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Dolly Parton

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The album's debut at number 17 on the all-genre Billboard albums chart was the highest in her career.

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The Musicalan adaptation of her feature film. After the sudden death of Michael Jacksonwhom Parton knew personally, she released a video in which she somberly told of her feelings on Jackson and his death. Inshe was said to have been working on a dance-oriented album, Dance with Dolly, but as of Junethe album had not been released. On January 6,Parton announced that her new album would be titled Better Day. On February 11,after the sudden death of Whitney HoustonDolly Parton stated, "Mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken History of dolly parton tits the death of Whitney Houston.

I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song, and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, 'Whitney, I will always love you. You will be missed. It was released in the United States on May 13, and debuted at number six on the Billboard chart, making it her first top album and her highest-charting solo album ever; it also reached the number two on the U. The album was released in Europe on June 9, and reached number two on the UK album chart. On June 29,Parton performed for the first time at the UK Glastonbury Festival performing songs such as "Jolene", "9 to 5" and "Coat of Many Colors" to a crowd of more thanThe tour was one of Parton's biggest tours within the United States in more than 25 years.

The song celebrates 50 years of the CMA Awards. The track had been written by Kesha's mother Pebe Sebert. It was previously a hit for Parton and was included on her album Dolly, Dolly, Dolly. She also co-wrote and provided featuring vocals on the song "Rainbowland" on Younger Nowthe sixth album by her goddaughter Miley Cyrus. Other work[ edit ] InNashville Business ranked her to be the wealthiest country-music star. Songwriting[ edit ] Parton is a prolific songwriter, having begun by writing country-music songs with strong elements of folk musicbased upon her upbringing in humble mountain surroundings, and reflecting her family's Christian background.

Parton went on to say that she writes something every day, be it a song or an idea. The second version was a number one country hit and also managed to reach the pop charts, going to number The Early Years Whitney Houston performed it on The Bodyguard soundtrack and her version became the best-selling hit both written and performed by a female vocalist, with worldwide sales of over 12 million copies. In addition, the song has been translated into Italian and performed by the Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkinsa fact referred to by Parton herself at the Backwoods Barbie tour concert in Birmingham UK. The Musical[ edit ] Main article: The Musicala musical-theater adaptation of Parton's feature film 9 to 5 The musical ran at the Ahmanson TheatreLos Angeles in late Developing the musical was not a quick process.

According to a broadcast of the public-radio program Studio October 29,[62] in OctoberParton was in the midst of composing the songs for a Broadway musical theater adaptation of the film. In late June9 to 5: The Musical was read for industry presentations. BlockBebe Neuwirthand Marc Kudisch. Dollywood is ranked as the 24th-most-popular theme park in the United States, with some 3, visitors per year. Her parents were sharecroppers and the family lived in a one-room farm cabin—money was scarce but creativity was free, and plentiful.

Historyy Her aunt wrote songs, her grandmother pf known in town for her singing, and her uncles played a variety of instruments. She wrote her first song about her homemade corncob doll when she was just a kid, and learned to play guitar shortly afterward. Blue Smoke, released in May, marks her 42nd album. Not only did Parton build a world-renowned career despite tlts incredibly impoverished childhood, but she also did it during a time when women were second-class citizens, relegated to kitchens and secretary desks. After finishing high school the first in her family to do soParton hopped pf a bus and headed to Nashville. How many feminist icons have self-rendered their bodies to resemble a Barbie doll or a Backwoods Barbie, the title of her 40th album?

The subject is open to debate, and debated it is, with lengthy diatribes—mostly defending her feminist-icon worthiness—appearing everywhere from Jezebel. Is she parading herself as an object of the male gaze, or is her appearance a self-conscious, almost ironic, over-the-top gender performance? Inafter a chance run-in with Jane Fonda helped land her the part, Parton starred in this screwball comedy drenched in the ethos of second-wave feminism—as secretary Doralee Rhodes. Alongside Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Parton played a woman fed up with her sexist jerk of a boss. The three decide to get even, and the film plays out like an absurd feminist revenge fantasy involving kidnapping, blackmailing, and the eventual liberation of the three women.

When I sit back in my rocker, I want to have done it all. Whether it is your parents, or your uncles or your aunts or even the neighbor down the road, it's important that kids have someone who encourages them to chase their rainbow. Sometimes, you see folks who have a negative view of dreamers - people who sit around all day on their hindquarters and do absolutely nothing. These folks aren't dreamers - they are just lazy. To me, dreaming is just part of being alive, inspired, and curious about the world. I feel blessed that I still have the little Dolly in my heart, I'm still the same girl that wants to squeeze every little drop out of life that I can.

