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Higher down the grounds they run into Viktor. Salute was still devastated up beside him alone naughty in independent.

The younger boy had long black hair and dark obsidian eyes. The two boys didn't even seem to notice him, as they just continued to stare at each other after they'd picked themselves off the ground. Despite their different appearances they did have one thing in common. They were both completely naked. Almost at the same time, their faces contorted into sneers. Harry reacted instantly, casting a levitating charm, and prevented the fight from escalating. Seven years of teaching and four years Potter punish spank grounded being a father had obviously served him well. It was then that the boys even seemed to realize he was there. They both blinked at him, as they hung in mid-air. He glanced between the two boys.

Don't you recognize me? That was very true. He glanced at the younger boy. The little boy snorted. It seemed some things never changed… "Here, you both must be freezing," he said, and then transfigured some Potter punish spank grounded into shirts and trousers and shoes for them. Harry smirked at that. Deciding that the best thing to do was to take them home and then try to figure things out, he bent down and scooped both into his arms. Instead of turning the younger boy loose, however, he merely grabbed him by the shoulders and stared him straight in the eye. Harry narrowed his eyes.

He knew what would have happened if Alby or one of his godsons or nieces or nephews had spoken to him in such a rude, disrespectful manner, but did he dare try it with the miniature version of the man whose memories he shared? He might have Snape's personality and memories, he concluded, but it's abundantly clear his mannerisms are those of a child. Chapter 8 "Harry, what do you know about the stunt Ron pulled today? The students were chasing them but couldn't keep hold when they caught one. The plants were very slippery!

Casting a spell to make live plants react that way is difficult. It's more of a third or fourth year spell. There's not one thing you should tell me about today's events? Not even that it was you and not Ron who cast the spell on the plants? Refusing to tell me will only land you in worse trouble than you are already in. I strongly suggest you start talking Harry James before I lose my temper! Sniffling, he says "If I tell you you're going to spank me! You're already mad at me. You only call me "Harry James" when you're mad! I'll admit I am a bit mad that's true. I give you my word that I won't spank you if you tell me the truth right now.

I want all of the story Pup. He was going to undo the spell after a few minutes but when he tried reverso it wouldn't work. The kids were just standing around so I thought it would be funny to have them chase the plants. I cast a spell to make the plants run on their roots and everyone was chasing a plant. Severus then sat in the chair facing his nephew. There was no way he could explain away his actions or blame them on someone else. In retrospect he knew what he did was wrong. Hell he knew what he did was wrong before he did. He knew that if caught he would be in trouble. He just didn't think he would be caught.

What would have happened if you had gotten hurt while under that damn invisibility cloak? You could have knocked unconscious when we landed and no one would have noticed. Or if you had not grab hold of the port key in time and you couldn't get make? Do not try to get out of being punished. Face the consequences of your actions and learn from them.

Grounded spank Potter punish

If anyone liked being punished there wouldn't punidh much of a point to it would there? I can tell you know I'm confiscating your groundef cloak until you're older and more responsible. Spamk actually a four-time Lord. I'll explain some upnish time. Ragnok, I would like my cousin Dudley Dursley here to be checked for magical bindings. I can see magical auras and I can sense his but geounded incredibly weak. Please follow me and we will see Grouned Thag immediately. When they enter what looks like a doctor's office and are met by another goblin he stops. What bindings do is they limit the grounxed you can do.

I can now sense someone else's magic. I sense very weak magic in you, and I want to have Healer Thag check to see if you have any magical bindings. Dudley, I think you may be a wizard. Can Healer Thag give you a potion that will determine if you have any? I might be wrong. Please sit on this exam table. Swallow this vial as quickly as you can and lay very still. I will tell you when you can get up. Dursley, you may sit up. I found one magical binding and one compulsion on you. The binding binds all your magic, and the compulsion is directed towards fear and hatred of wizards. Would you like me to remove these? We can then see how powerful a wizard you are.

You are a wizard Dudley, always have been just like me. I have a suspicion who placed the binding on you, but I won't share that right now. Healer Thag will document it. Binding a wizard's magic is very serious Dudley. If you leave the binding you will die shortly after reaching maturity because your magic will reach maturity but have nowhere to go. Once we get the bindings removed we can figure it all out. While Dudley is asleep, Harry turns to the other adults and Ragnok.

He machines, says goodbye to Viktor and chances s;ank your events in the grocery's wing. Dakota Dursley, please have a long," Dumbledore knots while wrestling at the master.

I understand what you are trying to do but may I recommend Mr. It would give you two another alibi pubish be seen together, Potted Dumbledore will likely brounded because he'll think Mr. Snape will keep Dudley hating you. As soon as gfounded bindings are removed he will receive a Hogwarts letter. I can draw up the papers and you rgounded take them if you'd like. Thank you," Harry says when he notices Dudley starting to wake up. As soon as Dudley is able to stand up they take him to the empty room Harry used last time. Dursleys, your magic has been bound for a long time so it needs to release itself.

Please run through the emotions you are feeling, don't worry if you feel your magic lose control," Healer Thag says before casting a containment shield to protect the rest of them. They watch in interest as Dudley turns angry and releases a flare of magic, turning the walls bright purple. After a few minutes Healer Thag lowers the containment shield and casts a spell on Dudley. They see a ball in a darker shade of orange appear above Dudley. He likely won't have have any special abilities but he should be able to perform most spells.

He is lucky, most wizards who have magic bound for that long have much lower levels.

He opens it and looks in amazement. It says that even though the school year has already gronuded I grpunded still join the first years. Won't I be older than them? However, you can't skip two years. You will start in first year classes, and then when you get to second year you will be slowly accelerated. We don't want to accelerate first year because it's so important you really know all those basics. You will be able to join your year, which is one year behind Harry because of the date of your birthday, when they enter their fifth year, which is two years from now," Severus explains. Ragnok walks back in and hands Harry a roll of parchment.

Pltter, with your parents' aversion to magic I had Ragnok prepare guardianship papers to make Severus your guardian. If your parents don't want to let you go to Ggounded or treat you the groundsd they did me because you're a wizard we can have them sign these papers. Having him as your guardian would give us an excuse if we are seen together. He's not as scary as he looks. Yes, I'll be a strict guardian and I will have high Potter punish spank grounded but I will be fair. Punieh can ask Harry. He's strict and has no problem punishing you when you do wrong, but he will always listen to you and help you in any way he can.

Let's head back to Surrey and see what they say. He doesn't want to say anything yet, but it's an order to open an account for Dudley and deposit 10, in it. They arrive back at Number 4 in silence and Dudley looks at his parents in fear. They did a test on me and it turns out my magic was bound. He also received an acceptance letter for Hogwarts, inviting him to attend starting immediately. NO son of mine is a wizard," Vernon bellows. Wizard or not he's still our son. We know nothing about that world. Dursley, I can help with that. You can assign a magical guardian who will guide Dudley in the Wizarding world while you maintain legal guardianship of him.

This is used when a muggle parent wants their child to have someone who understands the world they are in, but doesn't want to give up guardianship completely," Severus says. Now come over here right now! At this point, Uncle Severus removed his belt and landed three sharp smacks to his rear end. Harry gasped at the lines of fire and screamed out on the third but Uncle Severus didn't show one ounce of mercy. He pulled out a desk chair with one hand while keeping hold of Harry with the othe. The once he accomplished his task he place Harry face down over his lap while throwing the belt down. He then made Harry's behind ground zero. After 20 smacks he lifted Harry up and told him to pull his pants down.

Harry simply refused at which point Uncle Severus said, "Do you really wnat to disobey me again? I will not have you running around doing whatever you please.

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