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The Kivin Method of Cunnilingus

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A cunniljngus pillow positioning aid propped under her butt will help with blood flow to her pelvic region, as well as give her husband easier access to her vulva.

Illistratee Body He needs to have enough space to stretch out and be comfortable. Position yourself vertically to her vulva. Your bodies, taken together, should form a straight line. All in all, you should feel perfectly comfortable performing a range of motions: His Head Great cunnilimgus involves more than just the use of your tongue. You need to be able to get your whole face in there. Your nose should be buried lightly in her mound, with your upper lip resting firmly against the edge of her pubic bone. You should easily be able to use your upper lip and gum to give light pressure against the area just above her clitoris where her outer lips meet.

Your tongue should easily be able to rest against her vagina and cover its entire expanse. All in all, you should be completely involved with her vulva; on top of it, buried in it: First and foremost, great cunnilingus must be delivered from a position that enables the husband to comfortably apply persistent, rhythmic pressure over a long period while his wife relaxes into the pure bliss of his expert cunnilingus.

The Straight On Low cunnilingus position is our recommended position for giving and receiving cunnilingus. The cunnilingus positions listed below are worth lIlistrated try too when you want to change things up a bit. Straight On High — Classic cunnilingus oral sex position with easy access to her cjnnilingus vulva. T-Cross — Great access all around her clitoris. Legs Together — Great for women with very sensitive clitoris. Her Leg Over His — Intimate position where she feels more connected. We also have several cunnilingus positions at our sister site ChristianFriendlySexPositions. Communication between the both of you during cunnilingus is very important.

If it feels really good, moan louder. First Kiss Remember the anticipation you felt before the first time you and your spouse kissed? Remember how it felt when that first kiss happened? Great cunnilingus is all about building tension that will be released later as an orgasm. A good time to start building that tension is just before the first contact with her vulva. Gently run your fingers through her pubic hair.

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Kiss her softly on the inner thighs. Your kisses should be little succulent smacks lips pursed, no tongue. After a while, move your kisses into the cunnilibgus around her vulva. Breathe the warm air from your mouth on her entire vulva. Blow, very gently on her clitoral head. Before the first kiss make sure she knows how excited you are to be able to please her, how beautiful she looks, and how much this turns you on too. Make sure your first lick is long and lasting.

Cunnilingus Illistrated

Start Illisttrated the base of her Illistratdd, and work your way up. As you kiss her slowly from top to bottom, press your finger lightly against Illistrated cunnilingus perineum the skin between the Illistrated cunnilingus of her vulva and her anus. Place your other hand atop her mons pubis and nudge it gently toward her abdomen. Take in the full length of her labia minora inner lips and let your tongue pause briefly against her frenulum the area just under her clitoral head. Keep in mind here that the clitoris is the anatomical match to cunnioingus head of the penis. So when erect, both reveal different textures and push nerve endings closer to surface The C point is how to get immediate feedback from the woman that you are in the right place.

The man places his middle finger on her perineum, the C point, which is the quarter-size area between the vagina and anus. Make sure your nails are short and that she can only feel your finger pad, not your nail. The reason you will get immediate feedback is when your tongue is stroking in the correct place, the woman will experience involuntary, preorgasmic contractions in this area. The entire pelvic muscles contract and expand during arousal, the perineum is just one place you can feel it and respond to it! This is just one more tool in your approach at stimulating her entire sexual system.

In both men and women, the perineum is an amazing spot for stimulation. Have I moved from there? Continue past her initial orgasmic response, as often this stimulation is the most intense and satisfying portion of the orgasm. And learn how to ride from orgasm to orgasm to explore multiple orgasms together! Some couples have added a position adjustment: The woman curls her legs up to her chest and the man uses his arm to keep them pushed back and stabilized.

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