Created her bouncing, "Nine to Several", whilst on the set of the song of the same name, 9 colly 5by serving her nails. As ofshe is still the adult dating of this photo. At the end of the past decade, Parton and Wagoner prohibited, because she rounded to go on her own and Infant newcomer her to drill.

To me, it's about dreaming in the day and in the night. Dreams have always helped me visualize my goals and aspirations. When I was a child, I could see me on stage singing my heart out. I could see what I was wearing and where I was going. I would visit that dream every single day and as I look back, my dreams kept me focused on what I wanted to do and the person I wanted to be. I have always been a firm believer in working hard for what is right and for making your own breaks if you want things to change. I'm on a seafood diet -- I see food, I eat it. I enjoy the way I look, but it's a joke. I never, ever get involved in politics. With politics you are not allowed to be honest.

I don't have time to deal with that. I would rather work with kids. They got a little bit of a head start on me, certainly Loretta, but we were History of dolly parton tits three good friends and actually ended up doing an album together. But I think I was a little different from them. Loretta had a house full of kids and she wrote those being brought down by men songs. Hers were more about home life and all the women who had children and I totally love and respect her. Tammy could sing any number of things but she was also singing History of dolly parton tits "Stand By Your Man".

I was singing songs like "Just Because I'm a Woman" I think we all did our little thing. I just filled my spot. I saw early on that I could make a business out of this [music business] because I wanted money, I wanted to travel, I wanted clothes, I wanted to be loved, I wanted to be staying in fine hotels. It wasn't to get away from what I was because I knew that would always be me. I've never been ashamed of my people. I love my people and I love my home. When the new country came out ten to 15 years ago, people my age were almost too old.

But it never stopped me. I never stopped writing. I never stopped recording. It was never a marketing tool. People say that, but I dress this way for the same reasons I did when I first started doing it. It still comes from a serious place inside of me. I get up in the morning, and I think I just look better a certain way I do my makeup. I want to shine, I want to glitter. I'm not getting up thinking, "Oh, this'll get 'em. I'm just doing it to look like Dolly - the Dolly that I know and the Dolly that you know. I'm a proud person. I look at it like it is. If you've got the money and you're going to be out there, you owe it to people not to look like a dog if you can help it.

On writing a musical version of 9 to 5 for Broadway: It's not like this is a job that I hope I do good at. It's a joy, and it's just my nature. And I've made it into something I can make money doing. And thank God for that. Because nobody can ever make enough money for as many poor relatives as I've got. Somebody's got a sick kid, or somebody needs an operation, somebody ain't got this, somebody ain't got that. Or to give the kids all a car when they graduate. Let them shine, let them do what they want to. And not just family - it's for a lot of other people to have their dreams, too. Going into a new business, you make a certain amount of money, build your name, build your brand, and it's prestigious, but it gives other people opportunities, too, even if it's not something I particularly want to do myself.

I'm like Barack Obama! I want to be like one of those little fainting goats that get scared and then just fall over. I want to go and go and then drop dead in the middle of something I'm loving to do. And if that doesn't happen, if I wind up sitting in a wheelchair, at least I'll have my high heels on. If I have one more face-lift I'll have a beard. I'm a poor candidate for espionage. I used to dream, when I would go to other people's shows and the artist had songs that people sang along with, "How cool must that be? I've been working this "9 to 5" job for 30 years, so God only knows how many times on the road I've sung it.

Thousands of times, for sure. But I don't get tired of it, really. I think in a way, my music has been almost like my ministry. Hopefully, it's healing in some ways, just having a good sense of humor to be able to lift people up, to have songs that people can relate to. It's not a crusade for me, I just think everybody should stand up and I think it's really sad when people get crucified for standing up for what they believe in. All these fine Christian-type people that seem to think they know what God wants for all of us, that's certainly more of a sin then anything they would claim about us. To judge people is one of the greatest sins.

People say how down-home I seem to be. I think of myself as a working girl, not a star or celebrity. I love my life, I would not bitch about it now. A lot of people do, but they don't deserve it, the fame or the money they make, when they are running away from their fans like that. There are some people who just absolutely hate fans. I just think they're not happy in their own lives. I'm one of those people that if its something to eat I'm going to eat the whole thing, If I'm going to be in love I'm going to love you all the way and if my heart's broken, it's just shattered all to pieces.

I think my life actually changed at Lots and lots of books! I meant to say 75, free books mailed to kids! That sure is a lot of books. Her "girls" have aged just fine, thank you very much. With breasts that enter a room five minutes before the rest of her tiny frame, Dolly has made no secret about the fact that her 40DDs are store-bought or that she's a frequent flyer at the plastic surgeon's.

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