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Doctors have a name for this; we call it dyspareunia pronounced dis-pah-ROO-ne-ah. Most women have Sexx through a stage in which intercourse is painful; in up to a third of women, this has lasted a long time. Sometimes sex is hard to talk about. Dyspareunia can be solved, one way or another, for people who are willing to ask about it. Tell your boyfriend why you like him and what feels good when you are together. But also tell him when something hurts. Learning to work together is an important part of sex. Sex Should NOT Hurt What might be causing the pain depends on whether sex has always hurt or if this is a recent development; whether it hurts every time or only sometimes; and perhaps most importantly whether you feel the greatest pain when the penis first enters or once it is in deeply.

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Friction If you hurt as the penis first enters, the most common problem is onw enough lubrication. Friction in this sensitive area can hurt! Your organs normally get wet and slippery as part of sexual arousal. Taking more time for sexual play before intercourse is often all that is needed to turn a painful experience into a pleasant one.

Too fast is usually too dry. Fear Fear, too, can decrease lubrication. Fear of infectionfear of pregnancy, and fear about the relationship are all common. Abuse or incest can leave you dry until the real hurt is healed. Condoms can help limit your exposure to unfriendly bacteria from a new partner—just make sure you go with a non-lubricated one. Look for lubricants that have a pH matched to the vaginal pH, she says. And that's just part of having sex safeperiod. She also recommends resources like KeepHerAwesome.

Probiotics can help restore a healthy microbiome, says Dr.

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You can take je probiotics the same ones that boost your gut health or vaginal probiotics, which can be taken orally or inserted topically, to directly target the vaginal microbiome. Regardless of whether it's a new partner or not, there are some sexual hygiene practices you should always do to keep your vagina balanced: Peeing or washing your vagina with water after sex can help cleanse the vagina and keep bacteria balanced. Just don't douche, which can further upset the vagina's pH levels and bacteria. Plain water typically suffices to clean your vulva, but if you prefer to use a soap, make sure it's gentle and unscented," says Dr.

Bring your own condom. Try using polyurethane condoms as an alternative for safe sex, she says. Wash your hands before and after sex. Hands and fingers need special attention before being sexually active.

Your niw and fingers are overwhelmingly dirty with unwelcomed bacteria," says Dr. Coli Sed passed into the vagina it can cause a vaginal or urinary tract infection," she says. It can also be a yeast infection, which looks a bit nos. Again, super easy to treat. Here's how to decode your vaginal odor and the color of your vaginal discharge. Lastly, you might experience a UTI. If you don't have an infection, you could still notice some signs signaling that something's off down there. If you think it could be an STD or symptoms don't go away after a few weeks, speak to your ob-gyn for more suggestions for treatment. If you do notice some weirdness after sex with someone new, you're not allergic or doomed.

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