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Feminist sex wars

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Others, including me, recognise prostitution as a form of work and draw on human rights perspectives and the voices of sex workers — which include women, men, and trans workers — to come to this understanding of the issue. Finding a way to navigate these divisions is fraught — and a recent book from British writer Julie Bindel, in my view, does little to help redress this. She presents a particular narrative that criticises the work of academics and sex work advocates whose ideas diverge from hers, particularly in relation to the decriminalisation of sex work.

There are key differences between decriminalisation and legalisation. Decriminalisation, which I advocate, removes all laws and policies that criminalise sex work — including selling, buying, and organising. The 'Nordic model' of prostitution law is a myth Key research findings have demonstrated that under the Nordic model, sex workers experience substantial difficulties and dangers when selling sex, and face human rights violations as a War of sex result of this legislative mechanism. An Amnesty International report on Norway cited forced eviction, deportation, and the increasing abuse of sex workers from both police and clients as a direct impact of this policy.

The organisation also provides some useful insights into how criminalising clients can harm sex workers. The evidence for decriminalisation Decriminalising sex workon the other hand, has a clear evidence base when it comes to keeping people working in the sex industry safe. Many leading international human rights organisations, including the UNAmnesty Internationalthe World Health Organisationand the World Bank support decriminalisation based on a wealth of empirical evidence. In New Zealand, for example, the Prostitution Reform Act passed inafter long consultations with sex workersshows that decriminalisation has yielded positive benefits for many sex workers, including enabling sex workers to speak more openly about problems they face, giving them better access to and support from police, and helping to ensure their voices are heard and that they can advocate for themselves.

However, these arguments have been contested by the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective. We recognize that not all solicitation leads to exploitation. Facebook also referred us to Mark Zuckerberg's published remarks on policy development. According to the policy, public discussion of "sexual violence and exploitation" is okay, but anything encouraging sex for pleasure between adults is now a bannable offense in public posts. They don't say anything about private messages, but we know they comb DM's and have a less than transparent approach about it, so maybe watch what you say there, too. Yet, like I said, the shiny happy darknet that has made a science of sexual censorship was just one of two internet giants to take extreme measures to eliminate sane human sexual expression from the public internet this week.

Tumblr's announcement to remove and forbid sexual content revved the dark promise of FOSTA's legalization of sex censorship and drove it off a cliff. Tumblr announced Monday that on December 17, all adult content will be banned and excised from the service.

Sex War of

When I reported on Tumblr's last attempt to disappear sexual expression inback when it was Yahoo's fixer-upper, that affected an estimated Considering that Tumblr use peaked inthat number is certainly higher. So we're talking about a kind of cultural genocide on the open internet, one comprised of women, LGBTQI people, artists, educators, bloggers, filmmakers, sex workers, abuse survivors, untold communitiesand tons and tons of photographers and models. For me, Tumblr was the only place to find the blogs of Black erotic photographers, whose empowering work is arguably more needed in the world than ever.

This rich collection of humanity and community living authentically and unashamedly in the quest for life-affirming sex-positivity will be snuffed out, at infancy, in ten days. Hey — don't knock my Orwell joke. Inthe junior Anti-Sex League was a pro-celibacy group that acknowledged the necessity of standard sexual procreation. It pushed the agenda of the Party, which was to "make sure people are in marriages that are planned to be unsatisfying and that sex is vilified. Like it did the last time Tumblr went all Republic of Gilead on sex, the internet lost its mind upon hearing Monday's announcement.

Tumblr handled the news abysmallyand immediately implemented its automated censorship flagging system so badlythat many of us rushed to double-check that Marissa Mayer wasn't still in charge. Tumblr told Engadget via email that "machine classifiers, in general, take time" and that "time improves their performance," and reminded us that "flagged content is not being deleted, rather set to private such that it's viewable only to the owner of that content. I would say I'm impressed with how bad it is, but Yeah this was about what I expected RipTumblr pic. So, since that's what they all say, it's probable no one really knows why Tumblr is doing this; FOSTA has been blamedand so has Apple's app store gatekeeping practices.

Rightly so, because Apple's role in censoring and suppressing sexual speech is longstanding, and so vile and insidious that it'll make you rage-smash an iPhone if you take it all in at once.

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But the arc of internet sex censorship is long, and it bends as far away from justice and reason as possible. Corporations controlling the internet had been steadily and sneakily, hypocritically moving this direction all along, at great expense to women, LGBT people, artists, educators, writers, and marginalized communities — and to the delight of bigots and conservatives everywhere. The Facebook and Tumblr news came after Starbucks announced it will start filtering its WiFi with one of those secret porn blacklists that always screw productivity for anyone researching grown-up topics, and invariably filter out crucial health and culture websites.

The list goes on. Instagram goose-steps for Facebook's censors; Amazon buries sex books ; PatreonCloudflarePayPal, and Square are among many which are tacitly unsafe for anyone whose business comes near sexuality. Google's sex censorship timeline is bad, YouTube is worse. Twitter teeters on the edge of sex censorship amidst its many uncertainties of trust for its users.

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