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We had fed on the overall a couple of many and ran dozens of e-mails back and not but not once did it had up that she was turned, not that there is anything marked with that. I crashing the bill, rushed strenuously and put through with a special made to Marie.

Reggie suddenly thrust and froze. A load of black baby making seed shot into Dee's ass. Reggie squeezed off his dick, withdrew, inserted it into Dee's cunt, and shot two more loads. Before Reggie had whiye his entire covk load, he shot four loads into Dee cunt blxck five loads into her ass. She collapsed on wante seat. Reggie withdrew and sat back. The white teacher bitch had taken all his loads in all her fuck holes. Dee knew this was just the beginning of her blackening. She could never be satisfied with Pat's pathetic four-inch weenie. Reggie knew that Dee, his former teacher, was now his hot bitch and black cock ho.

What was in store for her? The black pimp and user of women knew the answer to that question. What about her wimp husband? Dee thought of Pat. Could she tell him? Would she continue to see Reggie and not tell him? Would Pat find out? Dee could feel her wedding band on her finger of her left hand. Reggie pulled out a cigarette.

He inhaled deeply and exhaled. Handing it to Dee, Reggie said, "Smoke! It was a demand. Dee had never smoked. She took the Menthol Kool and put her lips to it. She tried to draw in a drag and exhale, but it was a pathetic effort. Take a drag on it She felt like coughing at first. But soon the smoke filled her lungs and a warm sensual feeling spread out over her body. She exhaled and looked at Reggie for approval. You need practice," he said. Dee took several tokes from the cigarette before she began to feel better. Next time show me how my ho smokes! Reggie dressed and opened the door even before Dee was ready. Two black dudes passing by stopped to watch Dee slip her clothes on and get out of the car to cat calls.

She did not feel embarrassed at all. She told herself she was a ho now and looked seductively at the two young black men. She looked at their tenting pants and wondered if their dicks were like Reggie's. Money was exchanged and one the brothers slid into the seat beside Dee. Reggie watched the car rock and roll. He took a drag on his cigarette and exhaled. He smiled at the thought of pimping out his fifth grade teacher. Dee sleepily glanced up at her second john. He had just cum in her cunt, and Dee had cleaned her customer with her hot mouth. That's all Dee wanted now. She was a black cock ho. Dee looked down at her body.

Creamy white cum was leaking out of her cunt and ass. Get out of my car! Dee pushed her wrinkled skirt down and stepped out. Dee realized she was barefooted. She dove back into the car to retrieve her shoes, leaving her cum smeared ass and puffy, red cunt exposed to the three black men on the street. Dee slipped on her three -inch pumps, got out of the car, and stood up. The two lovers exchanged numbers. I'll call you," he said. The teacher had been transformed. She had forgotten about her student. As she started her car, she remembered that she was married!

Smiling, Dee knew what to do.

She burnt with new one teachfr and I milled as she commanded a wife with the photos that few blanched swiss ever see. It hung me a public to turn, but I second hitched to. Recently, for both of us, our daughters came crashing together in a buy-one, get-one-free oasis.

She felt empowered by her new-found sensuality. Would whitr like that? He continued, "What would you do, baby, if she demanded you eat her pretty black pussy under her desk at school? B,ack continued the naughty wnats. It was his turn to moan, my bpack mouth doing wonders on codk erect pole. A few seconds after my orgasm hit, whie husband quenched my thirst for cum as he filled my mouth with his juice, my juice flooding out of me. Once I finished swallowing his load, I stood up and straddled his face and he brought me to a second reacher third orgasm. Cuddling wajts few minutes later, my husband of seventeen years whispered in my ear, "I'm serious baby.

You have my permission to play if the opportunity arises. It's unprofessional, I'm her cooperating teacher, I am almost twice her age and I doubt she is a dyke. Feeling his warm seed fill me, triggered yet another orgasm as well and I shivered as my orgasm pulsed through me. Both of us spent, my husband repeated his offer. I learned that she had a steady boyfriend named Markus and they had been dating for almost a year. He was still in college, and wanted to be a lawyer. If I was in awe of Alicia's beauty, I was breathtakingly captivated by Markus.

He was 6"6', built like a linebacker and he bubbled over with confidence. His bald head was also a turn-on I couldn't even begin to explain. I also began to notice she was very touchy-feely with me, nothing overtly sexual but her touch was always just a tad longer than normal social standards; her morning hello and after school goodbye hugs lingered just a tad longer than a normal hug. Obeying my husband's suggestions, I allowed myself to melt in her dark chocolate arms. It was in our second week that I noticed she started wearing more revealing tops that showcased her tantalizing cleavage.

I imagined burying my head between her black mounds of perfection and was often distracted by her beauty. She also always wore pantyhose and heels, and while sitting at the back watching me teach she would often dangle her heel and allow it to sway on her toes.

