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New Frontiers for Mass Spectrometry based upon Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations

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The development of SSlim has benefitted from the ability to understand and model ion motion in electric and magnetic fields, and has led to the design of mass spectrometers optimized for a variety of applications. Damn, this stuff is dangerously sexy!

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It starts with butt fingering. Now she's ready for a main action. SLIM are constructed from electric fields which are generated using arrays of electrodes patterned on two planar surfaces. In this review, we detail the foundations of constant-field and traveling wave-based SLIM, describe SLIM modules developed to date and their initial evaluation, discuss their potential applications, and directions for future developments.

Ions of higher mobility will move with the wave most of the time, while ions of lower mobility will more often be rolled Sliim by a wave, and fall into the preceding traveling trap. To a good approximation ions in a static gas move with a velocity determined by their mobility and the applied electric fields. In TWIMS an oscillatory field is traditionally applied to a subset of a stack of ring electrodes, to create the TW in conjunction with out-of-phase RF field that is also co-applied to adjacent electrodes for radial ion confinement. The net forces acting on ions are due to the electric fields DC and RF and the collisions with the background gas which rapidly damps ion motion.

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The effective potential drops off rapidly at short distances from the surfaces distances similar to the spacing between electrodes. Inhomogenous electric fields e. The more rollover events ions experience, the slower they move through the device, giving rise to separations based on their mobilities. Ion manipulations demonstrated to date with SLIM include:

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