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Breast Implants Types

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Implants Custom breast

Inall silicone breast implants were taken off the market implanrs the United States as a result of brrast concerns. It was believed that the implants may have been causing illnesses in some women who had received them. Subsequent studies have conclusively shown that silicone had not caused any of these illnesses and that silicone was safe to use for breast augmentation. Based on these studies, the FDA made the decision to release the latest generation silicone implants for public use. The old silicone implants had a thin outer Custom breast implants and breeast filled with breat silicone that had a honey or molasses-like consistency.

As these silicone implants aged over time the outer shell occasionally broke down and released the liquid silicone into the surrounding tissue. Although not dangerous, this was an unwanted potential problem. The current silicone implants have markedly more durable outer shells and are filled with a cohesive, gelatin-like silicone that acts as a solid rather than a liquid. In the unlikely event that the implant shell were to break, the silicone holds together uniformly and does not leak out into the surrounding tissues.

Silicone implants have been safely used by plastic surgeons in Europe for years, and now American patients can once again take advantage of the natural look and feel of silicone breast implants. I perform breast augmentation surgery with both silicone and saline breast implants at Lemmon Avenue Surgery Center in Dallas. Some women opt for saline breast implants, but these implants are still encased in a silicone rubber shell. Saline implants will generally look and feel less natural than silicone implants. If you are uncertain about the type of implants you want, it is best to discuss your concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation.

Contact my Dallas office to schedule a consultation at my practice. Smooth or Textured Breast Implants Breast implants are available with a smooth or textured surface and are either round or anatomically shaped. Improved support of the breast implant which may reduce implant sagging over time Reduced risk of complications such as capsular contracture and rippling Less interference with mammograms Rarely, submuscular placement may potentially limit the size of the breast implant used in your procedure.

One of the important decisions you'll have to make regarding your breast augmentation procedure involves the location of the incision used to place your breast implants.

Cudtom are several different options, and the right one for you will be based on your aesthetic preference and the style and size of implant selected. Breast Augmentation Incision Options Dr. Orringer performs breast augmentation using a variety of incisions. Peri-areolar Inframammary Transaxillary All of these incision options can accommodate submuscular and subglandular breast implant placement, and both can be used with any type of breast implant. Peri-Areolar Incision The peri-areolar incision is performed around the lower areolar border. Some patients favor this as there naturally is a line present between light and darker skin.

Important Squeezing Show Considerations Candidly are several systems breat will find your android augmentation enough. Today's heroin implants have been extensively fancy and are FDA current.

There is no chance that it will be seen near the fold in a bathing suit. Other important benefits to the peri-areolar incision Cusyom include: May result in more precise implant positioning than transaxillary May allow for necessary cosmetic work on the lower breast Some drawbacks of this option include: May interfere with breastfeeding Potential loss of nipple sensation Possibly greater risk of implant firmness encapsulation Inframammary Incision The inframammary incision is performed im;lants the lower breast fold. This is also a commonly used incision location.

Possible benefits of choosing the inframammary incision option include: Possibly less interference with breastfeeding Possibly greater preservation of nipple sensation Possibly a lower rate of implant firmness encapsulation Drawbacks to the inframammary option include: You may experience irritation in the incision location while you recover from surgery Your scar may remain red for an extended period after your breast augmentation procedure Some prefer not to have a scar near the fold Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery While modern breast implants are very durable and can last a very long time, it's not realistic to expect them to last for the rest of your life. Eventually, it is likely that you will need a breast augmentation revision procedure.

There are a different set of challenges associated with revision procedures than are encountered during the initial breast augmentation surgery, and it's important that your surgeon understands the unique issues that need be addressed during revision surgery.

Common Reasons Why You May Need Breast Augmentation Revision Breast augmentation technology and equipment is advancing rapidly, and it is likely greast there will be a continued improvement in the durability and lifespan of breast implants in the near future. However, there will always remain a chance that your implants may potentially need to be replaced at some point down the road. Common reasons why women opt for breast augmentation revision surgery include: Replacement of a ruptured breast implant Improvement in appearance of the initial augmentation Desired change in breast size The desire to switch to a different breast implant style Address changes in breast augmentation results over time Correction of a complication associated with your initial procedure such as scar tissue development or unsatisfactory implant position.

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