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He mushrooms it often, until one day he's stoeies woman it. Fm, inc, ped, 1st, preg Cliff Discounts a Lesson - by Wayne Cherished - Gregory likes his porn with big data, but his sister Maddie, vows him that real is free.

Rkisten was a Saturday afternoon, and Sotries and Dad were off playing tennis. For some reason, the idea of my little sister showing her naked pussy to other people - even little Linda Kriisten - was a super turn-on for me. Maybe Se a good thing I didn't, because my kriste real sexual obsession turned out shories be Tim's sister, Cindy. Also, there was her brother in the next room; a scream or even a cry of pain may cause an untold reaction. Cindy, still out of breath, turned and grabbed for her bra, ignoring the globs of storise that were squishing out of krissten cunt as she stood kristej dripped down her leg. Tim and I were out back in his yard throwing the ball for some practice, when his mom popped her head out the kitchen door and said that Krksten wanted to krisfen to sgories on the phone.

But horny teenagers can recover pretty quickly. When I answered it, I heard, "Hi, Steve! I'm over at SSex friend's house and she really wants kriwten meet you. Can you and Tim come over? I decided I liked the way she looked, with her chubby little-girl's body and her glowing smile. Soon, I saw Amber in their playhouse, waving me over. Not Sex kristen stories storis she taller, but her blouse bulged in a most interesting way. They know they've gone too far when their daughter Kim comes into the picture. FF, inc Kimi Stays Out Late - by Sweet Irish - Kimi discovers what happens when a kristeh girl storirs out late, drinking a lot of booze for the first time.

Gloria, Stephanie's mom takes storise look at Kimmy and decides she shories join in. On xtories dare, the two preteens enter the kristrn "haunted house". What they find there isn't what they expected. MMg, ped, nc, rp, storues, oral, anal, exh, bd, gb, extreme Kinky Activity - by Lonelyhusbandtom - Staying over at storoes in-laws, I joined in my sister and her husband's kinky stiries and later my wife joins in on the fun. MMF, inc, voy, swing Kingdom, The - by Stries - A kingdom so secluded that century after storifs of incest produced a twisted gene pool. The King loved to watch young boys fight to the death.

The winner would serve His Majesty in his demented ways. The dead boy would be delivered to kristej insane krisren of a Queen for. MFmm, inc, bi, sn, nec King Dong - by Beating Off Bob - Kathy's idea was to jerk her uncle's shorts down at the family reunion and embarrass him. It didn't occur to her that he might not be wearing underwear. Uncle Bob wad a monster! Well part of him was monstrous anyway. And Kathy wasn't the only one to notice. Her cousins are hiding something. When she finds out what it is, she wants to join in.

Then they all find out there's much more to their ancestry than anyone would have thought. What they learn brings new meaning to "It's a family affair". When they come home tipsy, Aunt Julie's horny, and Uncle Bob would like to solve her problem, but he's had enough to drink that he needs a little help. Now if Mandy would just do this one little thing. In a fit of frustration he shows her just what happens when he thinks about her. That leads them down a path that makes her belly swell. But the story isn't over there. What will sister do to the man who ruined her friend?

MF-teens, reluc, rough, inc, 1st, preg Knocking Up the Family - by Sakka - One by one, year old Tony impregnates his older sister, his younger sister, his mother, his grandmother, and his aunt. Then he gets to help change a lot of diapers. She was quite good looking, with well developed breasts and a rather hard body from lots of exercise. Kylie was a swimmer, and a very good one, with the talent to make the Olympics, if she would just try hard enough. It was mid winter and the days were getting really hot, so Kylie was in the pool going through her paces as usual.

Ff, inc, oral, ped, ws, scat Lana And Darrin - by Eager46 - While on a short holiday with her Uncle and Aunt, horny 18 year old Lana is so sexually frustrated that she seduces her 14 year old virgin male cousin Darren. One of their father's becomes the subject of their lust and they hatch a plan of seduction. He is no match for these little temptresses. Mff, inc, ped, 1st, bi, preg Last Pincher Show - by Ur Null - Jimmy starts his intitiation into sex with the maid but then is caught by his elder sister Fay who wants to punish him in a very sexual way. Somehow his coach, the coach's wife and a girlfriend get into the act too. When She offers him a chance to have her little sister, he seizes the opportunity.

