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Being Scottish, I boare confirm that this phrase is common parlance in Scotland, used but less common in England. The word "fuck" is commonly used as mere punctuation and in this phrase the "fuck" before "all" is a slight emphasiser, nothing more. It is not aggressive and I would no longer categorise as swearing except in the politest company.

Board Fuck

Its meaning is described below accurately - "that's fuck all Fuc to me" means "that's no good to me" and "Bastard, it's my birthday and I got fuck all" means "[i'm unhappy] it's my birthday and I didn't get anything". That's the point here. For example you could say "that's fuck all use to me". Unsigned I agree with the unsigned comment above.

You jeep say difference. Was put in more by an "incredible", and subsequently wikified.

It is fairly frequent in UK and, although I do not swear often, I have used it myself when frustrated and angry close synonym jack Fuck board which I only recall hearing as an interjection from US people. The reason why we're so sure -- this recent news story about a ridiculous on-the-spot fine: Unfortunately, none of those sources seem to be available online. You can help by converting this section to prose, if appropriate. Editing help is available. December The rules are as follows: Each player takes 7 chips of one color Cards of one suit from a deck work equally well.

No two players may start with the same color chips. Someone is randomly selected as the first player to move. This player places a chip onto the playing area, and selects any other player to be the next person to move.

Move by playing a chip of any color onto the playing area starting a new pileor on top of any existing chip s in the playing area. If no chips are captured see belowthe player selects the next person to move, so long as that person's starting chip color is not in the stack just played on this may be the same person, if that person used a captured chip. However, if all four colors are in the stack just played on, the next person must be the player whose most-recently played chip by color is furthest down in the stack Chips are captured by playing two chips of the same color consecutively on one pile. The player designated by that color must kill one chip of their choice out of that pile, and take the rest.

Then they get the next move. Killed chips are taken out of the game.

boatd A chip is a prisoner when held by a player other than the original owner. Any prisoner in a player's possession may be killed or transferred to another player at any time. Such transfers are unconditional and cannot be retracted. A player may not transfer or kill chips of their own color.

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