Facial palsy in pregnancy

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Bell palsy complicating pregnancy: a review.

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The present case was diagnosed with hypertension when she was three months pregnant and took prescribed antihypertensive drugs for about two months. About twenty days after stopping medication she developed facial weakness which progressed over the following 2 to 3 days. Before visiting our institution she visited two private practitioners.

Both advised admission in view of intrauterine growth restriction and oligohydramnios though her blood pressure records were normal. Finally, she visited a primary health centre from where she was referred to our tertiary care centre. On examination the patient was conscious but kept her eye and ears covered. She was advised physiotherapy and prescribed with multivitamins. The patient was prognosticated about the high risk condition and poor fetal outcome.

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She consented to admission and treatment. Antihypertensive labetalol and anticonvulsant magnesium sulphate were started. Ultrasonography revealed a single live fetus consistent with 26 weeks gestational age, with absent liquor and severe bradycardia. An informed decision was made to terminate the pregnancy. Six units of fresh frozen plasma FFP were transfused. Once the coagulation profile became normal, cervical ripening and labor induction were commenced. After 6 hours, she delivered a gram stillborn. The third stage was complicated with postpartum hemorrhage with a blood loss of about to mL. The hemorrhage was successfully managed and four more units of FFP and 2 units of packed cell volume were transfused.

The postnatal period was uneventful.

She was evaluated for hypertension. On ultrasonography, the left kidney was found to be atrophied. Urinary protein over 24 hours was mg. Fundoscopy showed pale discs. ECG showed a left axis deviation. Thereafter she was advised regular followup in departments of general medicine and neurology. The typical findings are less prominent wrinkles on the affected side, eyebrow droop, flattened nasolabial folds, corner of the mouth turned down and inability to wrinkle forehead, raise eyebrows, purse lips, show teeth, or whistle Figures 12and 3. Eye closure may be incomplete, and on attempting to close the lid there is upward displacement of the eyeball exposing part of the sclera: Testing for antiphospholipid and antinuclear antibodies and inherited thrombophilic disorders was negative.

Discussion We report three cases of idiopathic facial paralysis associated with PE: Idiopathic facial paralysis Bell's palsy has been described in association with pregnancy. The authors concluded that obesity as well as chronic hypertension were independent risk factors for Bell's palsy during pregnancy; however, no significant correlation could be found between facial paralysis and adverse perinatal outcomes. Outcome of Bell's palsy in pregnancy has been extensively reported by Gillman et al. They found that in the case of a complete facial paralysis, the prognosis for a satisfactory recovery was significantly worse for pregnant women than for the general population.

Conclusion Bell's palsy occurring in late pregnancy should prompt a search for high blood pressure and proteinuria, as well as HELLP syndrome. Corticosteroid therapy can be useful as in non-pregnant cases of Bell's palsy. We attempted to corroborate the chart data by contacting each patient by telephone. Perinatal outcomes and delivery information for these women were compared to rates previously described for the province of Ontario or Canada. Permission to contact the women was obtained from their family physicians or obstetricians, and once contacted, each woman provided informed consent before being administered the telephone questionnaire.

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Results From the five hospitals, 41 women were diagnosed with unilateral Bell's palsy between and July palys For the remaining 22 women, either prefnancy telephone number was no longer in service, or written consent to contact them could not be obtained from their family physician or obstetrician. The mean maternal age was Few had a previous history of either chronic one woman, 2. One had experienced Bell's palsy previously, with a full recovery before the index pregnancy Table 1. The mean gestational age at the onset of Bell's palsy in the index pregnancy was

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