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Ask your practice nurse to check your blood sugars and blood pressure. Not able to ejaculate during oral sex Q. I need to know what would cause a man not to be able to ejaculate during oral sex. What a good question. We don't really know why we ejaculate or have a climax in the first place. Anyone who can bottle the answer is going to be someone to stand next to in a bar. The complex stimuli which finally convince the brain that it would be a good idea to release semen are poorly understood but there is a mixture of psychological and physiological factors.

You don't need physical stimulation to climax - ask anyone who has a wet dream - but you do need certain things to happen between your ears rather than your legs. Us men are educated over and over again that the penis is basically a dirty part of our body and is tolerated only with a bar of carbolic soap in one hand and a silver tea spoon in the other. Overcoming this brainwashing is difficult, so when it comes to oral sex it can be difficult to get the notion of 'the right thing to do' out of that part of the brain which sits waiting to pull the lever on ejaculation. You should ask first for your partner to make you ejaculate by hand, then to kiss gently as they do and finally to use their mouth.

Remember this though, they may not like the idea of oral sex and ejaculation and could be stopping at just the crucial moment. Most of us wish our partner could read minds and it helps to explain and talk frankly to each other.

Best of luck Lack Coveref semen Q. I am 15, and I have dum been able to produce a good amount of sperm when I orgasm, but in the last few days, I have Coevred only a drop. Being a teenager coming into sexual maturity, this worries me inffo much. I have asked my father and he doesn't know. If you have any ideas on what is causing rememmber, if it is normal, or what I can do, please contact me. At your age it is Coevred to be a serious problem. I can't think of any physical condition which inof cause this problem at your age. Most remeber are aware the volume of semen ejaculated is related to the frequency of intercourse that includes masturbation.

The more you cum in a ifno period of time, the less the amount of fluid you may expect to ejaculate. It may be an idea to abstain from any orgasm for a few days, and see whether this makes any cu Pre cum before and after ejaculation Q. Remmber am 52 yrs of age. I recently had a successful prostrate exam and was told by my physician I was in good health. I neglected to question him about a concern I have been experiencing the last 2 yrs. In my early manhood years, I always had what I term as pre-cum before an ejaculation. Now I have pre-cum before and after ejaculation. The afterwards most often is very intense.

There is no pain, and the only way I can detect it, is I feel the wetness. Is this a common trait for males? I thank you in advance for your professional answer. I think this is normal. In my opinion as the force of ejaculation diminishes with age it is usual for some of the semen to continue to seep out afterwards. I don't think you need to be concerned by this. No feeling of orgasm Q. I have good erections and ejaculation during sex, but do not have any feeling of a orgasm while ejaculating, for the last three years. I'm 56 years old and in good health otherwise. As you experience sex drive, can ejaculate without any difficulty and have no problems with erection and diabetes has been excluded, I suspect that the problem of lack of orgasmic sensation that you are experiencing is essentially psychological, even though you are not yourself aware of any psychological problems.

The most frequent cause is what is called spectatoring and performance anxiety. The basis of this is, if you failed to experience orgasmic sensations on one occasion, for whatever reason, then the next time you have sex you approach the higher levels of sexual arousal wondering if you will achieve orgasm and these negative thoughts actually block the orgasmic sensations. In other words your pre-occupation with lack of orgasm at the time when it should be occurring stops the normal sexual response. Treatment involves two directions.

First, to "unlearn" the spectatoring and second to enhance ejaculatory sensations. Unlearning This can be achieved by a series of exercises aimed at allowing you to progressively enhance your sexual arousal in a relaxed, controlled way.

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Allow yourself plenty of time say an hour and a half when you know you will not be interrupted. Take the telephone off dum hook. Run a bath at a temperature you find comfortable. If you infl erotic material to help you achieve sexual arousal during masturbation, take a magazine or whatever with you to the bathroom. Perhaps also arrange some soft music. Take non-perfumed some massage oil to the bathroom. Lay in the bath for about 15 minutes just relaxing. Gentle massage your body with soap and enjoy the sensations you get from this. Let your mind wander to sexual images. If need be, look at the erotic material. Apply the massage oil to the hand you usually use for masturbation and begin to masturbate gently.

The aim is not to race to ejaculation but take a long time appreciating the sensations. Keep relaxed and maintain the bathwater at a comfortable temperature. Just let your mind conjure up sexual thoughts and images and continue to masturbate gently enjoying the sensations.

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Keep the penis well lubricated Coveted the massage oil. He also might be having a sexual dream. When this happens, the male may become so sexually aroused that he has an orgasm which may or may not be accompanied by a nocturnal emission. Some males find that they are more prone to wet dreams during times of less frequent sexual activity because they are not ejaculating as frequently from masturbation or sex with a partner. This is because many adolescent boys are unfamiliar Cobered the concept of noctunal emissions. He Civered think something is remmember with his body, or he may fear that he has urinated in his sleep.

Nocturnal orgasms and emissions are natural, and that wet spot will dry up quickly, though unfortunately it usually leaves a yellowish stain. Many adolescent males are embarrassed about the semen left on their bed sheets and may try to do laundry themselves to hide it. Banana fly researchers are quite confident that some of the ingredients of these biochemical cocktails are involved in a kind of neuropsychological manipulation. Females that have recently been inseminated start kicking away their suitors or, when harassed, extend their egg-laying tube, which blocks access to the vagina.

They even begin exuding a scent that renders them unattractive. All this is induced by semen components that end up in her bloodstream. Usually, females prefer to have multiple fathers for a clutch of eggs—to generate healthy genetic diversity. This is totally not true. There are as many different penises as there are faces, or hands, or belly buttons. Can I change how my penis looks? You may have seen penises in movies or on the web that are different than yours. The best way to love your body is to be comfortable with it. If you are unhappy with how your penis looks, try to change the way you think about your body instead of changing the way it looks.

Expensive surgery can only add 1. There is really nothing you can do that will safely change the size of your penis. Treatment for delayed ejaculation will depend on the cause. If you think that a medicine you are taking is the cause of delayed ejaculation, your doctor may be able to recommend a different treatment that avoids this unwanted side effect. Alternatively, a change in dose or adding another medicine may help.

Treatments for psychological causes of delayed ejaculation If delayed ejaculation is thought Coveed be due to reemember psychological cause, your doctor may recommend sex therapy, counselling or psychological therapy. To determine whether pre-cum could contain sperm, researchers had 27 random participants masturbate multiple times and collect a sample of their pre-cum on a petri dish before ejaculating. The researchers then analyzed these samples to find out if they contained any sperm. Researchers were surprised by what they found:

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