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The PS3 is a little frustrating sometimes in kind of puss opposite way? Shooting games in particular. With these very realistic graphics, it emphasizes how unnatural it is to aim with a joystick Pkay of just pointing at the screen. Just plain too much stress elsewhere in my life, it makes it harder to relax. I run my own business and I work at home so that makes it extra hard to keep my work life separate and just have fun when I'm trying to have fun. I'm, honestly, so sorry. Judge wants Trump to stop blocking people on Twitter Yes, we're talking about that infamous Donald Trump "pee tape.

Piss games Play

This has been one of the more prominent controversies, and maybe the most ludicrous, gamds president Donald Trump before and during his term in the Oval Office. A pee tape and Donald Trump? Yep, if you're somehow unfamiliar with this story, there has been reporting that suggests president Donald Trump once ordered prostitutes to perform a golden shower in front of him while at a hotel in Russia. And, you guessed it, there's also a suggestion that it was all captured on video.

All of this stemmed from a dossier that was made public in that included numerous salacious claims about Donald Trump. So what was the deal with that dossier? This all started way back in Januarywhen Buzzfeed News published a page document, which later became known as the Christopher Steele dossier, which allegedly illuminated Donald Trump's deep ties to Russia. It was a collection of memos that spanned months and included allegations that Donald Trump aides and Russian operatives had been in contact The dossier made unverified allegations that the Russian government had been assisting Donald Trump, then just the president-elect, for years. It also said Russians had gained compromising information about him, also known as "kompromat," and had been "cultivating, supporting and assisting" him for an elongated period of time.

The publication of the document caused a great deal of controversybut the media company chose to publish the document in its entirety on account of its newsworthiness. CNN had previously reported that intelligence officials were presented a two-page summary of the allegations, but denied to publish specifics that its journalists couldn't verify.

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Christopher Steel's dossier is at the heart of the golden shower pee tape controversy, Image: So what did the dossier say? So here's the thing. For "pissing contest" it offers a different image from other reference works: Both phrases are said to originate in the United States. Sarah Milesin her book Serves Me Right, describes a female pissing contest that she witnessed in Spain. This was a "distance" contest like the usual male ones. In the story Aided Derbforgaill several women compete to see who can urinate deepest into a pile of snow. The winner is Derbforgaill, wife of Lugaid Riab nDergbut the other women attack her out of jealousy and mutilate her by gouging out her eyes and cutting off her nose, ears, and hair, resulting in her death.

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