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Grand acceptable, the regional audio of The Multiples made less of an overall. Is This Thing Yankee?.

They get a helping hand from Hoagy Carmichael himself. A classic from start to finish, this one spoofs the music business and tosses out smucge character moments as well. Butler substituted for five episodes. Cartoin does a nice job, but you can tell the difference fairly easily. However, its spoofing of the genre help make it reasonably entertaining. The series loved to mock Hollywood and entertainment in general, and Flintstoens usually did it well. The Missing Bus P Add to that my favorite want ad spoof ever when Fred sees the job related to cotton in bottles and this is a Flintstones smudge adult cartoon show.

Alvin Brickrock Presents P However, in the early years of The Flintstones, cartoin show could better pull off this kind of material. It is notable for its surprisingly dark ending, however. Fred Flintstone Woos Again P She really gives him a hard time as she forces him to prove her love. The Rock Quarry Story P The usually good-natured neighbor is consistently surly in this show. He snaps at Fred and insults him throughout the show. The Soft Touchables P Making Fred and Barney private eyes comes out of nowhere and seems awfully contrived. Flintstone of Prinstone P However, at least it tries to ground things in reality.

Fred goes back to school to improve himself, and the story goes off onto funny tangents connected to his experiences. The Little White Lie P It provides another amusing and clever episode. That was one nice thing about the series: Another strange aspect of the show: The Beauty Contest P The Masquerade Ball P The House Guest P Barney turns into a hilariously bad houseguest in this hilarious program. The X-Ray Story P Arnold's boys club, however, looks great. Usually the show makes him look bad, but this one views him almost as a victim, which makes it ahead of its time. It adds some fun twists, though, especially when it parodies My Fair Lady. Slate while Wilma is out of town, but Wilma returns early and ends up at the same club as Fred and Greta--who turns out to be Wilma's old friend.

Wilma's Vanishing Money P When he learns that this is what she was planning to use the money for in the first place, he hires a burglar to put the money back again.

Cartoon adult Flintstones smudge

For once he tries to do the right thing, but he still gets screwed. It does seem a little out of character to see Fred attempt to be honest and deal with the consequences, and the show sends an odd message: Nonetheless, the program enjoys some funny bits, though it never threatens to become great. Feudin' and Fussin' P The bits when Fred tries to entertain himself without his constant companion are good, but overall this becomes an unexceptional show. He hooks Fred and creates many hilarious bits in this delightful show.

The show gets in many funny lines and situations.

The Happy Household P And why does Wilma need to shop for clothes? She always wears the same outfit! Fred Strikes Out Flintstones smudge adult cartoon This Is Your Lifesaver P Montague Gypsum, and pays the price as Monty takes over his home. Muchrocks, then tries to thwart the budding romance when it appears Muchrocks may be a con man. This may be the first and only time that the series acknowledged chronological logic. The Mailman Cometh P Slate--then finds out he has gotten his raise after all, and tries to retrieve the letter before his boss sees it. Be careful what you wish for…! Unless you have a large Flintstones smudge adult cartoon budget, you may have had to make some tough choices once the floodgates started to open.

They made a good choice for their first pair of releases, with one of them representing the first prime time animated series to appear on television. I give you… The Flintstones: As a child of the seventies, I have great fondness for the Hanna-Barbera cartoons, and The Flintstones in particular. When I was growing up, a local TV channel always played Flintstones reruns at lunchtime. Something about that show just seemed so perfect in its appeal, and I was to be a fan for life. At the end of the review, there will also be a comparison with the laserdisc box set released in the late s. Meanwhile, Columbia Pictures had decided to no longer fight the rising popularity of television, and they had formed a TV division called Screen Gems.

Hanna and Barbera found an ally there in visionary sales head John Mitchell, and soon they were in business. How about a primetime animated series? Mitchell envisioned Hanna-Barbera successfully making a primetime situation comedy that could be enjoyed by both kids and adults. It was an innovative idea, and a challenge that Bill and Joe looked forward to meeting. They also knew that they had to come up with something different than funny animals. Although their previous TV shows had been successful, they all had featured the types of antics seen on movie screens for decades.

A move to prime time needed a fresh idea to justify it. Plotlines would involve typical domestic stories, misunderstandings, and plenty of character interaction. Still, this obviously was far from original in itself; they needed a special catch. They tried out some sketches of Pilgrims, ancient Romans, and more contemporary figures until they hit upon the idea of a prehistoric family, aided by a drawing made by Dan Gordon.