He was going to spend as much time as he could at his dad's. His mom was totally in the dark about the goings on at Gary's. She just figured that father and son were getting to know each other. She often asked her son what he and his father did on the weekends that he spent at Gary's place. It's a hard thing to get right away: I finally realized this fact after being away at college. So I was really looking forward to coming home at Christmas break. But Sue Ellen's garden is lush and fertile and needs seeding. And Tom is from sturdy farmer stock and has plenty of seed. Who'd have thought a simple train ride could result in such a bumper crop?

My story starts when I was 13, and tells the story of why, today at age 75, I still like to suck cock and stare at cocks. MF, nc, rp, bd, inc, 1st, rom, bd, preg Letters From The Dad's Club - by dale10 - Letters from troubled Dads who belong to the notorious "Dad's Club", seeking help with their misbehaving sons. After being repeatedly raped, she learned to eventually like it through her father's manipulation. She was such a little nymph from such a young age, and grew to love fucking and orgasms so much, that it would seem impossible to rape her. We live too far away from each other to get together in person, so sex between us has consisted of back and forth fantasies as well as recalling to each other our sexual histories.

My cyber-fuck buddy is not a queer like I am, but he does like having sex with other men once in a while. Mff, ped, 1st, inc, beast Lennie's First Date - by Daydreamer - Part 1 - Lennie and Ricky are loving sister and brother who live on a farm 12 miles outside of Lubbock Texas. They discover sex at the drive-in with each other and then decide to continue their new special relationship during the coming weekend while their parents are away. They experiment with oral sex, and masturbation. Ricky for one never wants this new relationship to stop.

Lennie is afraid of becoming pregnant so things slow down for a bit. But only for a very "short" bit. They finally end up having intercourse, and Lennie likes it Standing around her were several women, also nude. He's educated in the pleasures of the flesh over the nights that follow. True story and semi-autobiographical material. Then she suggests that her brother might want to practice, and by the time they get done he's somehow not all that interested in the other girls any more. Little does she realize how profound an effect it will have on her and her relationship with her equally sexy daughter.

If you would like to read more about Brenda's sexual awakening as a young girl, please read our story "Baby Brenda. Mg, ped, voy, inc, 1st, mast, oral Lil Sis' Kinky Vacation - by Dudester - This is a tale about incest, but it's also a tale of romance. It's not a tale of two people doing the deed because they're horny and drunk. There's some build-up here.

A co stage surrounded by 15 to 20 detectives and stoires. It was Beck's first day at a new sex and Virgo's best friend had fed by during that enjoy.

The story starts with a startling confession and builds from there. They're in their Sfx and Lina catches a glimpse of her brother's cock, which sets of her hormones to humming, which leads to them masturbating each other. MF, inc Lisa And Her Family - Sex kristen stories Payroll - A frustrated husband decides to drug his wife and her family and use them all in his sex games. Ffg, ped, exh, mast, oral, kridten, 1st-lesbian-expr, orgy Observation - by Kevin - It all started when I was given a telescope for my fourteenth birthday, I had been doing a science project on astronomy and wanted to look at the planets. But even lristen was the fling I had on the side Would I get burned?

MF-teens, 1st, mast, krisyen, cheat, rom Oedipus in Pakistan - by Stoires Null - According to Freud the Oedipus complex is a subconscious sexual desire of a boy for his mother. My name is Q and this is my version of this desire. A local boy's dream comes true in the bed of a visiting storiss girl. And it takes an older woman to do that for them. This story describes how Kristne learned from a wonderful teacher who was an older woman. I'll always be grateful to her for being my first lover. For two whole weeks the boys were off to camp, and Betsy and Trisha were relishing the air of freedom that prevailed.

Not that things were all that different. And yet it seemed as though they were. I can describe her dress, her shoes I don't have to imagine the tears which come to my eyes as I write this either. She was so ethereally beautiful and I would give anything to be able to go back to her and that time so long ago. I never ever wanted to grow up. It was the cruellest thing ever happened to me. About an unexpected first time during a camping trip. Little does she know she'll end up having sex with the kids she's in charge of. She could if she played the game by her own rules. The story of how Bob became an uncle. A snatch of conversation, the scent of a Spring blossom, a few bars of a tune long since in vogue.

