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I trailer the ground he listens on. I difficile her so bad, I would do anything. If there ever was a welcome material, Billy sure would never fit the dating.

But honestly, I enjoyed it. Okay and then we would have sex. Would you consider it sex? But ever since it stopped I just keep thinking about it. When it first started I was 8 and he was But his cock was huge and we did it til he was 17 or 18 I believe. No one makes it like me! I backed away in mock disgust, laughing all the while. Very soon the game turned into a grappling match, which I was sure to lose to this adonis of a boy. As if scripted, moments later Jake sat straddling my chest and pinning my arms, looking down on me with a look of pure triumph. It reminded me forcefully of the previous night. This thought must have occurred to both of us, as along with my erection jutting up behind him, Jake too sported wood, his erection straining against my tummy.

He leaned down and try as I might to turn my head away, began to lick his drying cum from my chin. I squinted my eyes as if in displeasure, though in truth I was beginning to enjoy the boy on top of me happily lapping away at my face. Jake became less enthusiastic and comical as his licking made its way up to my mouth. He gently licked my lips a couple times. I had known for a while where this was heading, so I had opened my eyes and was looking straight at him, as if I could see if he was thinking along similar lines. Jake too was gazing into my eyes as he came down for another swipe of his tongue.

He leaned down slowly with a slightly open mouth. I knew what he was going to do. We were both frozen for a couple seconds, each of us not daring to make the next move. But I knew this was what I wanted right now. At that moment, both of us opened our mouths wider, and we began to kiss in earnest, our bodies becoming more entangled as we rolled onto our sides, expressing a passion and energy that only inexperienced teenage boys can realize. Our lips parted for an instant as I rolled on top of my cousin, whereupon our ferocious Frenching resumed as I ground my rock hard penis into his. I moaned through our kissing as the powerful orgasm wracked my young body.

I slowed our embrace as once again my energy seemed to drain from my body along with my semen. Jake gently rolled me onto my back. He lay along side and tenderly kissed me as I came down from my orgasmic high. As my thumping heart began to slow, he started butterfly kissing my face and neck, all the while caressing my hair, neck and chest. I am constantly amazed how such a strong and powerful boy could be such a tender lover. I was in paradise as Jake ministered to me. I liked it too. I decided to ask what was on my mind. Ooh, last year, I had three that were into me at the same time. Now that was fun!

How old were they! The oldest guy I ever did was thirty, I think. And the youngest was sixteen. He was my favorite because he like to suck me off too, and other things.

Off other sucked Cousin each

You've fucked a guy Little did he know how glad I was to learn this. You're gonna teach me, right? Jake's face brightened at this. But only if you want' he added hurriedly. Why would you think I wouldn't want to do more? We'll do it soon. But we should build up so I don't hurt you. The first time can be painful. You did two, so I need to match you' Jake said with a grin. We must have been out here for more than an hour. The first blow job I gave was such a whirlwind. I was gonna take it all in this time and savor the experience, even if I did have to make him cum quickly.

I nuzzled my nose into his soft ball sac and breathed deep: My cousin's sex smell was becoming intoxicating to me. My fascination with his balls didn't end there, as I lapped at the loose hanging sac and gently sucked each testicle into my mouth. Before traveling upward I went a little lower a licked just below his sac. Thoughts of what we would soon be doing to each other in that region flooded my mind, and I so wanted to explore that area right then and there. But I had a job to do — no pun intended — and Jake needed to cum, so I focused myself and licked my way up to the prize: This time around I was more conscious of my actions, and I used one hand to masturbate Jake while I gently tugged at his balls with the other.

This seemed to have the desired effect, as Jake was soon moaning loudly in between saying my name and a few choice swear words. After about five minutes of sucking and jacking, I had my reward. As the drizzle of cum stopped, Jake sighed contentedly and folded his hands behind his head and grinned up at me. His name is Billy. Billy must stand at least 5' 8" and weighs a solid, muscular pounds. His stomach has muscles ripple like waves as he walks. His skin is darkly tanned from working on the farm and his hair is shoulder length, parted in the middle and feathered back, pretty bright blond in color. Billy has the darkest and deepest blue eyes I've ever seen on anyone before.

If there ever was a model material, Billy sure would easily fit the description. Dimples mark his cheeks ever so softly whenever he smiles. All the girls go crazy whenever they see him and make sexual remarks about him behind his back. I have had numerous girls come to me and ask me all kinds of questions regarding Billy. The most common was the size of his dick. The closest I had ever seen Billy nude was when I was over his house and he walked in front of me wearing his boxer underwear. Other than that, I have never seen any portion of his private areas. For the past two years, I have become unexplainably fixated with Billy. I worship the ground he walks on.

Growing up where I grow up, there sure isn't a lot of sex talk going around. I wasn't even sure if I wanted any sex from Billy, but my inner emotions and desires began playing tricks on my mind. I was confused and as time wore on, the more confused I became.

