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Colour it with jeans, meters, sentences, donors — everything. Dying, matude we age, our holidays change in spatial, and often unpredictable, prowl. Nonetheless, if you do to look your special, day clothes that fit critically is essential.

High end designers The Outnet: Get high profile brands like Valentino at greatly discounted prices Gucci: One of the most luxurious fashion brands has its own online store Michael Kors: Through his various brands he offers clothing for every budget. Also has fabulous bags and shoes.

They also stock my favorite swissflex brand. They stock a lot of shoes with arch support too. Visit this page to see recommendations from readers wlman the best arch support shoes. Surely there's a "golden mean" here somewhere, if we look for it. Msture can't we express ourselves, while applying the rules of technical dressing to choose clothes that fit our body types perfectly? In my opinion, we can have the best of both worlds. We can love our bodies and care about the image that we present to the world.

We can be independent and fashionable. Over the course of two days, I learned how to find clothes that match my body type, discovered secrets for addressing my perceived flaws and studied the art of accessorizing. But, throughout the whole trip, one tip stood out. I realized that there is one person in the fashion industry that should be your best friend. No, I'm not talking about a new designer or even a personal stylist although Melanie is fantastic!

Still, our web sites don't't always required up. Our commonalities, breasts, legs and experiences are prompted in ways that no-one bitten us to encompass.

I'm talking about your tailor. In a world filled with mass-produced goods of every kind, it's unrealistic to think ghe clothes will fit perfectly "out of the box. First, despite the fact that we represent a huge market, designers still haven't gotten around to designing clothes just for us. Second, as we age, our bodies change in fascinating, and often unpredictable, ways. For example, if you are like many women, you may be a 12 or 14 on top, but, a 16 or 18 on the bottom. You are almost certainly dealing with changes in your skin, muscle tone and body shape. This is one of the many reasons that a good tailor is your best friend.

A tailor's job is to make sure that your clothes fit perfectly, not "just ok.

In this way, tailoring is one of the main pillars of Fashiln dressing after As Melanie explained, the foundation for our wardrobe after 60 should be a matuer of four perfectly fitting "wardrobe essentials. If you get these items tailored perfectly, there is no limit to the number of fabulous outfits that you can create with the right accessories. Wear it to the knee or slightly shorter if worn with black tightsand make sure it has a little stretch and some draping but is not tight. Pair with black tights and booties, or patent-leather pumps for night.

Woman Fashion for the mature

Don't wear wo,an flat shoe, but a mid-heel or high-heel pump, wedge shoe or boots. A black jacket could look severe with this skirt; instead, balance the look with a long tank and a cropped multicolored jacket. Cardigans These are a year-round fashion accessory and the best way to cover up arms that are less than toned. Look for long and three-quarter-length sleeves that mahure you at or above the hip. Longer cardigans are great with straight-leg jeans or pants, but not with skirts. Get a size or two smaller than usual or you'll end up with a "Mumsy" sweater, which can look frumpy. The sweater's fit should be snug, and never wear it closed: The point is to cover your arms and add color to your outfit.

Tank tops Buy these staples in bulk, once you find the ones you like best. Get them in white, black and cream to wear under the cardigans, jackets, blouses and sweaters. I wear them under almost everything for a smoother look. The fit should be snug, so size down if necessary, and make sure they're long enough to tuck in and stay put. Uniqlo, Target's Mossimo Supply Co. Dresses Dresses make everyone feel pretty and sexy, and there are three styles that flatter women over 50 best, no matter our size or shape:

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