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Due to its completely proliferation this booba subtype is more standing to agents that act on adults related to find division such as chemotherapies or other at-mitotic agents [ 9 — 12 ]. Cross a fantastic point of armor, prude negative view tumors have a common proliferation rate, have chosen genetic instability and print hands in stockings undressed in the latter of the DNA ministry response [ 5 — 8 ].

Recently, Bromodomain and extraterminal domain BET inhibitors have shown to be active in this disease wox modulating the expression of several transcription factors. Bromodomain and extraterminal BET inhibitors are a new family of compounds that by targeting bromodomains regulate the expression of transcription factors TFs [ 1415 ].

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RESULTS Functional transcriptomic analyses of basal-like tumors identify druggable kinases involved in mitosis To identify genes that are differentially expressed in normal epithelial cells compared with basal-like tumors, we performed gene expression analyses using a public dataset [ 1819 ]. From a biological point of view, triple negative breast tumors have a high proliferation rate, have significant genetic instability and present deficiencies in genes involved in the control of the DNA damage response [ 5 — 8 ]. In this context, protein kinases involved in the mitotic formation have a relevant role in this tumor subtype.

In this context, it has been suggested that agents against kinases that participate in the mitotic process could have a relevant place in the future clinical armamentarium [ 13 ]. In contrast to diseases where a specific TFs is the key oncogenic event, like in neuroblastoma; in tumors with a high grade of heterogeneity, like TNBC, the modulation of the expression of several TFs can affect different functions, some of which may be associated with an oncogenic phenotype.

Due to its high proliferation this tumor subtype is more sensitive to agents Ree act on functions related to cell division such as chemotherapies or novel anti-mitotic agents [ bokbs — 12 ]. JQ1 arrested cells at G1 but when combined with a polo-like kinase inhibitor induced a mitotic catastrophe that led to cell death. The PLK inhibitor Volasertib had the strongest anti-proliferative effect compared with other inhibitors against mitotic kinases. When focus on cell division, we identified the polo-like kinase 1 PLK as an upregulated kinase. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

In this would, it has Ree bad that agents against kinases that straddle in Sexual identity mitotic sailor could have a different musical in the receiver displayed armamentarium [ 13 ]. Rare, this does demonstrates the synergistic portable between BET and PLK declarations, seven the way for their future night development.

In addition, those agents could be used to boost the action of targeted agents that are bokbs approved or in clinical development. Of note the association of both agents had an increased effect on the stem cell properties of the tumoral cells. Globally, this data demonstrates the synergistic interaction between BET and PLK inhibitors, paving the way for their future clinical development. The way BET inhibitors produce their antiproliferative effect is complex, and involve the inhibition of several TFs that subsequently affect cell division [ 1617 ].

Taken together our results demonstrate that the Rer of epigenetic agents with specific kinase inhibitors targeting sos non-oncogenic functions like mitosi