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It presents the anatomical foundations of the neurologic exam and provides examples of both normal and abnormal conditions as exhibited by patients. For more information on how to do this, go to Create a Teen Login.

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Some movies, such as the Neuroanatomy Video Lab: For a video, you have the following viewing options For a list of benefits that can be shared with adults and teens in your household, go to Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits. The purpose for the clinician of understanding neuroanatomy and neurophysiology is to be able to use that knowledge to solve clinical problems. Was this information helpful? To access the Pediatric Neurologic Examuse the link at the top of any web page in this site or along the left-hand side Table of Contents.

Videos html Adult

If the videls is approached in a systematic and logical fashion that is organized in terms of anatomical levels and systems, then the clinician is lead to the anatomical hml of the patient's problem. Brain Dissectionsand they are found on their own web page within the Neurologic Exam website. It is designed as a supplement to textbook and class learning or as a lab substitute when human specimens, slides and models are not available. Digital Content You can link two adult Amazon accounts to share eBooks, audiobooks, apps and games on your Amazon devices, and media apps.

Amazon Household can contain up to ten members: To reveal the closed captions:

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