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Men's retro swimsuit : 2019 selection

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Look out for retro patterns and colors that evoke notions of paradise. The leg could not be shorter than 4 inches from the knee and the skirt not shorter than two inches above the bottom of the trunks. Here at The Eye of Faithyou know how much we love vintage clothing, but when it comes to swimsuits for men — a really great piece of true vintage is extremely rare to come by in this department.

You will find a lot of graphic simplicity in the suits that feature details like ribbing, stripes, and buttons. This is swimsuuit we looked for in putting together our inspired looks. Slouchy, Simple, Graphic ss: If you can find a piece that is void of rips, holes, and stains, it is only half the battle. When going for a look inspired by the 30s and 40s, think athletic, and tight.

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Luckily, many of the top fashion brands out there know the staying power of vintage, and provide everything you need to create that vintage look without destroying a valuable piece of history. We turned to snapshots of life guards from the period, as well as some of the Golden Gods of Hollywood for our inspiration. Swim trunks for men really came into their own by the s. Movie stars continued to push the popularity of the boxer swimsuit, and soon the beach boy surfer became the accepted ideal. Look no further, as always, The Eye of Faith has you covered for ideas and inspiration. While we prefer the beach, community pools, water parks, and backyard bashes all call for appropriate swim gear.

Instead of wool and yarn, cotton became the fabric of choice, and no longer was wearing swim trunks without a top an impolite statement.

Swimsuit men Vintage

Cut, Colour, Pattern By applying these characteristics, you can easily satisfy those vintage aspirations! But until then, there are dozens of easy Viintage to achieve your vintage fantasies, and all it takes is a little inspiration! The addition of bright colors and exotic patterns is something we still see today. Taking some of our favorite snapshots of the past, we were able to put together some vintage-inspired swimsuits from some of our favorite online fashion and style destinations, so you can get the look you aspire to.

Nothing below the armpits could be shown on the chest.

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