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She begins to harbor resentment and sadness and anger toward her husband. He feels this change and becomes defensive because he doesn't understand why she is behaving this way toward him. It can quickly become a dark spiral of marital turmoil. So if you are going to commit to a DD relationship, you have to have a solid commitment from both partners in order for Ass red spanking partners to reap the benefits. When she knows that she no longer has the power to destroy the marriage, she relaxes and becomes a being that is peace-filled and stable. He holds the reins and this allows her to rest in his love.

If she misbehaves, or does something that could be damaging to the marriage, he will hold her accountable. There will be restitution and resolution through her submission. It gives her a feeling of safety. It is an unbelievable feeling when the man you love will take you over his knee to clean the slate, save you from yourself and ultimately protect the marriage. They are the protector and provider and defender by nature. Dominance isn't about power but about love. It can be difficult to punish the woman you love, especially when you know that spanking her bottom brings physical pain.

It takes great strength to be the dominant male. In taking the woman he loves over his knee and helping her to shape her behavior, he gains the security of knowing her love is so deep and her trust in him so mighty that she will submit her body to him. One body, one flesh.

spankkng When he disciplines her, he shapes the marriage as well, forcing turmoil away and opening the doorway spankingg peace in their home span,ing their hearts. He gains the security of her spqnking. In additional, fewer DD couples engage in extra-marital affairs than other couples. They also fight less about money and statistically engage in sexual spankimg more frequently. Bringing the balance of Aes and dominance into your marriage is relationship altering reed the equivalent of marital salvation. It brings the male-female nature into harmony. DD is not about beating your wife spankihg submission. It is about finding a pathway toward submission Asx.

It is not about power Ass red spanking about offering each other re exchange of unconditional love. It is a love that no matter the infraction, it can prevail. No matter the pain, it can overcome. It gives partners spahking security and safety every marriage needs. Boot camp is a step-by-step guide to submission and it is crucial in getting the mindset right and bringing your marriage into balance. We recommend a day short boot camp Ass red spanking looks something like this: Spanking should be long, hard and include many instruments. You are setting the tone for what is expected.

If you lie to me, you will receive a minimum of 50 lashes with the cane. Issue that punishment so your expectations and the consequences are clear. Do this with each item and assign a tool to it. She mush be spanked to tears for the message to get through. If she is not crying, you are not doing it hard or long or fast enough. When the session is finished, send her back to the corner for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not make love or be intimate until she has had corner time to process the meaning of her actions and the resulting consequences. When the 3 minutes is up then you may indulge in intimacy in any way you like.

Tell her what you expect and the things you will not tolerate. Take off her clothing, have her lie on her back, raise her legs into the air so that you and she are looking at each other and her bottom is exposed to you, and give her a hard, fast, hand spanking while maintaining eye contact. This lets her know that you see her, all of her, the good and the bad, that you love her for who she is, that she needn't ever hide anything from you. This eye contact while you are spanking her is a very important step in her being able to trust you.

Submission is built on trust so she must see that you will look her in the face even when she has done something wrong and love her enough to relieve her of the guilt and shame by punishing her. A short, fun read — not of good literary merit. Lots of voyeurism, exibitionism and humiliation. Not a great literary piece, just quick and sweet. Jillian, a redheaded American, was sixteen years old and had just moved into the Village which comprised one main street, at the end of which were a small zoo and fields, and at the beginning, off to either side were a lot of council houses. Nearly everyone was on the dole.

The tasted teen was by decreasing time for five turkeys, square aware that every actor of girls was available at her red tortured derriere, and every thursday in the raising was pointing in her best. Mommy ended my butt. To Jenny came back into the end and led a red-faced Jilly pic.

Jillian was usually called Jilly. Within a few weeks of starting school, Jilly befriended a mischievous girl in her year, 15 wpanking old Nadia, who liked stealing and bullying. Together with their friend Sarah they devised Azs plan to get Alice Ally diapered and spanked even more spankng she already was. She also has a brother, eighteen year old Alex. This is what happened when Jenny found out what Jilly did: She knew more than anyone just how much Jilly needed a few firm swats to her naughty behind, and her brush was just perfect for the job. She was confident that Jilly would be shocked to find out exactly what a good old fashioned bottom warming felt like.

This would be a demonstration of a good hard spanking. She raised the hairbrush. She raised the brush again and smacked it down on the quivering bum.

Spanking Ass red

Jilly was sobbing and crying as Jenny pulled down her panties, revealing a rosy red bottom. Jenny spanked her daughter rev soundly indeed. She was giving her baby a blistered ass because Jilly needed her bottom spanked, and she needed it spanked hard and good. Jenny was paying special attention to where her daughter sat, because sure as hell Jilly was not going to be sitting down anytime soon.

Jenny was gonna roast her rear end for her. Jenny held her pinned there tightly, though Jilly was now bucking and screaming, hissing with pain as her mommy soundly punished her naughty butt. She spanked hard and fast, causing the chastised teen to cry out in pain. Or maybe a little more painful, like this? Finally the dress came down and a few more gentle smacks were given to the humiliated girl. Jenny stroked her hair as she cried. Then Jilly reached back and cupped her sore ass. She had been transformed into a bawling, scarlet-bottomed little girl. Jilly clasped her red bumcheeks and howled.

Her little bummy was on fire. Jilly slowly and painfully stood up, both hands clasping her well-disciplined hiney. She rubbed and rubbed her burning rear, but it still stung. Mommy had turned her ass into a soundly punished seat. Jilly cried as she massaged her hot buns. She smiled to herself as her hot-bottomed teen tried to sit, then leapt up cradling her sit-spots. That night, Jilly slept on her tummy. The next day her bum was still feeling very stingy and sore. She had to keep rubbing it. Her mom had told her to confess and apologise to Ally. Ally cried and peed and peed and cried, wet at both ends. Amanda picked a brush off the chest of drawers and thwacked the thick, large wooden hairbrush against her palm.

But she thought I should tan your hide before she gets here. Mommy paddled my butt. Soon Jilly was lying facedown, trembling as Amanda pulled down her jeans and bared her bottom.

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