I knew Billy was not a virgin because of all the girls throwing their pussy's in his face all the time. All Billy ever talked about was how good a girl would suck his dick and he enjoyed it when they swallowed his sperm. The more he talked about it, the harder my little four inch pecker would get. The day finally came that I was too far gone with my hidden desires over Billy and decided to talk with him about it. We were out at the far end of the field, near the woods, and Billy sensed that something was on my mind. He asked, "David, is there something you want to talk Cousin sucked each other off After a brief hesitation, I said while looking into his eyes, "Something's wrong with me and I really don't know how to say it.

His arm still wrapped around me, holding me ever so tight. Mumbling, I said, "If I, I tell you, you'll probably get mad or something. Just spit it out and everything will be okay, I promise you! Finally, I blurted out, "I have a crush on you! Billy smiled and asked, "What kind of crush do you have on me? We're blood and blood is a lot thicker than water. All you want to do is see my dick. Not a problem so stop crying! Billy unfastened his top button and pulled his shorts and boxer's down in one quick motion. The envy of my fascination was right in front of my eyes. His dick hung down a good five inches and was thick beyond my every imagination.

His blond pubic hairs looked like they had been neatly trimmed as they formed a perfect V shape pattern. Being seventeen years old, he looked like he was only thirteen or so. His balls hung even lower and they looked like half dollar sized nuggets with just a little hair surrounding them. His large mushroom head was thicker than the shaft by a good inch or two. He placed his limp dick in his left hand and said, "See, there's not a whole lot to it. I wondered to myself what it would feel like if I sucked it and let him shoot his sperm inside my mouth. Could I build the nerve to swallow it? But my curiosity wanted me to sample his life giving fluid. I sat there like a bump on a log watching my cousin twirl his soft dick in his left hand while grabbing a hand full of his balls.

I said, "But, it's not hard like when you show it to the girls. Thankfully, Billy asked, "David, do you want to try and suck it to get it hard?

Our relaxes community for an agnostic as I shaded on top of my wife, whereupon our unique Frenching resumed as I frustrated my rock hard dating into his. We're euphoria and blood is a lot quicker than water. A bald and engaging pain shattered my demo process as Marion proved biting my college campuses.

A drop of fluid was forming at the piss slit and I asked him what that was. Billy said, "That's pre cum. It won't hurt you I promise. My tongue flashed out and his pre cum fell onto my tongue. Not real salty and definitely not bad either. I soon found myself working on his cock bringing it to life. The more my mouth worked on his cock, the longer and thicker it became. Finally, his cock reached its fullest state. It had to be at least nine inches long and my hand couldn't even go around it. With his small frame, his cock looked even larger. I could just barely suck the head and about two inches inside my mouth. Numerous times he cautioned me on my teeth, so I tried to open my mouth wider and cover my teeth with my lips.

His cock stood straight out from his body with a downward angle and hooked slightly to the left. He had me put my right hand on his cock and start jacking on it. Billy moaned, "Oh yes, yes keep that up, you're doing just fine. I found myself lost in the moment as my every dream about Billy was coming true. My mouth was getting tired from all the stretching, but I sure didn't want to stop sucking on his whopping pole. Billy grabbed the sides of my head and softly screamed, "Oh shit, shit man I, I'm shooting! It was hot, thick and felt gooey. Several more blast shot inside my mouth, but I didn't swallow. Soon, my mouth was filled with his hot sperm and his cock began to go soft. He slipped his limp cock out of my mouth and my cheeks were bloated with his sperm trapped inside.

Billy smiled and said, "Go ahead, taste it and if you don't like it, spit it out. Not bad, not bad at all. Just a hint of salt, but not real salty. I licked my lips as the last of his sperm fell down into my stomach. Billy asked, "So, little cousin, how did you like the taste of my spunk? During the passing of the two weeks, we never discussed what I did to him, or even spoke about anything related to sex. I was still looking forward to spending the night at his house. He has a lot more stuff to play with than I do. His parent's were going over to visit his uncle and left us there and wasn't planning on coming home until rather late.

Without a word, he pulled his underwear and jeans back up and fastened them. I stood up and unbuckled my jeans, unsnapped the button and pushed my jeans down past my knees, I wasn't wearing underwear. My hard cock sprung out to met him as he knelt to the floor. He grabbed my teen-boner and jack me a little, feeling the heat and hardness of my shaft as he rolled my balls around in my near hairless scrotum. He leaned forward and started licking me. He liked to lick me everywhere he could and I liked it when he licked my balls and suck each nut into his mouth and used his tongue to move them around.

He licked up the underside of my shaft and then back down to lick the hollow of my groin, making me all wet down there with his warm saliva. After he had me totally slobbered up, he took the head of my cock into his mouth and started blowing me. We had done this so many times, he knew exactly how to get me off fast. I was so boned up I knew it wouldn't take much of his experienced mouth to make me cum. He worked his magic mouth and tongue all over my scalding, hot prick, while gently squeezing my balls. I tried to hold off my oncoming orgasm as long as I could, but it was a useless effort.

I grabbed handfuls of his curly, blond hair and started to thrust my cock in and out of his sucking mouth. I whispered, "Oh fuck Randy I'm going to blow! I shot five or six strong ejaculations into the ba