Quitting smoking sucks

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The Professional Quitters Guide To Quitting Smoking

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But I already knew your answer. How did I know? I am an addict too.

And I Quittig smoking years ago! So why do I still call myself an addict? Once an addict, always an addict. Especially with nicotine, the king of addictions.

Know Thy Enemy Nicotine is powerful stuff. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and messes with your dopamine pathways. After years of smoking, those pathways get altered. In other words, smoking physically changes your brain. No wonder your brain changed.

Eighth, I inability-tripped myself. If you listings the feeling of camping something in your state, try old, info sticks, sugarless gum, medley-free lollipops, or radiation. Line can improve your transmission and relieve advocate.

Can those dopamine pathways heal? I agree with Dr. But when it comes to nicotine, it can take years to heal those pathways. Know Thyself I can sit in a bar, surrounded by smokers, and have zero desire to smoke. But you know what? Even after all these years as an ex-smoker, I believe that a single drag might be enough to reignite the dopamine pathways Quitting smoking sucks send me right back into addiction. It helps me in my mission to remain smoke free. Make Peace Are you bargaining in your mind? And I will now allow you to follow that thought to its logical conclusion. Keep in mind that that people will often eat a lot to compensate for the oral-fixation factor, and thus quitting smoking sometimes leads to morphing into hulking blobs of human mass.

So get out there and run! Let your newly-liberated cardiovascular system do what it was meant to do! More From Thought Catalog. I rationalized it by saying there was still time. I still had a few years before she'd form stable memories, so I could keep up the habit and she'd never know me as a smoker. I'll always remember the first time I got up from the living room couch and she piped up, "Daddy, are you going to smoke a cigarette? Non-smokers don't like the smell, but man, the smell of smoke is actually the most delicious thing. Quitting smoking sucks, it's a nasty habit because it's a demon. A demon is a spirit who inhabits you, and takes ahold of the muscles and sinews of your mind, and twists and turns them to make you look more and more like him, and less and less like you.

Smoking is a nasty habit because, like all addictions, it turns you into a slave and a liar. It's slavery if you can't enjoy a meal or drinks with friends without having to step outside several times. It's slavery to have to push away your toddler because you're hunched up against a window feeding your habit. It's slavery if you can't listen to the person you are talking to, or pay attention to the lecture or movie or concert you are attending, because you are counting down the seconds until you can get your fix.

Smoking turns you into a liar — to other people and to yourself. Don't trust the smoker's pride. Yes, anti-smoker prejudice in the West can sometimes reach ridiculous heights. After that relapse I was able to resist the pull to go back to nicotine because I finally realized how far I had come. The withdrawal symptoms after my relapse were nowhere near as severe as they had been when initially withdrawing from my pack-a-day, 33 year dependency. I could still remember how awful that was and didn't want to go through it again. Plus, I'd had 8 months to experience many health, personal, financial, and social benefits gained from quitting nicotine. I finally realized I wasn't willing to trade all the good things I'd gained for the expense, mess, and slavery of nicotine addiction.

I discovered that the only thing that was making my quit difficult was my attitude. As you see on this site a lot, " every quit is different. The one thing I do know for sure is that this site makes it easier even for those of us who have a harder time. And although every quit is different, the one thing that is common to all of us and is the only thing you must remember to make your quit work permanently is to Never Take Another Puff! I just celebrated my one year anniversary! For those of you just starting - take it one day, and one crave, at a time Each day and each crave that you get through is one day and one more crave away to be completely free from being enslaved by nicotine.

They will lessen and eventually go away. There is life without tobacco, and it is wonderful!! I can't believe how fast it has gone!!!!! I have NO desire for a cigarette at all. Just quick thoughts once in a blue moon that go away as quick as they came. I had a hard time emotionally for most of my quit initially Nothing worth having comes easy.

Sucks Quitting smoking

I smoked my last smoke on Oct. I had already been nicotine free for more than 30 days so I couldn't join, but I put a Quit Counter on my PC and faithfully watched a lot of Joel's videos. I smoked for 52 years and am now days quit. I could not have done it without your web site. Quitting smoking sucks the beginning, when the urges came I would come to the site and read how others we handling and conviced myself that there was only one proper philospy " NTAP ". My wife Quitting smoking sucks I just came back from a great vacation because I put the smoking money in a special account. Quitting smoking was THE best thing I have ever done for myself and every day just gets better and better.

My breathing has vastly improved from where it was two years ago when I wound up in ER with a suspected heart attack, which turned out instead to be "stroke material" high blood pressure. Stick to sugar-free seltzer, punch without alcohol, club soda, or apple cider. This will curb the urge to light up when drinking and can also help keep off extra pounds. Avoid spicy and sugary foods. Spicy and sugary foods tend to make people crave cigarettes more. Nibble on low-calorie foods. Low-calorie foods such as carrot sticks, apples, and other healthy snacks, can help satisfy your need for crunch without adding extra pounds.

Eat slowly and pause between bites to make a meal more satisfying. For dessert, grab an orange or tangerine, or crack some nuts — something that will keep your hands busy, too. Keep busy at parties. Playing bartender, serving snacks, and meeting guests will help keep your mind off smoking. If the urge to smoke presents itself, put something in your hand other than a cigarette. Treat yourself to something special. Any added frustration can leave you wanting a cigarette. Take along your favorite magazine or book, check your email, or text a friend while waiting in lines. Take hold of yourself and start talking with someone in line next to you, or start looking at what you brought with you.

Take a deep breath. Remind yourself of your commitment to quit, and all the reasons you quit. Commit to going back to your quit program right away. Try to figure out why you had a setback and learn from it.

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