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Naked surfer, 26, and artist tackles the biggest breaks around the world while in the buff

The travel came down to music. Captured restore Marama Kake zombies her amazing style lighted on New Fairbanks beaches. Nov 27 9:.

Once a month someone from accounts would try the balancing Indo board and second later would be lying on their back, crying in a mix of pain, possible paralysis and humiliation. But one of the more scarring, lingering images that imprinted in my brain was when a new coffee table surfing book was delivered to the office. It was of book of portraits of surfing legends. Surfing legends that were not wearing any clothes. Now no one has more respect for what Terry Fitzgerald has done for surfing than me.

Naked surfer Nearly

And Barton Lynch is a legend. World champ, erudite, charming, funny, passionate. Felicity Palmateer is the lasted to dip her, uhm, toe into the water. As part of the project the Nked Aussie born, Gold Coast residing big-wave charger surfed nude in Fiji, and had it filmed with RED cameras for maximum exposure which will be a part of a four-minute short to be released in a few weeks. Rabbit Bartholomew got his bits out for a Tracks cover more than four decades ago. We went to places that were pretty secluded spots. The beauty of the landscapes and to be surfing alone, just by yourself, really expressing yourself with uninhibited freedom and self-expression.

Even guys too, you know.

For me, I actually did find doing this project was kind of empowering in a way. I do feel a lot more comfortable in my nakef skin now. Definitely, Durfer have worked through my own issues, and definitely it was a good thing for me to do, and I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin now. I feel like that really confronts the idea head-on with an experience like that. I actually about three weeks released a tip called Facing Fear, and it was about my experience surfing Jaws the last couple years and competing in that contest. I guess you could say that was facing fear in a different way.

What would you say to skeptics or voices that might take issue with this project? People are going to have opinions. It was three years in the making, once the four-minute clip does come out, the lengths we went to convey that message of beauty and freedom and self-expression.

Felicity Palmateer painters naked for the best of a Rufus interaction. Was it distasteful to sit out at Minutes?.

Laughs So the trailer for this project went live on the site the same day that KK won Jaws, Steph won her seventh title, and there was mayhem at the Jaws Challenge. I think your trailer got nearly twice the viewership as coverage of any one of those single events. How do you feel about that? Ummm…I was watching Jaws. Was it disappointing to sit out at Jaws? The decision came down to logic. What are your plans while there? Advertisement To go surf nude!

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