present breasg was designed to emulate previous research in order to add to the bank of knowledge by examining the occurrence hal Candida albicans in a Swedish breastfeeding thgee. The primary aim of this mlik study was to test the hypothesis that breastfeeding women with symptoms commonly associated with Candida albicans infection cases will have a growth of Candida albicans in their breast milk significantly more often than women without these symptoms controls. A secondary aim was to compare breastfeeding self-efficacy scores between cases and controls. Methods The cases were breastfeeding women with self-reported symptoms that are anecdotally related to Candida albicans infection of the breast: These symptoms may or may not be accompanied by vivid pink dry, scaling, thinning or shiny skin on the nipple and areola.

The controls were breastfeeding women who did not have any of these symptoms. All infants were exclusively or partially breastfed, no limitation for the age of the infant was applied. Study setting The study took place at a breastfeeding clinic attached to an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit at a district hospital in southern Sweden.

The breastfeeding clinic was started in and is situated in a town without particular socioeconomical problems. Today, four midwives with long experience of breastfeeding and its problems manage the clinic. Breastfeeding women can contact the clinic for telephone guidance or to book a time for a consultation. In the hospital up-take area there are 46 well-baby clinics and of these, three took part in the study by identifying women without symptoms and who were prepared to take part in the study as the control group. The control group was also partially recruited from the hospital unit where postpartum consultations are carried out.

Sample, recruitment and study population For inclusion in either group women were required to be healthy, to understand spoken and written Swedish and to be currently breastfeeding either partially or exclusively. For inclusion in the case group women either consulted the breastfeeding clinic or were referred there by other care providers because of problems with radiating, burning and penetrating or non-penetrating breast pain with or without nipple pain during or after breastfeeding. These symptoms could be accompanied by pink dry, scaling, thinning or shiny skin on the nipple and areola but skin changes were not criteria for inclusion. Women who had pain or nipple damage that were diagnosed by the attending midwife as being caused by breastfeeding technique problems or mastitis were excluded, as were women who had skin symptoms that were diagnosed as eczema.

The Conflicting Ole-Efficacy Scale Nigh Cushion [ 13 ] taking 14 units authorized on a 5-point Likert acute was administered to all areas at recruitment. The peers features free WiFi.

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