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Again, there's no way for the statistical user to access these thumbnail outfitters. Here's how thumbnails basis.

When looking at files on your computer, Windows automatically creates a small picture thumbnail of any images found on your computer a jpeg, typically.

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Thumbnail images are computer generated, not user generated, so most users don't even realize these images are on their computer. Here's how thumbnails work. Here's how it works: Basically, you can't tell the name of a carved file, don't know where it came from, don't know when it got there, and you don't know if it was ever opened or viewed. The best analogy is to view your hard drive like a filing cabinet. The system will create a restore point containing lots of data like the thumb images for use if the Windows update fails, it can roll back to the point before the update.

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This hard drive space is called lin,s space"--and law enforcement may "carve" out raw image files from this part of the hard drive to thhmbnails evidence they did likns to Bin Laden's computers, all sorts of investigations utilize carving techniques. LINK FILES Once again, I'm about to talk about something that is not related to carved images, yet these files come up in law enforcement's forensic reports, so we might as well discuss them. Typically, you won't see a prosecutor charge a defendant on carved files if they find actual, existing files on a computer. The filing cabinet has a bunch of papers in it, and there's a tag on the front of the door describing what's inside.

The thumbs in the restore file are created when Windows decides to install an update. Not much of a case, right?

All of the papers are still there. Lniks you delete a file from a Windows computer, all you're really doing is tearing the tag off the front of the filing cabinet. Link files typically do not have dates, but they often contain the date of the original linked file. To make matters worse for the State, carved files typically have no names, and no dates. Again, there's no way for the average user to access these thumbnail images.

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