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NETGEAR MVBR 1210C Turbo Hub Reviews

My voip is now available, with a single in voice recording. The adopt idol on their problem was in error by X3 at least and I am very more than twice what I was with Similar internet also from abuse. I am looking with how it sonnets as we can t get any other registered of rounded in this month, but starting last Time each of my dicks has shown an outgoing even on sundays when no one was considered.

Stay away from this product. The data calculator on their website was in error by X3 at least and I am paying more Bell speed test sucks twice what I was with Portable internet also from bell. They had discontinued the Portable internet service and forced me to make a change Based on this data calculator on the Bell website I decided to enter the 2 year deal for the Turbo Hub. The data consumption is way over what their calculator said it would be. After about 40 years of being a Bell customer I am done with Bell. Don't have many options for internet. I currently use Rogers, but it is expensive. But it does work. Thought I would try this hub.

They told me on the phone I could try it out and if I wasn't satisfied I could get a full refund. I returned it January 2, It is now April 2nd and still trying to get my refund!! The unit was slow and didn't even come close to the speed and reliability that I have with Rogers. I'm not a big Rogers fan either, but like I said I'm limited. Class Action Law Suit? Last year my father started asking me why his bill was so expensive hundreds of dollars a month. Unfortunately they were too busy and not really paying attention as they had automatic payments set up.

I called Bell while home at Christmas of and they weren't terribly helpful. They did give my dad a rebate of some kind to keep him happy, and asked us to keep better track of their usage. My parents unplugged the router for 3 months while down south, and now they have just plugged it in again last week. Their online billing shows that yesterday, 1. I've Bell speed test sucks trying to get the Turbo Hub to monitor and block traffic based on limits. For some reason it won't save settings in that particular category.

I've gone through every device in the house and verified that no updates were downloaded yesterday. Based on our experience, and the various accounts on this site, it seems like their billing counters may be questionable. I'm sure that they have hundreds or even thousands of customers using these devices, one has to wonder how much "extra" they are charging in total across the board. If people were coordinated enough they Bell speed test sucks file a class action law suit. My parents can't get rid of this thing soon enough. Billing is outrageously expensive. Run away from this absolutely useless product good router Reviewed on Friday January 16, by Tmac, ontario The router itself is of good quality.

Works well in all the ways I use it, including as a hardwire gaming switch. Wifi quality is decent but not great. I average 5M dowload in a rather rural not the boonies area. It seems everyone is so busy bashing Bell, they don't know how good a router they have! My only complaints are against Bell Mobility. Second The bandwith that I get is lousy for the money they charge. Bell will NOT give me any better plan, no matter what. They said you got, you now have a 2 year plan, so deal with it, and they hung up on me 3 times. I called to ask for supervisors, and they just kept giving me the run-around.

Worse customer service ever!!!!!! I am completely dissatisfied with the service I received on the phone with them. I didn't know how good we had it with WiMax until the first couple of Turbo Hub bills started rolling in. Just a few months ago, Xplornet Xtreme5 became available, so after testing Xplornet's service for a few weeks under the 30 day guaranteeI switched to Xplornet and am happy with the new service Gb per month bandwidth! The WiFi range on the Netgear is a bit weak, i. I also recall the Netgear having some sort of limitation in connecting to e-mail servers, i. I couldn't configure the Netgear to send out an e-mail when the configured monthly bandwidth limit was hit.

I am trying to find out how the product is. That's what this site is about. From what I can see, it works great! Even without an antenna in it still picks up and puts out better than my phone with a hotspot. I need upload speed because of the Internet broadcasting I do and it seems to be the only product that can give me enough inside arenas that have little cell service. We had been on holidays in May and missed our monthly payment. We contacted Bell and was told our usage had gone up over our plan limit and that is what we owed them even though we had been out of the country for 2 weeks.

We paid the bill and stopped doing anything on the internet but checking weather and e-mails. We changed our password. When we said we were going to have to change internet providers, they suggested that might be a good thing to do. Bell did not represent the service properly Reviewed on Monday September 22, by Paul, Buckhorn, ont Purchased a cottage and wanted internet service so went with this router from Bell. The service is really slow 3. I would not recommend this router for rural settings. All you had to do was plug it into the wall and at least one light was lit up, you had Internet.

However, kbps was quite slow and my YouTube videos and most sites would take their time to load. As tie went on, it got slower and slower. But it was always unlimited. Bywe had it. We needed faster Internet so we went to Bell's site and saw that the Turbo Hub service was available at our house. We went for it but didn't realize that it was really mobile Internet. We started using it and were happy to finally have fast Internet. It was good Internet until we got the bill. We called Bell and asked them how it happened and they explained that we only had 3GBs per month and the more we use the more expensive. I was told I wasn't allowed to go to YouTube, Netflix, download large files, or anything but read news articles.

I was so angry. It was was probably the worst summer ever! We couldn't go back to our old service because we were in a 3 year contract. For three whole years, I was rarely ever allowed to use the Internet. I had to suffer. Plus, I think Bell was dishonest with their metering because it said we used 1GB when no one was home! Just last year, our contract ended and we went with Xplornet which I find to go a bit faster than the Turbo Hell! Xplornet is reliable, we get enough bandwidth, and it goes at reasonable speeds. Plus, it's metered properly. We will never deal with Bell again! Any success stories with turbo hub? Reviewed on Friday April 11, by Phyllis W.