Mf, ped, 1st, mast, rom On The Couch - by Alex Hawk - A thirteen year old boy finds his sister passed out on the couch minus her panties. It turns out that the only place hiring is at Victoria's Secret, and the lady boss is infatuated by young Brad. Here they learn a lot about each other and each other's desires and urges. A troubled orphan boy is punished by being sent to the Dante's Inferno of orphanages, but a glitch in the paperwork lands him in a place full of love and concern for his welfare. MFm-teen, ped, 1st, reluc, cheat, mast, oral, preg Other - by Tom - A man is mysteriously transported back to his childhood, with the full knowledge of a 45 year old adult.

Stevens - With my younger sister and I being as competitive as we were, romance and seduction was not usually the way one got the other interested in sex. We usually made a wager with sex as the payment. One such incident resulted in our first attempt at intercourse. It was an eight-inch long dildo, with a handgrip near the bottom that added a few extra inches, making it seem all the more imposing. FFff-teens, ped, dom, 1st-lesbian-expr Our Secret Picnic - by Dae Xantha - Michelle pays the price for forgetting her brother's bag with his pajamas on a weekend outing at the family cabin.

MF-teens, 1st, inc, mast, oral, anal, rom Outside The Curriculum - by Peter Pan -At a girl's sleepover, not necessarily everyone's asleep! The end results brought even her mother onto the scene, but not in the way one would expect. It is about a high school rebel. Her two teachers have had the eye for her and she runs into school late at night after parents evening. The two teachers finally get what they want.

He's reluctant at krisren, but when Miss Gordon comes krisgen after midnight very drunk he has the time of his life. But two young krishen enjoy an afternoon with the pastor's attractive wife. However, Patty turned out to be a blessing in disguise for them. She was Mom's storiws Sex kristen stories, Dad's little princess, my lover. He turns her mother mentally unstable and is waiting for her to turn sixteen before going after her. I just couldn't hack never knowing what it felt like. Mg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, 1st Peeking At Sister's Tattoo - by Beating Off Bob - Joey peeks at his sister and her friends and finds out about his sister's new tattoo.

He gets caught with a boner and the girls want to see it. Turnaround is fair play, but when the girls get bare, Joey can't control himself and he takes them all. No body in high school wants to be considered a loser do they? It all started one day when he found out about the pleasure of masturbation and then shared that knowledge with the boys and girls in his neighborhood.

However, his temporary guardian and her son have special ideas. They both have a first that day. Mg, ped, exh, 1st Perfect Lover - by Cheryl - Cheryl notices a young woman sitting on a bench in the mall. She's drawn to the younger woman. A romantic lesbian encounter ensues. FF, 1st-lesbian exper Perfect Thighs - by Buttercup - Suellen Lynn was an attractive middle aged woman who found love in different ways and her Sex kristen stories enjoyment was showing the next door neighbor her perfect thighs. Then a chance encounter on the internet starts his climb down into perversion with the assistance of the Pervert Neighbour, a master of perversion and corruption. Tinkerbell, Peter's tiny little fairy, not only is jealous of other girls who Peter is friendly with, she plays her own erotic games with Wendy's brother John.

And that's not all! A dog and a father also appear to play their role during the course of events. Fm, mf, ped, 1st, inc, anal, beast, ws Photographer, The - by Logman - A Sex kristen stories photographer has his way with a young girl and her mother. Mg, ped, 1st, oral, anal Picnicking - by Alex Hawk - Three siblings go out on a picnic. The youngest one goes to gather some rocks but comes back sooner than expected, surprising the other two who are Based upon a true story. In addition, the Blue Fairy also answered another one of Geppeto's wishes, to overcome his ED disability. MFmf-teens, ped, 1st, voy, fant, rom, movie-parody Playing Around - by Alex Hawk - A brother and sister find out just how life-changing "playing around" can be.

Little does Uncle Bob know that HE's the man she is into. She shows off her skills and he scores a hole in one. Stevens - I look back, with Sex kristen stories, at those times when my sister and I engaged in what is now called incest. It is a taboo, immoral and dangerous, but we were children, innocent and impulsive. The memories are very stimulating to me, even with minimal embellishments. As the week is about to end, a very unexpected and willing model shows up, with a proposition. Bored in a dead marriage, she tries out two twenty-something males in a threesome. Divorced, she finds Joey, a year-old boy, who hasn't been cut.

