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Sat. April 15 • Women’s Bikini Competition Prep Workshop

She derived in photoa rainbow inand again in Haratyk, however, was quivering to move up from her LW apartment-up finish at the NPC USA safer this site, but Steele stint-pumped the las on that were to earn the win here.

Despite a disappointing 16th place finish in the Olympia, Gennifer ended the year on a high note, biiini she stormed to two successive 1st place finishes in the Pittsburgh Pro, and Powerhouse Pro. Aiming to achieve a top 5 finish in the Olympia, Gennifer kept pushing forward. Biikini appeared in the competition inand again in On both occasions, she finished in 6th place, which brought her a step closer to achieving her ultimate dream. Training Performing Repetitions Gennifer works her repetitions slowly, aiming to achieve maximum muscle contraction.

She regularly switches between heavy loads with low repetitions, and light loads with high repetitions, which adds variety into her workouts. Favorite Training Gennifer says that glutes and abs are her favorite body parts. Because of this, she places emphasis on training these particular muscle groups. In terms of abs, she works them at least 3 days per week. Two days are bodyweight only, where the third day is dedicated to weighted abs exercises. With a second callout bringing back Nikolich and Chretien along with Jennifer Gutierrez, Demetria Franklin, and Joella Bernard, it was Jennifer Gutierrez who solidified a hold on the fifth-place position.

I am not a timely bloomer nationsls historical and that is ok. Granted she becomes more serenity on stage and states to play the paintings of contest updating, stand back.

natinals Chretien, on the other hand was bkkini her NPC Nationals debut a solid one and it bodes well for her future should she return to this contest. As for fifth-placer Jennifer Gutierrez, her finish equaled the fifth-place position she earned last year as a HW in the NPC Nationals - a different class, a different year, same result The Heavyweights Always the most anticipated class of phptos contest, this year's NPC National heavyweight category did not disappoint. It had all the ingredients for a rip-roaring flexcapade and the cast of characters was more than capable of creating a judging nightmare.

In the end, however, it came down to a pound bodybuilder the substancecombined with her stage presence the style that made for a winning physique this night. The competitor who exuded these qualities was Floridian Kris Murrell. As a competitor over the past four years Murrell has been at the edge of making a major breakthrough. Little did she realize when that breakthrough came it would propel her not only to an overall victory at the NPC Nationals but straight into the pro ranks - where many have felt she belonged anyway. With a physique that possesses large voluminous muscle shapes, along with the innate ability to display its sizeable beauty, Murrell fit the standard of what the judges were looking for in a HW bodybuilder at this event.

Along with her Florida background, comparisons were made with fellow Floridian and NPC National champion Sheila Bleck in terms of how professionally her physique was displayed. Both women understand the beauty of a muscular female body and have taken careful steps to put that point across. Try to find anyone at the contest venue who wasn't fully impressed with Kris Murrell's muscular offering we normally call it a posing routinebut for Murrell it had nothing to do with routine, it was a performance - and there is a big difference between the two.

Much of what National Murrell can bring to the pro ranks, and what Sheila Bleck before her will eventually introduce is what bodybuilding is waiting for. And fans know it and appreciate it when they see it. She is polished and shows great detail throughout a physique that weighed in at pounds. A markedly different physique than Murrell displayed, Defrancesco made for a most agreeable complement to Murrell's fullness and volume. Last year Defrancesco placed fourth in this class, she has everything she needs to move up one more place in the immediate future.

Sitting in the third position was South Carolina's Monique Jones. There have ncp others over the years who have carried the same moniker, competitors such 22009 Heather Armbrust who, once they cracked the ceiling and made it into the pro division, everyone wondered what took so long. The same will bikuni true with this exceptionally talented and genetically blessed natinoals. A former figure competitor in'06 and '07, Jones made the natkonals to bodybuilding when it became obvious her physical qualities went far beyond the realm of figure. Biikni she becomes more comfortable on stage and continues to learn the disciplines of contest preparation, stand back.

Last year Jones finished third in this contest. Can much higher placings be far off? With just three contests in her pocket and all during the competitive season, Hayes is an impressive sight at and weighing in the neighborhood of pounds. Showing nice overall proportions, a detailed back, and arms whose development are beyond her years compared to her time in the sport, it is easy to see why Hayes was an overall winner at the NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic in April, the Europa Super Show in June, and the Lone Star Classic in August. Lump those together with a fourth-place finish at this event and you have the makings of a potential future star. As a glowing example of just how competitive this class was, the spotlight can be centered on fifth-placer Nekole Hamrick.

Hamrick does, indeed, fit the mold of a Cory Everson. You reached the pinnacle of success by winning Ms Bikini Universe at 32 years of age. Tell us about your journey that took you to the top of the world of fitness? Wow, it has been a crazy, fun, rewarding journey!

Bikini jr nationals photos npc 2009

It blows me away and I am still grateful where I am now. I grew up on the standard American diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, so to be where I am today, it amazes me. Processed foods were my normal nutrition and I even worked at a fast food restaurant for three years and ate that stuff every day. I had no idea what eating healthy was until I took a nutrition class in college. It was around the same time I hired my first personal trainer for strength training. Then it hit me, I had put 2 and 2 together that I needed to eat real whole foods to build a healthy body.

It was not an easy journey. It took me years to get the nutrition down, working out seemed easier to me. Once I got the nutrition down and embraced it, my life changed. I started loving food I never thought I would like. I started feeling better, thinking more clearly than ever before, and my ambition to get things done in life was at an all-time high.

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