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Dsl sucks Att support

If you stream movies or TV shows, or have kids who love YouTube, your family could consume more than this zucks of data. Was it worth it? Again, these results vary. They hide the customer support phone number on their site and then make you jump through hoops to get it. He got me back online, but the connection speed was the most degraded it has ever been.

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This resulted in continual errors on my modem and at times the service would just drop off and then come back up. In the end eucks always end up rolling a truck anyway because there is rarely anything they can fix over the phone. As a result of this switch, you can then upgrade your DSL connection bandwidth to the maximum connection speed offered at present: This prevented us from paying a monthly rental charge, and will give us access to much faster speeds if we decide to upgrade our service plan in the future. So recently, my DSL connection totally dropped for four days. Be prepared to be asked to power cycle your hardware — even though you tell them you already did this before you called.

In fact, they along with Verizon, are the worst offenders in this area.

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