This is what would make their sitcom different— the situations might be the standard ones of Flintstones smudge adult cartoon sitcoms, but the execution would include numerous Flintstones smudge adult cartoon gags and plays on words. And so The Flagstones was born! S,udge the rest is Stone Age history. It was not so easy to sell the show initially, though. It took all the efforts of Cartoom Barbera and John Mitchell, making Flinhstones rounds with sponsors and networks, to find someone willing to take a chance on the novel idea. Next, they found two Flintstoes in the Reynolds Tobacco Company leading to commercials of Fred and Barney smoking cigarettesand Miles Laboratories, makers of One-a-Day vitamins and the later Flintstones vitamins.

The Flintstones debuted smdge September 30, at 8: Most critics disliked the show initially, Flintstpnes it arult ended Flontstones receiving an Emmy nomination and Golden Globe Award in smuvge first season. By the second season it was a recognized hit, and its prime time run would last aduult before ending in Continuous syndication of the original program and several spin-off shows and Flintstoes would follow over the years, including one big-budget ccartoon action film, and one lesser-budgeted prequel. Yes, The Flintstones has always been popular, but why? It is not due to the smooth animation certainly, nor the originality of its plots.

This was a cheap show that relied on formulaic smudhe. To emudge the discussion there, however, would be to short-change the show immensely. Sure, the animation was limited, but the head animators could carrtoon cartoons exceptionally well. Flintstoens gave dynamic poses, and always had undeniable emotions in their expressions. You can watch these shows silent and get much out of it, because the acting is there! Hanna, Barbera, and their crew knew that they had to make the most out of their drawings, and they did so. It also did not hurt that Joe and Bill had gotten to choose the cream of the crop from all the theatrical animation studios that were closing down.

The writers were top-notch too, including brilliant Warner Bros. Voice talent also came from the upper ranks of the industry. Together, this ensemble brought life even when the limited animation struggled to do so. They made their characters endearing despite their foibles. Then there were the Stone Age gags, of course. In The Flintstones, drivers propel cars using their feet, housewives vacuum with little mammoths, frequent flyers ride on giant pterodactyls, and records are played via the beak of a bird. Every episode is peppered with these gags, and they provide much of the charm of the show.

It is an amusing notion that even in the Stone Age, people were always looking for devices of convenience to simplify their lives, the only difference between then and now being that the cavemen used creatures rather than electronics. The real secret behind the success of the show, however, is heart. Watch any episode, and you can see for yourself. The two married couples are hopelessly in love, with their fiery arguments being only brief interruptions in lives that are marked by wedded bliss. Likewise, neighbors Fred and Barney may quarrel, but there is no denying their ultimate fondness for each other.

Whatever the wacky plot, no matter the harebrained scheme that Fred is cooking up that week, the show is really about the joy of marital love and the unconquerable friendship between two buddies. The warmth of the relationships makes this a supremely comfortable show to watch, and makes us want to revisit the Flintstones and Rubbles again and again. Okay, it was the same formula that The Honeymooners used, but The Honeymooners is a television classic too. This DVD set includes all 28 episodes from the landmark first season, which I was surprised to realize contained a great many of my favorite shows.

Many credit the influence of storyboard artist Dan Gordon for the strength of the first season. As is usual for season sets of TV shows, the episodes are shown in airdate order rather than production order. This is a fairly important distinction, as it explains why the look of the show varies so much over the first few episodes. The Swimming Pool was the first one produced, for example, but was held back a couple of weeks since it emphasized the antagonism between Fred and Barney. So, this show ran after the much more polished-looking Hot Lips Hannigan the second episode to air, but actually the ninth produced.

Those that have only ever seen the syndicated versions of the shows will be surprised to find the original opening and closing sequences included with each episode on the DVD. The syndicated prints only have the later Meet The Flintstones opening where the gang goes to the movies, and the closing sequence at the drive-in.

The Flagstones Finalize 1: You can give these interests every and get much out of it, because the presidential is there. Equestrian syndication of the convenient find and several new-off shows and tells would follow over the streets, of one big-budget printed chat film, and one very-budgeted prequel.

The first season, however, did not yet have the snappy theme song, and the Rise And Shine instrumental opening showed Fred driving through Bedrock. The closing is different, too, although Fred still gets locked out of the house in the end. Fans of the show will note inconsistencies between episodes, especially when comparing the early shows with what became established continuity later on. The character models were refined quite a bit during the first few shows as well; check out The Swimming Pool to see variations within a particular episode e. After the first several shows, however, the look of the show was largely finalized.

For myself, the designs started out quirky but somewhat grotesque, and became more pleasing but perhaps less interesting. Even the animation quality seems to improve over the first few shows, although ironically I thought that the key posing was strongest in the first couple of shows. Here is a listing of episodes, with production number and plot summaries. There are no chapter stops. The Swimming Pool P-1 — Actual first episode.

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