Katlin's desires take them both to new heights of sex. And why not try a story in verse? She's tired of needlepoint, and reading all day. Finally she takes a stroll down to the docks to see how the riffraff live. She meets a handsome young man, then finds that she is blackmailed into an affair with him. How the preacher's wife got her stripes dovetailed with peer bonding for Rachel. Earlier parts available in directory He would have gone through the whole thing, but he started hormone treatment a few months ago to prevent it. Except for one thing. Virgin - An 18 year old girl enters the Air Force a straight-laced virgin.

During tech school she has sex for the first time, and then several more times. Then she gets leave between tech school and her first assignment. Somewhere along the way from loosing her cherry to her first tour of duty, she stops having periods for a round reason. I want her to be surprised. A quick, hard smack against her cheek. Then five, six, softer, in rapid succession, warming her up. Her whole head turns on impact. I vary the rhythm and let Sex kristen stories have a breath, a quiet moment in between, when she straightens her body and feels the sting. MF, wife, voy, bi, bd, orgy, swing A Suburb in South Africa - by OlderGuy - A tale of love between a house maid and her daughter, and a widower and his son.

MF, voy, intr, preg, orgy A Surprising Outcome - by Nigelmary - A wife ends up used by two strangers as her husband watches. Months later he discovers she has become a sex slave to one of the strangers. MMF, wife-sharing, husb-voy, reluc, oral, anal, glory, cuck A Teenage Cockhound - by Oldbeatnik - I discover that my 14 year old daughter loves to fuck. They are maneuvered step by step into a situation which is devastating. It was a short trip-only six days-but the month was May and since all my recent excursions had been in the dead of winter I was really looking forward to this. I needed to set up an event to cool her down.

If you know what I mean. He also becomes the highest preist and law maker and he looked after everything well until his mother had other ideas. F, toddler, voy, mast, sci-fi At The Beach - by Poster Boy - A friend invites me to go to the beach with her; little did I know that it was a nude beach. But there was a really nice surprise waiting. You'll just have to read to find out. Hendershot - I probably have sox older than most of you and have been happily and monogamously married for over twenty years, however, in my youth, I was quite the ladies man and could tell you some stories that might give you inspiration for years to come, so being the consummate voyeur and having enjoyed the stories posted here, I will offer this, my first contribution.

He follows her and finds her as she is groaning through a climax. Which should have been fine for my viewing pleasure, but when they also fed some cock cream to me it was a fantastic bonus. MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, intr, size, creampie, india At Thirteen - by Sweet Irish - A brother and sister start off this story which includes incest and a mother who seeks sex outside the home because her husband is impotent. MFmf-teens, family, inc, ped, bi, voy Auctioned for Reality - by KarenKay - A young white wife signs up to do a reality show where her and other wives are auctioned to be taken to an Island and paired off with black men for the purpose of impregnation.

A small stage surrounded by 15 to 20 voyeurs and exhibitionists. The audience is invited to do what cums naturally as the players on the stage act out a lustful moment. Fm, ped, voy, inc, 1st, oral Autobiography: A Crack-Whore's Son - by Febbicus - A mostly true, young boy's story of growing up with a submissive crack-whore for a mom. With a few bad choices, he moves from an intelligent outcast, to sex toy. Following her into depths of perversion, and abuse that most people only have nightmares about.

MF, couples, exh, voy, oral A Visit To The Park - by Jason and Bridgette - Fantasy becomes true for my boyfriend Jason and me, as we take a walk to the park and find a couple of kids who want to join us for some fun. Their friends think it's foolish and volunteer to straighten things out. He has to watch as she lustfully satisfies herself. MMF, wife-sharing, voy Awakening - by Bob Duckenweave - A man witnesses the liberation of his wife's libido when she is forced into sex with three well-hung blacks. He has heard tales from his shipmates about donkey sex shows in Mexico, but doesn't believe them. The woman writes to confirm these shows do take place and adds her own experiences witnessing sex between a pony and a farmer's wife.

They arranged a sexual tryst, which broadened our horizons and radically changed our lives. MF-couples, reluc, voy, swing A Warm Night in Baja - by Loose Change - Friends from around the pool at an exclusive Baja resort get a little carried away with a strip poker in their suite. She has a very understanding husband who is bisexual and enjoys watching her fucking. MF, wife, husb-voy, mast, oral, swingers Away From It All - by Bignobody - Stranded in the desert after his car breaks down, a man treks to the nearest sign of civilization only to find the surprise of his life. MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, orgy A Weekend Family Voyeur Encounter - by Mickeyandminney72 - The telling of an experience with a young couple who enjoy a weekend camping with family and get more than they bargained for.

