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The exhibitors of the two people were so stiff that our professional chosen had overcome back tautly. That one is very beautiful. His cock viewed his abdomen again and again.

And, if you want to know how to swear Dnokey a Croatian, you need to know how to use that word in as many ways as possible. An easy example is full dick,which translates to full of shit or bullshit. Give it a whirl next time your mate is raving on.

Koji Ti Je Kurac? So, what is wrong with your dick? This one is very specific. Well, you have now, this phrase means that something is very easy, Dnkey nothing. I would love to know how this phrase originated? Here is a clip of a guy having some trouble starting a fire who demonstrates the color of the Croatian language. He is clearly very frustrated and heads into religious cursing territory. If you do not want to hear any serious cursing, please do not watch the clip. The other boy laughed wildly. Denise sat back on her heels, watching the incredible sight at close range. The girl's pussy-lips were stretched to near tearing around the donkey's baseball-bat cock.

As the huge cock fucked in and out, the girl's toes clawed the straw. Hot pussy juice continued to trickle down her legs.

As she gasped from the donkey's fuck-thrusts, she played with her own tits. The two boys had stopped giggling. Their faces were red and they were massaging their big boy-cocks with pumping hands. The girl jerked suddenly as if she'd been shot. Her eyes Dokey back to white slits Donkry she whined, her body shuddering. After several seconds, she fell forward and collapsed in the straw. The donkey brayed, his cock banging up and down against his abdomen, fuck-lube and pussy juice dripping from it. The boys nudged her with their feet, but she only sighed, ignoring them. The donkey was getting more and more riled. He kept braying and snorting, thrusting at the air, shifting his hooves.

His cock slapped his abdomen again and again. You'll love it, just like she did. His prick was so hot, so hard. She feared his cock, and yet it excited her.

I can't do him alone. The reflex under her uttered a few extra people, but didn't try to mate Denise off. Hey was unable was that she thought new pain.

She pressed her back pkssy the heaving abdomen of the restless, lusting donkey. It seemed that the more scared she felt, the more excited she became. The hot juice was dribbling from her pussy and down her legs, and the boy started licking it up. The hot juice ran out of her pussy like water. The boy lifted the donkey's bucking cock into position and the beast fucked it up Denise's cunt.

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She thought fuckinb long cock was going to come out her mouth. She thought her loins had exploded. She whined, writhing and gasping, out of her mind with frantic shock. It was Donkeh if an arm had been rammed up her pussy. She was sure that at least a foot of donkey-cock had been rammed up her cunt. What was surprising was that she felt little pain. The stretch made her mouth gape and her body tense, but the unbearable pain she'd expected to feel wasn't there. Fuck that cunt, you dumb old animal! I can't hold him alone. Denise saw the two huge boy-cocks jutting up at her, saw grubby hands pumping them.

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