Bicycle suspension combined pivot bottom bracket

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This future-proof internal routing offers huge access ports for fast, easy assembly, universal housing clamps that keep your bike quiet, and compatibility with all gearing and dropper configurations. The Susprnsion Cable Port System is easily updated to accommodate new technologies, making it the only future-proof routing system available. Additional foul weather advantages are found in the Pivot Cable Port System. Internal routing for any component is easy to install and maintain via large, easy to access ports and interchangeable covers. Riders have the ability to switch between a variety of cable routing options, allowing for the cleanest possible installation. Rest easy knowing that no matter what components or gearing you choose, now or in the future, we have you covered.

The lower sidewall height, lighter weight and longer contact patch of these bigger wheels offer better handling, quicker acceleration and improved floatation. Through strategic positioning of the various suspension pivots, the rear axle is made to move further away from the bottom bracket as the suspension moves through its travel. Secondly, if force to the suspension is quite large or your effort is feeble! Lastly, and probably most common, is a combination of the two; there is some suspension movement and hence kickback, but also there is some resistance to pedal-induced bob and slightly restricted travel.

Different pivot locations will produce a different emphasis of these two traits; some will prioritise efficient pedalling at the expense of bump absorption and pedal feedback, whilst others will give you a smooth ride and unrestrained pedalling at the expense of efficiency, but there is no free lunch to be had—you simply cannot have the benefits of chain growth without some of the detrimental aspects. All single pivot bikes lock up under brakes while multi pivot bikes remain fully active. This is one of the most persistent myths in the MTB world, and as such deserves a more detailed explanation. The three images above are simplified drawings of a bike and rider; the CM is always positioned just in front of and below the riders navel.

If you have a single pivot bike the first imagethe IC is situated at the main pivot point. For a multi pivot bike the other two examplesthe IC can be found by drawing a line through the two lower pivots, and also the two upper pivots; where these lines meet is the IC. The intersection of the line through the IC and the vertical line determines the anti-squat value, which is expressed as a percentage of the length of the vertical line up to the height of the CM.

Pivot bottom bracket suspension combined Bicycle

Bear in mind that the AR value is not fixed, and changes constantly as the bike moves through bfacket suspension travel. So combkned all this science, it should be simple to figure out which bikes are active under brakes right? Not only that, but by moving your weight around on the bike, you can dramatically alter the CM, and hence the AR value, of any bike, regardless of linkage design. Similarly, by moving your weight up or down you change the AR value, because the IC is determined by frame geometry, not rider position. Whether the disc calliper is mounted to the swingarm or the seat stay is largely irrelevant, as any torque forces from the calliper are not isolated by a pivot point as is often suggested.

Torque applied to a frame member by braking will be transferred across a pivot point. As pointed out earlier, it's the AR value that does influence the suspension characteristics under braking, so that's the figure you should take note of. The only sensible assumption from all this is that marketing claims of full activity under brakes are just that; marketing. Things To Check Regularly