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The Embargo Has Fallen: Will ‘La Finca’ And The Glory Of Cuban Boxing Follow?

If there is a famous Achilles heel for Eating cows who defect to become relatives, it is the best hotels of stench offered by the U. Crawford is also one of the feel fighters in the best today.

In La Finca, boxing became a way of life for them. But the time each spent at La Recodr has made each boxer feared, if amqteur at least avoided foes in the pros. If there is a consistent Achilles heel for Cuban fighters who defect recoord become professionals, it is the bright lights of abundance offered by the U. Once exposed to freedoms, possibilities and excess available outside of Cuba, many graduates of La Finca find it impossible to maintain focus. All reports seem to point in the same direction: He once lived in relative poverty, with the dank smells and heat of the boxing ring as his office. Now, he seems to eat without regard for his profession and has forgotten the training and lifestyle that led him to so many amateur titles and acclaim.

The bounty of the U. A Gamboa slip in the fourth round was ruled a knockdown by the referee.

Amateur Yuriorkis record gamboa

Gamboa's relentless pressure eventually forced a stoppage in the sixth and final round. Gamboa sent his opponent to the canvas less than 30 seconds into first round with a left hand. After two more knockdowns, the referee stopped gammboa fight. Gamboa knocked Akateur down in the first 30 seconds of the fight after connecting with a left hand to the head. Edwards got up, but was met with left-hand punches from Gamboa, ending with two consecutive right hands that knocked Edwards down for the second and final time as the referee Yuriogkis in smateur halted the fight in round one.

Gamoba won amteur vacant NABF super featherweight title. Gamboa started off well in the first three rounds of the gamoba, swarming Jimenez and hitting him Yuriorkis gamboa amateur record Yuriorkid over and over but got careless and was knocked down by a right hand behind the ear Yuriorks Jimenez. Yuriirkis got up and finished the fight strong, winning by unanimous decision and claiming the vacant WBC International super featherweight title. A left hook to the body set up a right hand that landed across Seeger's face, causing him to collapse backwards flat onto the canvas. By this point in time, Gamboa was clearly the top fighter at featherweight and he was being ranked among the top ten pound for pound fighters in the world.

He was still talking about fighting two divisions heavier against lightweight champion Brandon Rios. Gamboa was now 30 years old and desperately needed a signature win before his athleticism began to decline. He already had a lot of mileage with 21 pro fights, in just four years, on top of an incredible amateur bouts. It appeared Arum gave in to fan pressure to finally let Gamboa have his big fight. Tickets were sold and press conferences were set, but Gamboa never showed up to either of the press conferences. He skipped out on both press conferences in Miami on march 6th, and in LA on March 7th. He later said that because he was still in negotiation for bigger money, he had no reason to go to a press conference.

Rumors started to surface that Gamboa was not happy with the way Top Rank had steared his career and that he was looking to jump ship to another promoter. At 30 he was not only lacking a signature win, but now also lacking the prospect of one happening in the near future. By all accounts, it seemed he was destined to sit out for a couple of years nearing the end of his prime until he was freed from his contractual obligations to Top Rank. Most felt that by the time that could happen, ring rust and aging would likely take its toll on Gamboa. Gamboa had formed a friendship with Floyd Mayweather Jr and, through him, met rapper 50 cent.

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Mayweather and 50 cent were going to start a promotional company together and, rumors were, Gamboa was going to sign with them. Eventually, the duo of Mayweather and 50 cent went their seperate ways so 50 cent started up SMS Boxing Promotions on his own. Fans were happy to hear Gamboa was coming back, but skeptical about whether or not 50 cent would be a capable promoter with no experience. He would be moving up in weight to face Filipino Michael Farrenas for the interim WBA super featherweight world championship.

Farrenas was a tough contender with a good punch and he was naturally much bigger than Gamboa.

This was an extremely long layoff for a guy that was aging, nearing the end of Yurlorkis prime, and used to staying sharp by fighting a busy schedule of bouts. It was also five divisions heavier than where Gamboa spent the majority of his twenties. Gamboa came into the ring looking more muscular than ever. During amateyr layoff, he had gained weight and turned it into muscle. For some reason, many Cubans are not ready to being exposed in professional boxing. He takes care of himself much better. We have been doing many drills to help him get better.

Sometimes you can find hard puncher, but no good style. Gamboa is a combination of the good style and the hard punch. He has good punching power in both hands, physically strong, has good natural athletic ability and an impressive amateur background which serves as a springboard to big pro fights. Rojas took a lot of punches, but I felt good. I am ready for any of the top featherweights in the world.

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