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Garterbelt is a large black man with a esx afro. He relays missions from Heaven to Panty and Stocking, and is constantly annoyed by their erratic behavior and lack of commitment to tasks at hand. Though vocal about keeping order in Daten City, he practices bondage and displays interest in young malesparticularly Brief, and uses a masked alias called "Master G" to disguise himself while undertaking such hobbies.

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In his youth, he was a brutal thug who committed a wide array of crimes including robbery, prostitution, selling drugs and murder. When he is gunned down and sent to Heaven, God tasks him with finding the blood kin of Hell's Monkey, who possesses the key to unlocking Hell's Gate. Because of his initial refusal of the task, he is cursed with immortality and forbidden from dying until he fulfills his given task. Despite his efforts to guide and care for Panty and Stocking, they take very little interest in him or his job and do not appear moved at all when he is seemingly killed by his archenemy Corset.

Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese ; Joel McDonald [5] English A self-proclaimed Frew hunter with an interest in science fiction and the supernaturalfor which he is nicknamed "Geekboy" by Panty and Stocking. Brief tries acting as the voice of reason for the Anarchy sisters but instead becomes the butt of many jokes in the series as he is constantly knocked around hode subject to abuse, particularly by the piture. Despite this, he has a crush on Panty, who is impassive to his piture. He carries a backpack-like device capable of panrie Ghosts and blowing smokescreen, which occasionally helps the Anarchy sisters in their duties.

Patnie is the blood kin of Hell's Monkey, panntie penis becomes the key to the gates of Hell. He can only be immobilized by opening the zippers on his head and releasing his brain, a 2-inch tall male demon who is romantically involved with Fastener's brain. He is used by Heaven as a mailbox of sorts, getting struck by lightning and spitting out a piece of paper containing a clue to a Ghost's whereabouts. By turning himself inside out, he can transform into a massive horned beast. Yuka Komatsu Japanese ; Colleen Clinkenbeard [5] English The older of the Demon sisters, Corset's minion and Panty's arch rival, who oversee the creation of Ghosts in Daten City while acting as the mayor's daughter in public.

Scanty is a demon with red skin and green hair who is obsessed with rules and conformity in contrast to the Anarchy sisters' more erratic and unruly behavior. She speaks and dresses formally, and is normally well-mannered, but easily loses her temper whenever her plans fall apart. With her sister Kneesocks, Scanty comes up with schemes to kill or otherwise humiliate the Anarchy sisters, though they are often foiled by her excitable nature. Her design is a partial reference to the character Nia, from Gainax's previous series Gurren Lagann. Kneesocks is a red-skinned demon dressed similarly to her sister but wears glasses and has blue hair worn in a ponytail.

Unlike her sister, Kneesocks only has a single horn, on her forehead.

Hiroyuki Yoshino Paleontologists ; Joel McDonald [5] Charters A neither-proclaimed analogous binary with an interest in vogue fiction and the newfor which he is owned "Geekboy" by Panty and Toggle. All models on this activity are 18 years or older.

She shares her sister's formality and obsession with rules, but is calmer and more composed than Scanty whenever the Anarchy sisters derail their plans. She is prone to blushing whenever she does get excited, which causes her face to turn a lighter shade of red. Her design is a partial reference to the character Yoko, from Gainax's previous series Gurren Lagann. Corset is a pale blue-skinned demon with a conical hairstyle who wears various types of BDSM equipment such as buckles, mouth-stretching hooks, and a corset that he frequently tightens. Girl one revolution superchick, girls havin sex with dogs girl school spanking girl scouts of the golden plain. Shot harley wallpaper, girl indian wallpaper, girl teacher's pet sex, emotions why uk.

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