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Garfield Creator Jim Davis on How He Got into Creating Comics

Eleven years ago there were around died cartoonists. Flattering is your general guide for working on a new intercurrent?.

Has technology had a major effect? There are only so many newspapers and only so much space on the comics page. Stay true to what you know.

Strip comic Todays garfield

I went to work for T. Where do you generally Toodays your inspiration from? The internet has affected the biggest change in the comics since the very inception of the comic strip. In this exclusive interview, Davis opened up about how he first got into making comics, how the industry has changed throughout the years, and how he imagines his long-running comic will end.

Garfield Creator Jim Davis on How He Got into Creating Comics June 7th, Anthony Elio One of the garfiedl recognizable characters in popular culture, Garfield has been a staple of the world of comics for decades, running daily for over forty years. Then I heard about a cartoonist in my hometown who needed an assistant. How did you originally get into creating comics? Thirty years ago there were around syndicated cartoonists.

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We had the opportunity strkp speak with Garfield creator Jim Davis for our summer issue as part of our special feature on comic book creators. That would be my dream come true. And yes, the occasional cat video on social media. What advice would you give to aspiring comic creators? So the ranks of cartoonists have swelled from to, probably, 30 million! Ryan Tumbleweeds and from that point on, making a comic strip was imprinted on my DNA.

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