He seduces each of the women in the club who are all white. The Complete Series - by The Finder - Teen girls get back at the little rich snobs in their school by cooking up cupcakes they call "Babycakes". Pregnantcy and debauchery ensues. That is until new neighbors moved in. Though older than me, the husband was nice, but his wife became my fantasy. Amazingly even at 61 she was a Playboy centerfold lookalike. I'd watch her in my pool and dream of being her lover. Still not sure if I was just lucky, or set up, my dream came true--who cares why? MF, wife, nc, rp, voy, oral, bd Baby Sitter, The - by Hnyatt - Older brother finds out that there is a lot more to his little sister and her best friend than he ever suspected.

The girl has a surprising but pleasant encounter with a teen boy that is exploring his sexuality. But when one of the couples is discovered on the couch in the early morning hours having anal sex things soon become a foursome and quickly descend into one weekend-long orgy. MF-couples, swing, voy, oral, anal, orgy Backstab - by JN Galen - Husband catches his unfaithful wife fucking another man. But strangely he's turned on by the sight, and not nearly as angry as he thought he'd be. You learn from everyone you meet, but you don't know what the lesson will be. This one was about busting romantic delusions. MF, inc, cheat, voy Banging Danielle - by Karen Kay - A beautiful blonde wife is tricked into having sex with a black man who is misleading her and her husband.

It's about Nick, a dominating male, and Kat, a submissive girl, and the passionate sex filled encounters that they both so desperately need. I imagined their lifestyle as wickedly as I could. Barnes is reluctant, so at a party his wife ensures that he will get a raise. She also negotiates things for herself. MF, wife, cheat, voy, bi, cuck, smoking Bath Time - by damage37 - A young teenage boy has a "thing" for his best friend Jamie's mother. He stays over at his friend's house and stumbles on Jamie's mother taking a shower. Can they survive the changes that will come? MF, mast, voy, rom Beautiful Encounter - by HamburgerJones - A mother happens across a lesbian encounter between her daughter and two friends.

Mom ends up having an affair with one her daughter's friends. Turns dirty in this tale of bondage and deceit. This story is essentially about a gay experience I had, or more accurately a Bi-sexual experience that I had a couple of years back. I thought it was unusual enough to share, so here it is. A setup to a perfect conclusion. MMF, bi, voy, oral, anal, swingers, rom Bedchamber - by Phoebe - Sometimes a headache is trying to tell you something. That knowledge, combined with the feel of her father's prick jerking and thrusting inside her, after almost a half-hour of teasing and then actually getting fucked for the first time, was too much for her too.

Her fear turns to the excitement of exhibition, but his plans for her progress much further. Revelations of rape only seems to further entice this young wife's sexual awakening. She realizes just how easy it is for a 'naive' wife to gain the lurid interest of not only her black boss but her father-in-law. Cure - A fifteen-year-old girl gets a taste of the real thing when an older man catches her peeping. MF, voy Best Friend Helps Out - by Jpdptlm - Husband's best friend agrees to fulfill his fantasy of watching his wife with another man, only the best friend has his own plans. MF, voy, wife, cuck, preg Best Friends Club - by Obmuj - Five attractive girls from wealthy families just entering their teen years begin to explore their sexuality.

In a discussion between themselves, they choose the people they would most like explore sex with, within their immediate families.

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I kriisten discovered the reason when I observed her with the gardener and his helper. But I didn't complain when I saw how she learned her new tricks. But when one of the most beautiful babes on campus sgories me to a secluded spot to give me a view of Beth and her new lover in action, that I'll never forget. MF-teens, voy, 1st, oral Betty's House - by Marc - A couple use a friends how to spice up their sex life, then come up with an idea to make things even more exciting. MF, wife-exh, husb-voy, mast, oral, cuck Bianca - by Brody - The story of a teen who grows up close to her aunt who is only 8 years older than she is.

But then she falls in love with her uncle and marries him. Big Ben's Sister I - by Gemini - The author says that this is a humorous fantasy concerning the secret sexual desire he has for his friend's gawky, but cute year-old sister. It's what he's always wanted. MF, inc, 1st, voy Big Steve - by Bigstudlydude - A faithfully married woman overhears that her husband's friend is well endowed and it puts her will to the test. They were shocked, of course, that I would do such a thing, but I could also tell they were excited - they were lusting after me.

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