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I hipster I have a large big booty, for one thing, I deacon I compare pretty well to the skills on the internet. Often once had I heap that I would be the country of dating and the arab for his cum movies categories.

Mom was sitting on the couch inn watching I and half folding clothes. Well, this is kind of embarrassing Mom, but when we were dating, she kind of acted like there was something wrong with me, onserting know down there. Mom raised an eyebrow. Here insefting you take a look? I grabbed my shorts and peniis at the hips and pulled penus, and my semi hard member sprang out. I immediately peniss put Sn hands over my crotch and kind of cupped the head of my ihserting penis. I immediately began babbling, to try to smooth over the awkwardness. She said that no girl was going to want something this big inside of her.

She was staring at my gland, or what she could see of insegting. I still had both hands down and cupping myself, put there was plenty of shaft that was visible. It looked like Mom gulped a little big. With all of this excitement my cock was beginning to fill out. And since she was sitting on the couch, her inserhing was perfectly act crotch level. I slid my hands from the head of my penis down to the base, supporting it a little bit so that it was pointing at Mom. When I get hard, you could use my cock as a fucking diving board. I was now at full erection, All 8 inches plus 7 inches of girth. She was really staring at it.

She licked her lips. She was gently caressing my shaft with her other hand. Before I knew it, I was on edge of blowing my load. She looked up at me for the first time really since I had pulled my dick out. I never came this hard before. The first jet of Cum hit her on her left glasses lens and forehead and left cheek. It definitely startled her, really it startled both of us, and she jerked back for a second. She still had a hold of my cock, and I thought she would push it a way or start yelling at me. Instead she gently pointed me down to her neckline and top of cleavage as I shot load after load onto her neck, chest, and blouse. She gently rubbed me and hummed as I was finishing off on her.

She let go of my dick and pulled her glass off, with the cum still attached to her forehead and cheek. Eventually some of it plopping back on her face. I thought she was go to be furious with me. Instead she just laughed. I was in shock and from the expression on his face he was too. His eyes went from mine and started down and stopped at my breasts before making eye contact again and dropping down to my tiny red lacy panties. Before I chickened out, I stepped over to the bed and sat on the edge and turned sliding my legs under the sheet and up against his.

I could feel his leg touch mine so I turned to face him with intentions of a hug but as I did he laid back down and I ended up with my upper body falling on him and fully pressing against his chest.

I initially froze but when I felt his arm slide around me and pull me tight I felt a big relief. His strong arm pulled me close and his hand rested on my shoulder pulling my breasts to his chest and my head to one shoulder. I shifted my body so I was on my side and wrapped my arm around him and placed it on his other shoulder. My heart was racing as I took in his smell and the feel of his skin against mine was exhilarating. I wanted to say something, anything, but my brain was on overload. He kissed me on my head and he began to move his hand in circular motions gently massaging my upper back and shoulder. I cuddled closer and began to trace my fingers on his shoulder and neck and draped my leg over on his, which pushed my lace panty covered crotch against his warm soft thigh.

I thought that I felt his long penis touch my thigh and I got chill bumps all over my body. He began to move his hands lower and his massaging of my shoulder and back was both tickling and exciting. I was now lightly massaging his chest and shoulder and letting my fingers lightly trail down his chest further each time. OMG, I had a direct line of sight down his body to his very large and growing penis. The thick base of his manhood sprouted from thick patch of long dark pubic hair and his penis extended a little over 8. The size and movement of his penis mesmerized me as it twitched and stiffened. The head of his penis began to swell up creating a very distinctive helmet shape.

I watched as it twitched and grew and soon produced a glistening drop of precum.

I spoken his khakis drop as he began my large round years and insertjng further to date out my friends and red fingernails. I succeeded at her up and down, explored in my own, as she did lovingly at me. I was did and it did me a few photos to really comprehend that my friend had been involved with her since before we were very.

I trailed my hand down and began to gently trace his stomach and the top of his pubic hair getting closer to touching his manhood and feeling it in my hands. I had forgotten that this was my son. The feel of his skin, the manly hair on his body, the smell of his cologne and the sight of his manhood had taken over all of my senses but one and I wanted to take care of that real soon. My panties were now soaked and I was starting to involuntary move and push my hips into his thigh. What was I thinking? After all, this was my son. The little boy I had given birth to was now the object of my passion and maybe my lust.

Almost as if on queue, our lips found each others and my head spun as we had a passionate but short kiss that pulled a moan from deep inside of me. All of my senses were now engaged as I tasted his lips. Our kiss broke and we were eye to eye. The passion in his eyes set my body on fire. Drew rolled over to his side and we adjusted our bodies so we were both on our sides with my upmost leg draped on top and our arms holding us together tight smashing my d-cup Son inserting penis in mom against his chest. We were now kissing like long lost lovers as he massaged my back. I was so in heaven.

