Gay are going to hell

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“Homosexuals Are Going to Hell!”

Jim is perfectly stating - if you are significantly damaged, now that you have received the best truth, act like the new people you want to have become. In the crew member, the Bible begs in 1 Years 6: Lucas's letter to 1 Years is a girl example of this i.

Some are HIV positive. Some have lost their family relationships because of choosing their gay relationships over all others. God lets that kind of pain happen in order to discipline those He loves and draw them back to Himself. Yes, Romans 1 really does say what it says. Some of them stumble and fall in the process of becoming like Jesus. I certainly stumble in my walk. The stumbles have become fewer over the years of walking with Jesus, but I still do stumble. And I will continue to stumble my way toward heaven, as do all Christians. Those who identify with their sin instead of identifying with Jesus are described in the 1 Corinthians 6 passage. They bring all their baggage with them into their relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit.

Going to hell Gay are

And Jesus invites goong to release their pieces of baggage into His hands one by one. Some refuse to relinquish their baggage, their sin habits, to Him until later when they experience His loving discipline. Ars means they are a Christian ti in process. We will not lose our salvation when we sin, but we will experience a loss of fellowship with God and He will discipline us because He wants what is best for us. In fact, I have heard a number of people who gave up struggling against their homosexual feelings and dove headfirst into the gay lifestyle thinking it would give them life. And I missed Jesus. Homosexuality is a sin - a heinous sin, but so is adultery, lying, cheating on your taxes, stealing, etc.

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However, homosexuality is not blasphemy of the Holy Spirit generally understood to be attributing the Holy Spirit's works to demonic powers; Matt. Tk, salvation is still a possibly. Mind you I said 'a possibility,' not 'a probability. It is important at this point to distinguish between four different types of practicing homosexuals: These need loving biblical counseling and the work of Church discipline in their lives. Growth is to be expected. Certain cultures do not know that certain behaviors are sins "yet. Paul's letter to 1 Corinthians is a good example of this i. However, after the knowledge of sin is taught and Church discipline applied 1 Cor 5: Some are trapped in these type of situations and forced into certain sexual situations.

They not only need our prayers, but the intervention of both local, state, and Federal authorities.

There are different programs churches may be involved in to be more proactive in assisting these victims of crime. These are mere professors of Christ, not possessors. The first three kinds of homosexuals 1 - 3 above should be embraced by the Church. They should be instructed in the faith and lovingly disciplined as Jesus commands Matt. Both the sinner and the Church should expect repentance note the word "presently" in 1 and 2, i. Prayer, fasting, and instruction are mandated. However, the latter kind 4 abovewho having the knowledge of God, who purposely sin against God, make excuses for their sin such as revising Scripture to ease the Spirit's convictionseduce others into sins, and have no intention to stop sinning; these have not true salvation.

Paul is still speaking to the Church. He is instructing the Church. He says learn of Christ. He is saying 'come to the full knowledge of what sin is and repent' of your sinful practices. Paul's point in this passage is that 'some' Corinthian Christians are behaving just like the unsaved people.

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