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Top 100 Footballers’ Wives And Girlfriends

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He didn't give me any reason not to trust him, but when he walked out of the room I'd look at his phone, I'd try to find out information about him. I just got really insecure. And I also think there are more psychological issues at play. The women I met didn't know when they were going to see their husbands, where they were going to be living next year, how much he was going to be earning. And they also knew that if he has an injury, it's all over. If they were the image of perfection, and if the house was immaculate, then they'd done all they could do. You'd think they'd need Footballers free naked picture assert their individuality, but they all look very similar.

And all wearing similar clothes. The Wag style, with its manicured nails, high heels, huge false eyelashes and tiny dresses, is as feminised as it can possibly be — underlining these women's status as possessions, part of the package for footballers. Kervin once interviewed the England striker Peter Crouch; and in reply to the question "If you hadn't been a footballer, what would you have been? When Walter was researching her new book Living Dolls: All the focus was on their bodies, the size of their breasts. It was like photographing a car or a house.

The message was that if you're a successful sportsman, you get access to these kinds of objects. The answer, Walter suspects, is that the possibilities for working-class women are still highly constrained. No one looks at the fact that our society isn't giving the opportunities and aspirations to young women that it does to young men, and particularly to women with fewer options and less education. They can go into the money markets: They might get some kind of status, but they also get nasty, misogynistic press at the same time. It's interesting to note which images of women have multiplied over the last five years: The Wags are a part of this wider culture. Celebrity gossip is best left to others actually interested in such stuff.

Free picture Footballers naked

And while I pictuer a good faith effort to keep the relationships listed below up to date, I offer no guarantee on their accuracy. To account for this, the Top below includes current and former girlfriends. All you need is to have dated a footballer, past or present. So as much as it pains me, Keeley is not a WAG. Victoria Beckham Significant Other: So she gets some credit for that. Andreea Raicu Significant Other: In order to maintain her slim figure she supposedly does without fat, pork, and many breads. Instead she favors fish and natural juices. You can find out more about her and possibly do some cyber-stalking on her Facebook page.

Martina Stella Significant Other: Carly Zucker Significant Other: At least not nsked much as these other girls. Daniela Fontani Significant Other: Could Pippo Inzaghi Foothallers in her future? Isabel Figueira Footballfrs Other: Footballefs inthey were divorced by after the birth of their first child. Diana Chaves Significant Other: Just wait until the Hollyoaks girls come around. Kate Lawler Significant Other: Lawler ran the London Marathon. She did it in lingerie. Although not because she wanted to, it was part of an effort to raise money for a Cystic Fibrosis charity.

Alessia Fabiani Significant Other: And like many of the Italian WAGs, she seems to have little problem losing her clothing. Maggie Q Significant Other: Despite her recent success, it did take her a while to make it in Hollywood. The American born actress got her start modeling in Japan, and eventually branched out into Taiwan and Hong Kong. Her transition into acting was almost coincidental, starting with Hong Kong cinema and later adding other locales in East Asia. She had become a big name in Hong Kong, along with garnering a certain amount of fame across Asia, before making a name for herself in the States.

It was during this time that she dated Japanese superstar footballer Hidetoshi Nakata, one of the most famous Asian footballers of his generation. Caroline Celico Significant Other: The two meet as teenagers, so kudos on the lasting relationship. Or for the fact she looks a bit like a female version of him. Susana Werner Significant Other: Ronaldo was playing for the club at the time she was dating him, and now her husband plays for the same squad. Abi Titmuss Significant Other: Although mainly seen as a glamour model, Titmuss has done some serious acting work in recent years. And to think she was a nurse before fate stepped in. You can find more pictures of Abi over here. Louise Redknapp Significant Other: First known as a member of the girl group Eternal, she went solo in the mids and managed to sneak in some television work to boot.

Michela Quattrociocche Significant Other: Davinia has a weakness for soccer stars and dated Leeds ace Robbie Fowler.

Who could be blamed for making a pass at this lass from Lancashire? He vree the year-old actress's biggest fan after they met in a nightclub. And we could watch her until the cows come home. The year-old babe, who blew the whistle on her ex-lover, Blackburn Rovers striker Dwight Yorke, has been working on next year's Playboy calendar. And boy, she can play for us any time.

Claudine Hop Fired Telephonic: Its job is their horny.

Back home, the couple are the nearest thing the Scandanavians have to Foobtallers 'n Becks. But year-old Magdalena has a much raunchier Footballees act than the Spice Girls. So Magnus is well a-Hed of the game. So she was an obvious choice to figure in our glamour team. The year-old singer starred with Eternal - and any fella would be eternally grateful to have her on his side. But she is married to ex-Liverpool midfield star Jamie Redknapp.

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