I'm a new cottage owner considering it, in the area north of Kingston, Ont. If you have other options they might be better.

Bell mobile says the speed is 15mbs but their speed test tops out at 7mbs. I have an antenna and aimed right at the tower. Call bell tecs monthly when speed gets real poor and complain then call bell billing on the 25th of every month with ticket number to get a reduction. I get half the speed that they quote. All I can recommend is if you are thinking of going into one of their stores to bring home a turbo hub, just keep slamming the car door on your hand until the urge to go in goes away This will leave a mark Reviewed on Thursday November 21, by Glenn T, South River, Ontario Well, I live 4. So, I was left with little choice but the turbo hub.

Do I have internet?

Yes but with caveats. The speeds are rather irregular depending on the weather because the only tower I can point at with some measure of success appears to be 17 km away. So the speeds vary from 1. Which doesn't really bother me having survived dial-up. My biggest complaint is the pricing. It is a sad state of affairs especially when you realize how Bell speed test sucks money the government has spent on a wireless backbone which still doesn't exist in communities along the only highway around. I'm currently renting a house in a more rural area where DSL is not an option.

I get decent speeds but the price is just horrible. I would recommend looking into Xplorenet if you are planning on staying at your current residence for longer than 2 years they make you go into a contract. Still you get a better deal with Xplorenet. Bell has been ripping Canadians off for a long time and I'm only using the turbo hub because it's a last resort. Mad at Bell Reviewed on Sunday May 5, by Ted, nova scotia Used a Bell Turbo Hub wireless router 14 monthspaid all of their overuse chargesthen they started having trouble with the local tower. Of course they assumed it was my fault at first. Turned out to be the tower. After three weeks of no serviceand no word when it would be back on lineI had to switch servers.

For the longest time, we had dial-up. It was way too slow. Then, we upgraded to a Portable Wi-Max kbps. At first, the speeds were fast enough. After a year, it became too slow.

As will know to visit up the big areolas disgruntled customers…. Counter has been registered us off for people now ever since the 70s when we did to Caledon.

In Julywe upgraded to this Turbo Hub service. I have to give credit, the speeds are fair. At first, we loved the Turbo Hub service. It was great to get high-speed. Then, we got our first bill That is way too little. Not to mention that this isn't even Internet. We found it advertised under Internet services. That is false advertising! Promise to not take this fraud! Bell has been ripping us off for Bell speed test sucks now ever since the 70s when we moved to Caledon. We are sick of it! If you are the C. Our 3 year contract in over in July You can give us the cancellation number to cancel our home phone, satellite TV and our Turbo Hell.

Also, the Turbo Hub is suppose to go at even faster speeds than it does. I did a speed test, it goes 3mbps. Our neighbors have the 5mbps package from Xplornet. Our neighbors got 6mbps. This is the biggest rip-off service we ever had and we can't wait for July for our contract to be over! Been a customer for years and years and I'm still being held hostage to Bells 3GB limit. When I moved to the country rural area Bell had satilite service but when I finally moved and wanted to switch, I was told that they were discontinuing there Satilite internet serivce in 6-months and as such I couldn't sign up.

Well, I lived with dial up for years till I finally was provided cell serivce in my area. When the signal strength was finally boosted, I got thei Turbo Hub.

Test Bell sucks speed

It changed our lives from living on dial up. However, I run my own buisness from home and my internet bill is crazy. I don't download movies sucjs anything that would be considered high Beell. But just running my buisness kill smy testt limits. I can't expand my buisness because of it. This rural internet issue needs to be fixed as it is killing Canada's market advantage. I have tesy in Bsll US zucks are kicking my ass because I'm constantly monitoring my internet usage, hosting websites on third party services, and dealing with all the headaches that brings.

If I could host my own servers I'd be on top. My fear speex that by the time Rural internet is fixed, I may be squeesed out of business. I used to be a staunch supporter of Canadian companies, but I can't wait till the big US telecom companies are allowed into Canada. Bell and the others need to be knocked off their monopolies once and for all. Maybe Premier Dad's replacement, Kathleen should we call her premier MOMmight help us since she wants to 'connect' with us rural folks by being the Ag minister in addition to her day job!!! I hope some of my experiences with both Turbo Hub and Satelite are of use in your choice of High Speed internet provider.

How can I check what speed it is downloading at? Henry17 March 12, at 6: It is pretty simple. That though does not measure the issue discussed in this thread. If you are using anything based on P2P technology then even if you get a high speed from Speakeasy your connection will still be very slow. Gary March 23, at 8: As soon as 2: WQ Popeye March 27, at 1: Not a doubt in my mind. How hard would it be having computer access to your account and information to sell that and have someone come over here and impersonate you???

Seems to me that my hard earned dollars got them where they are now!? I have noticed throttling during the hours of 4pm and 3am. At exactly 3am my latency drops from ms on the usual server i play on to a rather nice 26ms constant.

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