I would get distracted and watch it sway like a hypnotist's watch. When I looked up she would be smiling and watching me intently, as if knowing the effect she was having on me. I felt that she could she through my facade of propriety and see the real me: She started with teaching one class and I watched as she commanded a presence with the students that few veteran teachers ever achieve. I thought Marcus had also left for work so was surprised when his bedroom door opened and it startled me somewhat. I quickly got dressed and made myself tea in the kitchen. Without saying a word he grabbed my arm and turned me around slightly before spanking my bottom hard on each cheek and telling me off for breaking his sleep.

I flapped around like a schoolgirl nervous about what might happen next. To my surprise he just turned and said he was going to go for a run. As he put on his trainers I asked if I could join him. As we ran we chatted and actually had quite a good laugh and flirted with each other. My heart began beating ten to the dozen and I was more than a little flushed ,which he obviously picked up on. He suggested I skip the shower and join him in the bedroom. So it must have been a shock to him when I returned to his room 10 minutes later having mulled it over a little more. He was lying on his bed still in his boxers singing along to a song. Marcus listened and nodded and then told me to take off my top and let him have a look at my tits, which I did.

I was incredibly turned on and did as requested. He told me how sexy my arse was and told me to take off my panties slowly, which made me feel very slutty but excited at the same time so I did as requested. He then told me to spread my legs bend over and grab my ankles which of course I did, at which point he began to get very animated about my pussy being hairy and how much it turned him on.

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What sexual behaviors took place e. How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? My throat made gleeking and gawking noises as I bobbed up and down on his fat rod, trying hopelessly to deep throat it down to his plump, musky black nuts. Still no more than seven of his thick twelve inches shined with my spit and slobber, I had a long way to go. I looked up at him with doe eyes, my cock standing painfully erect in my jeans as I gazed at his dark ebony washboard abs, thick jawline and smooth shaved black head. My face was a sloppy mess of snot, slobber and precum from my nostrils to my chest.

I licked my lips and savored the taste of hot sperm on my tongue as I slowly stroked the length of Demarcus's big floppy black dong. Swallow that muthafucka, punk. I choked immediately, but his powerful hands on the back of my head forced my head down inch by inch, fighting my gag reflex fiercely. My throat started to convulse, heaving as Demarcus forced his black monstercock all the way into my throat till his short curly pubic hair tickled my nose. I could feel his freakish rod invading my larynx and distending my throat. My eyes were wide and streaming tears, my nose running snot. He finally released the back Story white teacher wants black cock my head and I pulled off frantically with a loud "SssGLooooaaarrrpp!!

I obeyed without question, turning around and sticking my ass far out into the air so that my already undulating asshole smiled at him. I felt a thick finger slathered with cold lube push its way into my ass, I moaned uncontrollably as he wriggled and pumped it, getting my sphincter and anal cavity slippery and ready for his massive cock. I'm fiddin' to rip this ass up. He pulled his fingers out, stroked his long pole a few times to get it at full hard on, then grabbed my hips and slowly pulled my twitching anal ring down onto his fat black cock head. I yelped long and slow and my asshole spread. With her hands bound behind her, Julius' grip on her hair and Andrew's hands on her tits were all that kept her from falling over as Robert fucked her relentlessly, but her pussy was getting very moist and it didn't hurt as much now.

Can this white bitch fuck? Gia had never been fucked by a black man before, nor had she sucked a black cock, but this new experience was getting to her as she licked the cum from her lips while Julius held her head and Robert fucked her, she was excited by it now, she had never felt such a cock in her before and she found herself thrusting back to meet his thrusts and small moans erupted from her, "Look, I told you, this tight assed white bitch wanted some black cock, didn't you? She felt like a total submissive slut, but she didn't care, it felt wonderful and she sucked Andrew's large cock as he pumped her mouth.

She heard the door open and close behind her, but she concentrated on this thick piece of meat in her mouth, loving how it filled her mouth completely, she had liked giving blow jobs, but this was a real treat, to have her mouth so full and her throat stretching. She wanted to taste him, she felt his pace quicken and she prepared herself for the flood, but just as he got ready, he pulled out and shot the first two spurts across her face, her mouth gapped, wanting it inside, and then he reinserted it and she loved the feelings of his spurts as she hungrily swallowed them. There was a rope of cum across her left eye and it made her sight somewhat blurred as he finished feeding her his cum, she didn't care anymore, this is what she felt deep inside that she needed.

All those times looking at her black students, wondering what it would be like to suck and fuck them, now she knew, and she loved it. As Andrew pulled his cock from her, she heard the door again, "Oh Man!!! She's got cum hanging on her face and running down her legs!

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