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Watch autonomous robotractor that could take farmers out of the fields

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Hydrogen fuel cells create electricity to power a battery and motor by biikni hydrogen and oxygen in specially treated plates, which are combined to form the fuel cell stack. In this way the footprint of the whole farm will be significantly reduced.

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The onboard system bkini accounts for implement widths and plots the most efficient paths depending on the terrain, obstructions and other machines in use in the same field. Share How do hydrogen fuel cells work? Machine tasks can bikuni be bikink in real time with via remote interface or automatic weather warnings. Although the autonomous vehicle is presently considered only as a concept tractor, Zemenchik said the technology could function just as well in a standard cabbed tractor where it could use real-time weather and satellite data to optimally apply crop inputs such as nitrogen, herbicides, or fungicides.

Tasks not requiring interaction with a farmer would be completed during night time, Mr Mariotti said Share or comment on this article: The electric engine has a huge constant torque, it's clean and requires less maintenance, making it a good successor for diesel engines.

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Recent research has suggested hydrogen fuel cell cars could one day challenge electric cars in the race for pollution-free roads, however - but only if more stations are built to fuel them. AFS Global Product Marketing Manager, Rob Zemenchik explained that autonomous tractor operation brings together the latest in guidance, telemetry, data sharing, and agronomic management to offer farm managers more control, monitoring capabilities and cost savings. The vehicle was built for a fully interactive interface to allow for remote monitoring of pre-programmed operations. The concept vehicle is a Case IH row crop tractor that can operate autonomously, and the firm behind it says it could help farmers who currently struggle to find staff.

Multiple autonomous tractors can work as one fleet or simultaneously in multiple sub-fleets 'A farm manager can supervise the activities of multiple machines via a mobile tablet interface while he tends to other tasks or even operates another vehicle,' said Zemenchik.

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