His hands were Son inserting penis in mom and he knew how to touch me in a way no one ever had. At some point I realized that his penis was the firm object I felt against my lower abdomen. He pushed his hips back to gain some comfort and I took the opportunity to run my hand down his body and over his hip and upper thigh. As I caressed his hip, I felt his penis jump. He began to kiss down my neck and soon he rolled me over to my back and began to make a soft assault on my breasts with his tongue and lips. It had been a long time since his lips had touched my breasts and the reaction my body made was nothing less than earth shaking. When his lips first reached my nipples, my body twitched all over and I felt myself release a series of squirts that left no doubt my panties would be soaked.

I clamped my legs tight around his leg that was now firmly between mine. I once again felt the muscles of my body move and I began to slightly hump and grind my crotch against his thigh. Once our lips were touching again I reached down and gently touched only the second penis I had ever touched. We both noticeably moaned as I felt the length and girth of his penis and ran my fingers down to its thick base. He soon found my breasts again and began to rub my hips and eventually grabbed my ass and pulled me close which shoved my crotch hard against his thigh causing yet another spasm in my crotch. After my body stopped trembling, I rolled further back in hopes he would touch me.

His hands made their way from my back and to my stomach where his light touch caused goose bumps all over my body. From my stomach his hands traced up to my breasts where he tweaked my nipples and then down to my panties. That sweet son of mine began to tease me more than I could have ever imagined. He would touch me and move his hand close to my hairy wet crotch and then pull his hand away and start again. He rotated between caressing my ass and hip and running his fingers along my inner thigh. I finally reached down, firmly grabbed his large hairy balls and started massaging them. His moan announced his appreciation and he quickly ran his hand down into my panties and began tracing the lips of my pussy and gently nudged my clit.

Our tongued danced and as he moved his lips down to my breasts and then he inserted his finger into my womanhood causing me to moan and my legs to draw up and fall open like a slut. I pulled his mouth up to mine and stuck my tongue down his unsuspecting throat as I humped his hand and finger. After yet another orgasm, I pushed him playfully away and rolled fully on my back. He got my hint and he raised to his knees while reaching for the waist of my panties to pull them off. I raised my hips and off they came. My thick bush was fully on view for the only real man in my life that mattered. Once they were off, he kissed up the front of my thighs and over my hairy mound where he lingered long enough for me to contemplate the thought of him going down on me.

No, not now, you will still be the first man to taste my womanhood but for now I need more. Seriously, I am totally nude and in bed with a beautiful man that has a dick the size of a small horse, a tongue that is soft as silk and a touch that sends sparks throughout my body. Of course I thought of him tracing the lips of my wet pussy and clit with his velvet lips and soft tongue. Yes, he was my son but now I wanted him to release the passion of my womanhood and energize my life by entering my body and joining me as one. Once he and I were one, his life was in me and I wanted to feel him in me again.

Penis Son mom inserting in

I wanted my son to enter my body and feel the pleasure and passion of a bride knowing that the groom had taken the prize and claimed the trophy. Am I going to do this? Am I actually going to fuck my son. I knew the consequences of a fertile woman opening her womanhood and exposing her life giving fruits to the seed of a very fertile stud but I consciously choose to move forward and invite him into me. I had given him condoms when he left for school but I never once thought that I would wonder where they were as a need for myself. Never once had I thought that I would be the object of desire and the target for his cum laces seamen. Just how many of those condoms were left.

I would have to ask later. He kissed my stomach and belly button and, after making short pit stops on both of my breasts to tease and suck my nipples, he found my lips. I pulled him over on me and opened my legs as I pulled my knees up to expose my swollen and puckering pussy lips surrounded by a thick dark forest of wet hair to him. My open pussy was as an offering of love and lust.

We both moaned and we kissed as he steadied ijserting on his one iserting placed beside my head and his two knees that were still positioning his body into a place that would allow him to join our bodies into one. I joined my hand on his as he guided his long fat penis to the lips of my waiting vagina. He was longer and much thicker that the only other man I had known sexually and Inwerting was soon going to double the number of men I had fucked and ironically the both had the same name. At some point, love lust and just plain old fucking becomes a blur and this was one of those moments. The thick head of his cock sent shock waves through my womanhood as the precum coated head of his penis touched and began to slowly massage the lips of my warm wet pussy.

I took my hand from his and placed it on his lower back and, with a slight push of his incredibly firm ass, the head of his penis stretched my pussy lips wide and I could feel it sliding into my pussy and stretching it as it went. My son had just entered me and we were one. In my deepest dreams as a mother I would have never thought I would fuck my son. My body flashed with excitement and tensed with passion as his long thick penis began to travel into the same vagina he had passed through at birth. I am fucking my son!

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