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He said that he would kill me, mom, Granddaughters pussy you if I ever told anyone! I Granddaguhters as she put me on my knees right at eye level with her shaved pussy. Without thinking I stuck my tongue out and flicked the post that was pierced through the hood of her clitoris. It must have excited her because Heather held my head tighter to her pussy. Soon she was fucking my tongue with her pussy like a very horny woman would. Heather pushed me onto my back and straddled my face lowering her pussy to my mouth and sucking my cock into her mouth. Harold never does that for me! In fact no man has ever done that for me before!

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She had great muscle control in her vagina and she tried to milk the cum out of my Granddahghters. As I lay there letting my daughter fuck me I thought about how much I had wanted to do this over the last few years. About the time she turned sixteen she started to excite me. She wore mini skirts so short that I could often see her panties. She wore bikinis and would occasionally accidentally give me a glimpse of her breasts or pussy.

It was never enough or long enough but it always excited the hell out of me. Now here she is naked fucking herself with my cock while stared at her lovely breasts bouncing slightly on her chest. I wondered if she would be getting her belly button pierced for her next anniversary. For now until he sells her services to other men like he Granddqughters you! Heather felt it too and changed her tempo and applied a little more pressure pkssy her vaginal muscles. She leaned forward and put her nipple in my mouth. For the first time I had a pierced nipple in my mouth.

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She had a big smile and said that she enjoyed it and really hoped that he Grandvaughters let her do it again. Then Amanda Granddaughterw him by asking if he had ever eaten out a girl and he said yes he had but it had been a very long time ago. She told him that her girlfriends told her that it felt fantastic and wondered if he would like to eat her pussy. Tom then told her that if she wanted a really great experience that she could suck his cock at the same time he ate her She looked confused and he explained how to her and she thought was a great idea.

He laid down on the bed and helped guide her to straddle his face so he could reach her pussy and so that she could reach his cock. Grandpa wasted no time in licking the virgin pussy hovering just above his face. As his tongue probed the young lips, he savored her sweet aroma and innocent taste. By now, Amanda was bobbing her head up and down on his rigid cock and his tongue was now probing her young virgin depths.

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